“Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is”

Okay, so I’m not always miserable at my job. Today was one of those days! I’ve been scheduled to be a different position than I normally am due to lack of coverage and such, so instead of dealing with returns, I’ve been answering the store phone and closing out orders customers made online to pick up in the store. Today, I had a man come to pick up Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battlegrounds, which is an expansion game for Disney Infinity 3.0 (no disc, you just have a new thing to put on the base that takes you to a whole new world…without shelling out another $75+ on a whole new game). I think he had two young children with him, but one was just meandering about while the other stayed with him. I brought the Marvel Battlegrounds package with the (super sexy, for a figurine) unmasked Captain America and had it sitting at my desk while I was finishing the necessary steps on the tablet. While looking at this new marvel, the little girl gasped and exclaimed “GAMORA!!”. Of course the back of the package had Gamora delivering a high kick to Venom’s guts. I was so proud and happy: 1) This little girl knows who Gamora is and 2) she was SO adorably excited to see even just a picture of her and 3) she was then asking her dad if they could go home and play it immediately and then again, 4) if she knows who she is then she must be aware of Guardians of the Galaxy and idiolizes Gamora for being a tough, strong, fabulous-haired and kickass woman! Sure, Guardians isn’t the most kid-appropriate out of the Marvel films, but there’s also a tv show on Disney X D and, if she’s anything like me, she did see the movie and all of the adultness and mild swearing went completely over her head and she did not catch it.

FullSizeRender (9)

Also, just because I quoted the darling and sage Yoda for this post, I have to show you guys what I wore today for Saint Patrick’s Day!!


This was the conversation I had with my mom when I told her I ordered this (beautiful Her Universe) shirt to wear on Saint Patrick’s Day:

My mom (before seeing it): “Oh, is it a St. Patrick’s Day themed Star Wars shirt?”

Me, holding it up for all to see: “No, but it has Yoda on it, don’t you see?”

My mom: “…then why are you wearing it for St. Patrick’s Day?”

Me: “Because it has Yoda on it and Yoda himself is green!”

My mom: “…………”

*walks out of the room*

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