“When she moves, my brain screams out this song,”

I’ve been admiring the work of Lorna-ka for months, talking about all of her Star Wars-inspired work I want to buy, and I finally did it! Soon I’ll be going to Disney World with my best friends and I wanted to have a smaller purse and wallet to walk around the parks with, so I ordered this adorable purse from Hot Topic along with a tiny zip purse from Lorna-ka’s shop on Society6 of one of my favorite pieces of hers:


My picture doesn’t do her portrait justice, so look at the print version on Society6’s website:

SWR Fulcrum Art Print

Isn’t my hero just exquisite?! I’m so happy I get to walk around with my Ahsoka every day! I have plans for purchases, but I’m waiting on more sales…there’s this other one of Ahsoka from her Clone Wars days that I decided I need as a clock:

TCW - Snips  Art Print

This is a nod to her competitiveness with her master, Anakin. Also, I absolutely love her smug face and the way Lorna-ka drew Ahsoka’s body. It’s just perfect, and as you may have read before, this my favorite outfit of hers and Lorna-ka just nails it.

There’s also another piece she did just recently of Ahsoka as a mermaid, which puts two of my favorite obsessions together in such a beautiful way. I’m pretty sure she did it for #Mermay; I’ve noticed a lot of my favorite artists have been putting up new mermaid artwork lately, which is awesome. This one I want as a print…I’m debating on the size but I’m thinking of buying it tonight because 15% off and free shipping on various items is going on until midnight on Society6. LOOK AT IT:

Mersoka Art Print

She just looks so damn elegant and sage. I need it in my life. I just don’t know if I want it as part of the rest of my art collection, which will simply be prints of various sizes (but all relatively small) all in varying frames together on my wall, or on another wall, extremely large and all by itself. I would just have to take other things down to fit a nearly poster-sized version, though…I have a large Breakfast Club poster that I’ve had in room since I was like 12….I suppose it could be time to take it down, it’s had quite a run on my wall, but I would just feel bad. Yes, I know the poster doesn’t have feelings…OR DOES IT?! This also, unfortunately, brings up the question of what I’m doing with my life. Will I even have the bachelorette pad I’ve always dreamed of, with nerd art and furniture and rock and roll memorabilia all around?! Well yes, of course I will. BUT WHEN?!

Okay…excuse my existential crisis.

Help me…what size should I get?!


“…you’re old enough to dance the night away,”

This past weekend, I finally wore my Hula Oola tank top from Beep Boop Beep Clothing while out shopping with my parents and my dad was puzzled by what was on my shirt. “Is that from a cartoon or something?” Silly Dad, she’s from Return of the Jedi! My mom, I think, sorta knew it was from Star Wars, at least. My mom decided to post a picture of my tank top on Facebook asking if anyone knew who was on it for our amusement. Most people did not know, except for a few fellow huge Star Wars fans who came into the conversation after I gave up and revealed the answer. Look at how cool my top is:



I love my Oola top; I love the Hula girl twist and this tank is so incredibly soft and comfy.

Why did I bother getting something with a character who is killed so shortly after her introduction, you ask? I’ve always liked her. I think part of it is my general affinity for the alien species in the Star Wars universe. As you know, I love Ahsoka Tano, so Torgruta’s are my favorite, and I would say Twi’leks are next because stylistically, they’re just so cool looking. They’re very similar to humans but different enough that you know when you first see them that they’re certainly not humans. I love their colors, like how Aayla Secura is a bold blue, while the other Twi’lek in Jabba’s Palace is a very light blue.

The other part of my fondness of Oola is honestly…I feel bad for the poor girl. As far as we can see in the film, she’s in chains in a sexy, very revealing outfit and dances for Jabba (at the very least. I don’t even want to think of what else she may have had to do). How did she get here? Maybe she was an aspiring dancer, dancing in clubs, and some minion from Jabba’s Palace saw her and knew that his creepy boss would be particularly fond of her. I doubt Jabba found her himself, seeing as how inefficiently he moves around. Maybe life on Tatooine is rough, and maybe, like Luke Skywalker, she wasn’t meant for a life of mediocrity on a moisture farm. Maybe she wanted to dance and even sing for millions in a city more like the ones we have seen on Courouscant. Maybe she thought working at Jabba’s Palace was simply a step on the ladder. Most importantly, I don’t think it was made clear to her that she would be some sort of slave, literally in chains. I do, unfortunately, think this was a common thing for Jabba, however. Giant, slimey, slug pervert must always be near a beautiful, scantily clad woman. I have to go back and see, but I feel like in the Clone Wars movie and show he wasn’t really doing that, maybe because he had his gross little son to watch over. Who was the mother?! We don’t know! Where did this stinky little son go?! Maybe he died and then Jabba went crazy with a creepy, disgusting bachelor life! Anyway, this isn’t about Jabba, it’s about the tragedy of Oola. The only time she looks happy in Return of the Jedi is when she’s dancing while the Max Rebo Band performs. But even then, she just looks like she feels numb when it’s all over. Then Jabba has to pull her chains for a closer look and she’s had enough. Probably more than just a closer look, as he licks his lips. This wasn’t what she signed up for. It would appear that she’s been molested and used by Jabba for one too many times and is finally taking a stand by pulling back on her chains. Or, perhaps she hadn’t even been at the palace too long and was disgusted at the first advance Jabba made, but I highly doubt it. Sadly, I think she had been abused for a while. I just feel bad because I know this isn’t what she thought her life would become, some sort of dancing-sex-slave in chains. She was young and naïve and had to be tricked into this life. When she resists Jabba, he sends her to her inevitable death by the Rancor. Which is cruel, insane, and just plain messed up on so many levels. And she doesn’t know what to do! How could she? I’m going to guess that she was around 20 years old, probably from a poor family, and she had to have been lacking a lengthy repertoire to get a normal, steady job to support her aspirations, let alone any skills to defend herself.

Poor Oola…

Before the prequels, I feel like the character of Oola and the blue Twi’lek that sings in Jabba’s Palace give at least the mild impression that Twi’leks were somewhat of an oppressed race. Not a lower species in any way, but sadly, treated as such. With that impression in mind, it’s cool to watch the prequels and see Aayla Secura and know that Twi’leks could be force sensitive and badass. I don’t know about you, but I like that part of the prequels, seeing all of the other Jedi and the species they were, because in the originals all we see are humans and Yoda. Not that that isn’t enough, but it’s simply fun to see.

Oh, and I can’t forget Hera, the amazing pilot from Star Wars Rebels!


One more thing…I have to admit that I’ve never read any of the Expanded Universe/Legends stories, so forgive me if there’s already an Oola backstory out there. The only Star Wars books I read when I was kid were the novelizations of the movies, because that was all I needed at the time. The movies were actually enough for me, I didn’t crave anything more, like I do now. Plus, from the little I know about the Expanded Universe/Legends, I’m not terribly fond of the things that have happened and I enjoy that Lucasfilm denounced its’ canon before Disney bought them, so now I don’t feel bad for not having any interest in them. I’m excited for all of the new books, like Claudia Gray’s Lost Stars and Bloodline, which are just waiting for me on my bookshelf. I’m also super excited about the new Ahsoka Tano novel that will debut this October, but also actually quite sad and angry that I didn’t write it.


“Hold me, like you did by the lake on Naboo,”

Evidently today is Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Day! I did not know this day existed until yesterday, but I’m all for it. And if you’re one of those people that are like this one awkward dude who yelled at me in a pizza place “THOSE DON’T COUNT” amidst what I thought was a private conversation between my mother, a friend, and I, I kindly ask you to reconsider. And I only feel like I could even bother asking because…I used to be like that. When the prequels first came out, I enjoyed them. Then, over time in middle school and high school, without any more viewings, I decided that they sucked and I hated them (except for Revenge of the Sith). Then, sometime in my first few years of community college, I found myself completely alone for a week, with no work and nobody to hang out with. So I decided to watch all of the Star Wars films in episodic order, the way I heard George Lucas intended them to be seen. It was actually something I always wanted to do since they were all released, but I never got around to it. And no, I didn’t squeeze them all in a day; I watched them all in a week. Anyway, in that time, I decided that I liked them. They weren’t perfect, but I appreciated them. If I can change my tune, you might be able to as well!!

So, anyway, let’s get to appreciating!!

First of all, I have to refer to another website and their lovely fashion finds:

The Kessel Runway: Prequel Appreciation Day

On there, please enjoy some awesome Darth Maul shirts, Queen Amidala/Senator Padme shirts, and even Senator-on-the-romantic-Naboo-lake Padme-inspired leggings along with some Ahsoka Tano apparel (because the Clone Wars series is just another giant prequel, really).

While Ahsoka is hands-down my favorite character of the prequel time period, Padme is my favorite character from the trilogy. I have a new respect for her and I’ve written about that before. Let’s look at my Padme collection:

star wars take 2 001

And, my latest Star Wars items, my Tsum Tsum’s that keep my car company:


And I have this print of the beautiful artwork of Sam Skyler:

Queen Amidala Art Print

Sadly, that’s all for now. When I was just a youngling, I had an action figure of Padme in her baggy-but-cute-Queen-in-hiding look. I miss it, it was so cute!

And, while I’ve talked about her glorious fashion before, let’s just look at it again:

multiple padme

She’s even fabulous when she’s pretending to be a handmaiden:

Yet, I still need more Padme stuff in my life. Like those shirts I mentioned earlier!! They’re a start!!

And…I must remind you that my favorite Star Wars villain is Darth Maul, another awesome thing to come out of the prequels. Look again at my beautiful mug of his scary face:


Okay, just one last thing…again…I just adore this dress she wore by the lake on Naboo:

I need it…okay, that’s all for now!!


“I just wanna have something to do tonight, tonight, tonight!”

And I do! I’ve been listening to the Who and Pete Townshend’s solo work all day! But today is another rock legend’s birthday as well! Sadly, he is always overshadowed by Pete Townshend in my heart, and I don’t mean to do that. So right now, I’m paying my respects to the late Joey Ramone!! I also have a lot of cool pictures of him in my “Rock and Roll” board on Pinterest, but only because he’s the Godfather of Punk and he’s effortlessly cool. I admire him for his musical contributions and of course, his role in Rock and Roll High School, one of my favorite movies ever and a rock and roll staple. I’m not in love with him like I am with Pete Townshend; I leave that to Riff Randell.

Anyway, throwback Thursday picture that honors both of these birthday rockers:


Want to honor this Punk Rock legend? Here are my top three favorite Ramones songs:

  1. I Just Want to Have Something to Do
  2. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
  3. Sheena Is a Punk Rocker


“I have no reason to be over-optimistic, but somehow when you smile, I can brave bad weather,”

Happy 71st Birthday to my favorite rock and roll (dream) boyfriend, Pete Townshend!!

Oh, darling Pete. A year and a week ago this time, I was in the same building as you, and you blew me away and made my heart swoon with your windmill guitar playing and your still angelic voice.

Maybe this will refresh your memory…

Okay, I wasn’t even that close, despite being on the main floor; I just zoomed in on my camera. Still, I had pretty good seats and it was an amazing concert!!

Anyway, I love Pete Townshend. He’s a phenomenal songwriter, guitarist, story-teller, and overall majestic and supremely talented. Oh, and I’m also in love with him. I’ve talked about this briefly before. But because it’s his birthday, I have to talk about him again! When I saw him last year, he was merely a week from turning 70 years old, but he was still doing his signature windmill and absolutely the perfect rockstar. Sure, he’s not jumping around anymore; those days are probably behind him. But he was still fantastic.

Let’s take a look back at my beautiful rock star, shall we?

Pete Townsend:

"She ripped her glittering gown...couldn't face another show, no. Her deodorant had let her down. She should have used Odorono.":

pete townshend -:


Awww, that adorable face:

So cute:

Pete Townshend:

"I have no reason to be over-optimistic, but somehow when you smile I can brave bad weather" :-*:

Idk why, but I really dig this white "boiler suit" (as he calls it in his autobiography)....:

I just love you.:

Pete Townshend:

Do modern rock stars even try this?!:

Have you had enough? I know I haven’t! Follow me on Pinterest; I have an entire board dedicated to him, simply titled “Pete Townshend Obsession”.

BUT WAIT! I’m not done…Pete Townshend is just so important to me. I read his autobiography, Who I Am, at the height of my depression, and I honestly believe he helped get me through it. I discovered the wonder that is Tommy and delved deeper into the Who from reading their lead guitarist’s/primary lyricist’s words. Did I pretend he was my boyfriend? Perhaps. I can’t help it, I love talented rock stars! But honestly; going into a world of music I previously had merely a Greatest Hits-basic understanding of did wonders to rejuvenate my soul and reminded me how to be happy. Okay, enough with the sappy stuff…Pete Townshend is just the greatest.

Because Pete Townshend is amazing...can you do that?? Hm???

Can you do that? Unless you’re Pete Townshend, the answer is no.

Why is this so sexy

Awwww yeah….

Pete Townshend

Oh, my darling Pete Townshend…please come back to Chicago so I can see you again!!

Alas, I end this celebratory post of one of my heroes (hero/boyfriend, same thing sometimes) by sharing one of my favorite songs of his, one of his biggest hits as a solo artist:




“There’s been an awakening…have you felt it?”

Evidently, so have like a billion others…

It’s been less than the two weeks that the beautiful Force Awakens by Her Universe collection came out at Hot Topic, and the Rey cardigan I’ve been wanting to buy is already sold out online. Yes, it was only a few days ago that I was talking about this. I was just waiting because the collection was excluded from all of the sales, and I was trying to be financially responsible….I have learned my lesson. Screw that, buy what you want right away!!! Or else you’ll end up like me….without this beautiful Rey cardigan:

Alas, there could still be some in stores, but I haven’t been able to go check one out yet because I don’t have any around that are easily accessible.

Oh, speaking of Star Wars…HAPPY STAR WARS DAY!! MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!!

But guys…you have to know by now. Every day of my life is Star Wars day. But still, I can’t just not celebrate this day. Feeling in a Star Wars mood? Well, here are all of my Star Wars related posts:

“-that’s my jacket…no keep it, it suits you!”

“Old friends/Bookends”

“We could be heroes…”

“I’ve just seen a face, I can’t forget the time or place where we just met”

Mugshot Monday #8

“These eyes…”

“I won’t leave you…not this time,”

“You’re just too good be true, can’t take my eyes off of you,”

“You’re stuck with me, Skyguy,”

“You got a boyfriend? A cute boyfriend?”

“Let’s dance while color lights up your face”

“Rebel, rebel, how could they know? Hot tramp, I love you so”

“I’m a space indvader, I’ll be a rock ‘n’ rollin’ bitch for you”

“This One Goes Out to the One I Love”

“Welcome to My Life, Tattoo,”

“We are the Goon Squad and we’re coming to town, beep beep!”

“I call it a bargain, the best I ever had”

“Hey babe, your hair’s alright. Hey babe, let’s go out tonight”

“Chewie, We’re Home”

“She’s a Rebel”

“She was very beautiful. Kind, but…sad.”

“I am a Jedi, like my father before me,”

“Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is”

Mugshot Monday #5


I think that’s mostly it? I know I’m missing something….to make up for it, let me just reflect on The Force Awakens once more, especially now that I’ve watched it over 10 times. I’m still in love with it. It still makes me so happy, makes me laugh….I even tear up and get chills. Sometimes it’s just the tears, but sometimes it’s accompanied by the chills…when Rey says she didn’t know there was so much green in the whole galaxy, I tear because it’s so sad yet so lovely. Daisy Ridley is just perfection. I get both tears and chills when Anakin and Luke’s lightsaber is sitting there in the snow, and it just whips past Kylo straight into Rey’s hand. It gave me chills in the theater when it first happened, and it still does. It’s just so beautiful and awesome. It’s still, in all of my years of watching Star Wars, is my favorite lightsaber duel. Actually, it’s the first that’s ever captivated me…when I was younger, I always just loved the characters and the stories, I never cared about the action. I’m happy that this movie has actually made me enjoy that sort of thing. The only thing I could possibly not be in love with about it is how easily Captain Phasma gives in to disabling the shields…but like, she must have been freaked out by the presence of the only stormtrooper to quit on her being accompanied by a wookie and the galaxy’s most famous smuggler/war hero, right? That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

It’s midnight for me, and I have to work all day, but hopefully this won’t be the only thing I post today.




“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?”

I still can’t believe this is actually happening in my lifetime; I thought I was doomed to never see such a beautiful event.




Paul McCartney, from my 2nd favorite band, the Beatles! The Rolling Stones, my 3rd favorite band! The Who, my 4th favorite band!!! GUYS IT IS TOO PERFECT!!!

Actually…it would be more perfect if Ringo Starr was going to be there…but anyway, it’s still a spectacular line-up. And Roger Waters is my favorite member of Pink Floyd!!!

Sadly, the chances of getting someone to go to California with me are rather slim…I hail from the Land of Lincoln, in case you didn’t know. And, I have no idea what the passes for this magnificent fest would cost, but I imagine they won’t be cheap.

Alas, a girl can dream…

“Woman up!”

Remember when I showed you the beautiful Gamora artwork I bought recently on Etsy by an artist named Gabby Zapata? Okay, I shall remind you:


Now that your memory has been refreshed, at least if you’ve been here before, here is some fun news!! From May 2-9, you can get that Gamora for yourself on a t-shirt, as well as many other powerful ladies Gabby Zapata has done, on TeeFury.com!!

Strong Females

There are also amazing designs by so many other artists, it’s hard not to just go crazy and buy them all!!

“-that’s my jacket…no keep it, it suits you!”

In between watching The Force Awakens, I watched my Return of the Jedi blu ray with the commentary on, and Carrie Fisher commented on a matter I have thinking about recently. While on the bridge in the Ewok village, Carrie notices how her onscreen beau is always wearing the same outfit. Sure, maybe a color is different here and there, but it’s the same basic ensemble of a light shirt (open slightly for sexiness), side-patterned pants, boots, and a cool jacket or vest. She then noted “I get three outfits, while my mother, Natalie Portman, gets 3 million outfits. Poor Harrison only gets one,”. I had recently thought to myself that while it’s awesome that Padme is so damn fashionable, it’s unfortunate that Leia didn’t get to have as many outfits as her mother. Sure, maybe it was a budget thing, but I like knowing that Carrie Fisher definitely took notice of this inequality. She didn’t sound genuinely bitter, but I’m sure she’s just ever so slightly jealous that she didn’t get to have as many wardrobe changes. But then again…so many elaborate outfits and hairstyles to match- that must have a pain or at the very least a bore for Natalie Portman to have the hair and make up team work on so much every day…unless she wore wigs for part of the time, like it was briefly revealed in an episode of the Clone Wars one time…which, admittedly, was a bit disappointing, but it makes sense that in reality, a senator would have to manage her time well in order to take care of her people and still look royally fabulous.

I’ve talked about beautiful Star Wars fashion before but this time, let’s just take a look at Her Universe’s new Star Wars: The Force Awakens line for Hot Topic and how I truly need every single piece:

Why are these the only things not on sale for 25% on the website right now?! Only thing is that the dresses seem just slightly fancy, I don’t know where I would wear them. The BB-8 dress is so darling, perfect for a party…but what party?! SOMEBODY THROW A PARTY AND INVITE ME SO I CAN WEAR THIS DRESS! And the stormtrooper and Kylo Ren dresses…I adore those, and I usually don’t even go for Dark Side when it comes to my Star Wars apparel. But I need these…I could absolutely wear these all to conventions. I would wear them in every day life if I could, but most days I have to be in my work uniform. Sure, I could just go out all the time, but I don’t really do that…but I guess I’ll have to start going out more to rock these dresses?! Where would you lovely readers rock these dresses? The Rey cardigan…I could wear that every day and even while cosplaying as Rey. And I would wear the Captain Phasma and Finn jackets all the freaking time. I already love leather jackets, so that already fits in my everyday wear. And you can’t see in these pictures, but if you go Hot Topic’s website you can see the Captain Phasma leggings they paired with Phasma’s jacket alone, and I need those as well. Who says leggings can’t be pants sometimes?! Haters, that’s who.

Anyway, continuing to ride the Star Wars fashion train, a friend of mine recently requested pictures of all my Star Wars apparel for her entertainment. How could I say no?! I thought that perhaps, others would enjoy seeing my collection (so far) as well, so here it is:

Okay, so here are the few I have blogged about previously:

Ahsoka tee, Yoda tank, tie dye Star Wars top and stormtrooper earrings, and my R2-D2 sweater. All by Her Universe except the tie dye top.

And here is most (not all, I realized I forgot at least 3 afterwards) of my Star Wars apparel:

IMG_4098FullSizeRender (13)FullSizeRender (14)IMG_4100IMG_4099


Most of that is Her Universe, because Ahsley Eckstein is the best!!

Oh, and you’ve already seen my Star Wars Christmas sweater 😉

I’m waiting on the arrival of this Hutt-Slayer Leia tank from BeepBoopBeepClothing. I’m already in love with the Oola one I have.


OH, and this other R2-D2 dress I have by Her Universe:

FullSizeRender (15)

Not pictured: pajamas, socks, nightshirts, etc.

Also, while we’re on the topic of fashion, if anyone out there is looking for some deals on cute clothes, check out my closet on Poshmark! And if you’re a member of Poshmark, follow me and I’ll follow you back! I actually got my Rogue Squadron Her Universe dress the day I signed up, which to me, was a sign that this Poshmark thing would be a good endeavor. So if you’re looking to sell clothes and also get good deals (and possibly even acquire some hard finds), you should totally sign up for it. I have sold a lot of my clothes on eBay but recently they started charging me for every listing, which they previously hadn’t done before except maybe once; when I realized they were charging me, I waited until I could do the listings for free again. But for now, I’m trying to get rid most of my unwanted/ill-fitting but still in fabulous conditions clothes on Poshmark to make a little cash. You don’t get the full amount you charge, but I’d rather take that deal than a listing fee AND final sale fee on eBay. Plus, I think more ladies check out Poshmark for clothes than they do eBay…at least if they’re aware of Poshmark’s existence? Which I wasn’t until recently…but still! It’s worth it so far.