Mugshot Monday #12

I got this mug recently on Christmas from my boyfriend’s sweet younger sister; she made it for me!! It’s perfect because I do have some deep initial pride (“R” is obviously the best letter ever), and of course it has my sweet R2-D2 with a delightful pun. She managed to fit all this awesomeness on one mug:






I absolutely adore homemade gifts; if you have the talent, it’s honestly such an honor to receive something you know the person worked hard on. If I had the skills, I would do this for everyone all the time! Alas, I do not, which makes receiving handcrafted, personal gifts even more special.

Mugshot Monday #11

This week’s mug is far from your ordinary mug; it’s a mini mug!!



I acquired this beautiful Beatles mini mug while I was in Disney World earlier this summer. I swear, I don’t intend for all of my mugs to be Disney-related in some way, it just happens! I found it in a little shop in England in the Epcot park! It was in a darling Beatles corner with t-shirts, lunchboxes, puzzles, and other fun things. I did consider that this might not necessarily be a useful purchase, being a mini mug, but that didn’t stop me; I have plenty of mugs I don’t actually use that simply become decor! Also, I could not resist the way Ringo Starr looks here. I love this photo session; I’ve seen other pictures from it and Ringo looks exquisite, sexy, yet still as adorable as always. P.S. yes, I am obsessed with Ringo, he’s my favorite!

The Beatles' final photography session, Tittenhurst Park, 22 August 1969....all I have to say is look at Ringo:

beatles...I may have pinned this before, I'm not sure, but I don't care because look at Ringo.:

God, I love them so much. Anyway, here’s my mini mug next to my Funko Pop! figures Jaylah and Spider-Gwen for scale:



Speaking of the Beatles, I just watched Ron Howard’s Eight Days A Week Beatles documentary on Hulu and it was amazing!! I saw an advertisement that was all like “you know the Beatles, but not like this,” or something of that vibe, and I thought to myself really, though? And I was delightfully proved wrong! I had no idea that while touring here in the United States, my darlings refused to perform in front of a segregated audience somewhere in the South (of course), and did not do the show until it was agreed that the audience would not be in sections marked by their race. It was a despicable time in America and it warms my heart to know that these men I’ve idolized my whole life took a stand against the huge injustice that was occurring. As a person of color myself (back then anyone that wasn’t white was considered colored, meaning my grandma of Mexican heritage had to use the water fountain and other things labeled for “colored” people), I found this particularly beautiful. Those men just keep giving me more reasons to love them. I will definitely be watching this many times and buy the DVD/blu-ray when it (hopefully) comes out.

Mugshot Monday #10


Wait…what’s this?! An actual mugshot instead of a mug?! Madness!

This is probably the only time I will ever deviate from the usual showcase of lovely mugs. My boyfriend bought me this awesome t-shirt at the Wisconsin State Fair recently and I just hade to share. Ariel is my favorite princess so naturally he thought of me. He sent me a picture of it first to make sure I would want it, though, and I decided that I had to have it because 1) it made me laugh and 2) I like seeing Ariel all tatted up. I don’t care for the Jack Daniels t-shirt, but I love tattoos (even though I don’t have any). I’ve been telling my dad he should start drawing again and sell his work (because he has excellent skills that were not passed on to me but were indeed passed on to my older brother), but he hasn’t yet. I told him fun, pin-up style, tatted up Disney princess would probably sell well, but that’s also because I just wanted him to draw me Ariel with a big Rolling Stones logo on the side of her ribs, I think that would look so cool. Oh well. Perhaps he will draw it for me someday.

Mugshot Monday #9

I received my Jabba’s Palace themed Smuggler’s Bounty last week, and it was quite delightful! My favorite goodie is definitely the adorable R2-D2 Vinyl Pop! figure that has his little tray of drinks he’s serving at Jabba’s Palace, because it’s only one of my favorite little moments in Return of the Jedi; C3PO happens to run into him and asks him what he’s doing and you hear R2 beep and then 3PO is all like “well I can see you’re serving drinks!”.I love it. I haven’t taken him out of the box yet. I will, though. They’re all too cute not to display together. I’m a bit disappointed that there wasn’t anything of my girl Oola, like a t-shirt of a Funko Pop! version of her or something…instead, we got a C3PO hat, which is not really my style. But hey, maybe they’ll do a Twi’leks appreciation box one day! Oh well. And yes, of course there was a Jabba piece…

IMG_0722FullSizeRender (19)

Yes, Jabba is a gross giant slug, but he’s kind of adorable in the Funko-fied mug. And doesn’t it look perfect with my tank of a hula Hutt-Slayer Leia by BeepBoopBeepClothing?!

And yes, it’s fair to say that I look like I’m on crack in that first picture, but…coffee, man. What can I say!

Mugshot Monday #8

THE FORCE AWAKENS COMES OUT ON BLURAY AND DVD TOMORROW!!! I will finally be able to view it in my home, to hold it in my hands!!

Oh, speaking of The Force Awakens, take a look at my latest Disney Store snag:


My Itty Bitty Rey tried to gather warmth by standing by my BB-8 mug this morning.

This BB-8 sculptural just might be the coolest one I own now! And I didn’t even think I would ever have it. I first saw it back in November when a plethora of TFA merchandise was released at many retailers. It quickly sold out on the official Disney Store website, but I remember walking by it fin stores at least once. I don’t know, I just assumed that they would keep making this beautiful mug and I would have nothing to worry about! Of course, I was quite wrong; after those first few sightings online and in the store, I never saw it again…that is, until last weekend when my mom and I were at an outlet mall. She needed something from the Old Navy there, and I didn’t technically need anything from the Disney Store but since we were there, I just wanted to check it out. And I’m so glad I did; I found this little guy all alone, no other BB-8 mugs in sight, just some stormtrooper mugs, and instantly grabbed him. When I went to check out, the cashier informed me that she just brought that mug out of hiding the night before, saying it was time for a good home. As a fellow retail worker, I interpreted this to mean somebody returned this glorious mug (for some crazy, unknown reason) and they had just gotten the chance to put it back out on the floor. It was meant to be.

Mugshot Monday #7

Do not fret, fellow mug lovers! My love of mugs has not diminished…I just keep forgetting and only remembering when it is far too late.

Speaking of late, I present to you a mug that is somewhat relevant to Easter…though it may be ever so slightly belated.



Oswald the Lucky Rabbit poses next to the mug of himself. This is another Disney Store gem, although I received this as a gift from one my best friends to cheer me up while I was going through a rough time.

Who is this Disney bunny, you ask?! Why, he’s monumentally important to the legacy of Disney!! This little guy was Walt Disney’s first big creation…that’s right, even before Mickey Mouse. It was before Walt was on his own, and I believe it was Warner Brothers that he was making cartoons for at that time. When he requested more money for better supplies to make even better cartoons, he was denied. He then decided to start his own animation company, but he did not have the rights to take Oswald with him. Such a sad little story. Oswald was hilarious and adorable. He did things you would never see Mickey do, like lock lips with one of his girlfriends (Oswald played the field, also unlike Mickey) while falling from a very large height- their make out session just kept going as they were falling, it’s so funny and cute. I don’t think he ever spoke in any of Walt’s cartoons, but I could be wrong. Even without speaking, he had this delightful charisma every time. The company finally got the rights back to Oswald in the early 2000’s…better late than never! I have always been particular fond of animated rabbits, so it’s no wonder that when I discovered Oswald and watched his old cartoons that I instantly fell in love.

You also might know him from the video game Epic Mickey, which was made a few years after they got Oswald back, and they do a pretty amazing story with him and other old cartoons, setting them in this wasteland of forgotten cartoons. Mickey and Oswald are brothers, and that thought is so adorable. To be honest…I prefer Oswald to Mickey, just based on those early cartoons. He was goofier, and he’s a rabbit! What more could make him win so hard?! Also, you can totally see how Mickey reflects the design of Oswald. Since Walt couldn’t keep Oswald, he was devastated and you can tell he didn’t want to let go of that look, but also couldn’t get himself into any legal troubles so he made Mickey just barely different enough.

And I love my little Oswald plush! I love having pieces of Oswald memorabilia; I also have a Christmas ornament of him and a to-go coffee tumbler with him on there, and some sweatshorts from Target with his adorable little face on them. But I want more!! Actually right now there is a new Oswald mug at the Disney Store, kinda similar to this one in that it has little doodles of Oswald all over but it is white and bigger so therefore it’s different enough that I need it. I also dressed up as him for Halloween one time:

rita the lucky oswald

And Rajah? He just likes to chill on my bed. Perhaps he thinks that I look vaguely enough like Jasmine and finds that comforting.

Mugshot Monday #6

I thought I would switch things up a bit, so today, you will be seeing a mug that I did not get from the Disney Store!! But rather, from another one of my favorite stores, Barnes and Noble.

….it still has an animated theme, though…at least…half?

Here is my beautiful Yellow Submarine mug!! I think this might be the only mug I own with a message decorating the inside. I take a few sips, then I see that beautiful “Love Is All You Need” accompanied by the Yellow Submarine-animation-style-butterfly and my heart smiles.


And of course my sweet Little Ringo is presenting this mug to you!! He says “‘ello!”


Little John didn’t feel like joining us for this mug presentation. And yes, sadly I only have half of the Beatles Yellow Submarine figurines; I had them all, but George’s head fell off years ago and I simply don’t know where Paul disappeared to. It’s quite unfortunate, but I hope to have them all together again someday.

Oh, and I have this crazy, formerly evil goon as well:

my blue meanie.png

I love him. His smooth, high-pitched voice, his madness, the way he looks when he’s covered in flowers at the end…oops, spoilers!!

But anyway…I bought this mug for myself on my birthday a few years ago or so. I need more like it, I love Yellow Submarine dearly and of course I love the Beatles even more.

Here’s a better look at the front with my darlings in animated form:


As my life-long crush and idol Ringo Starr would say, peace and love!!

Mugshot Monday #5

I would prefer to post these early in the morning as I’m actually drinking it, but I never give myself enough time in the morning to do so. It’s almost Tuesday, but I promise you, I drank this coconut mocha at home this morning.

So, here is yet another mug from the Disney Store:


Nothing like Darth Maul’s evil little badass face to wake you up in the morning!!

But seriously…this one of the coolest mugs I’ve ever seen. Darth Maul is my favorite Star Wars villain…yes, I know, he doesn’t do much in Phantom Menace, but that is due to lack of screen time, not lack of awesomeness. If you’ve read my other posts, you know I’m a big fan of the Clone Wars series, and he is still alive in that…just barely. The half of the Sith Lord that’s left is kinda crazy…but that’s what makes it so entertaining. AND he is set to be in this season of Rebels, even though all we have seen so far was his face and a hood in a mid-season trailer for the show, but I’m so excited for that. We didn’t really know what was going to happen to him in Clone Wars; last we saw him, Darth Sidious/Chancellor Palpatine heard that he was still alive and was like “OH HELL NO, I ALREADY HAVE A NEW APPRENTICE” and went and captured him…then what? We don’t know, because they had to stop the show when Disney bought the rights/George Lucas got bored and sold this precious gem of a franchise. I’m looking forward to potentially finding out what may have happened to Darth Maul!! Even just knowing what he’s been up to all these years will be cool.

Back to the mug itself… I love that it is a hooded version; just makes it kinda spooky. Yes, I love his horns, but that actually seems like it would be a difficult mug to design. I know, you may be wondering why this light-side, rebellion-loving gal would love Darth Maul. Well, in big franchises like this, I feel like everybody has their favorites on both sides. Like in Harry Potter, I love Draco Malfoy. I know a lot of Star Wars fans that are all about Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and the Stormtroopers, and that’s fine. It’s whatever floats your boat! My boat is mostly light side, and then Darth Maul. Admittedly, his looks have a lot to do with this…I mean come on, his skin is made up of my favorite color combination: red and black! His eyes are scary, his horns are intimidating…his moves, he’s so swift. He rides this awesome space motorcycle-ish thing. HE HAS A DOUBLE-ENDED RED LIGHTSABER. Okay, I’ll admit that I struggle a bit sometimes with buying Star Wars things because red is actually my favorite color (Idk, can you tell by looking at this site? ;)), but I feel odd buying things like red lightsaber earrings or necklaces because I feel that because it represents evil in this universe (of Star Wars), then that’s what I’m choosing in real life. Obviously it’s not, and obviously that’s silly, but I am silly. I have these adorable blue lightsaber earrings that I purchased from Wizard World Comic Con last year…this year I want to get red lightsaber earrings just for other outfits. Not to be evil, but just to be cool and match other things in my closet.

Anyway, I love that I got this from the Disney Store, and since they’ve only had the rights to Star Wars for maybe a few years or so now, I’m excited for all of the Star Wars mugs I will be buying from there in the future!!

Mugshot Monday #1

As you may know by now, I’m a woman of many obsessions. I decided that on various Mondays I am going to showcase part of one of my favorite collections: my mugs.

I love mugs. They combine two of my favorite things: coffee and pop culture. Sure, you can put anything in a mug, but coffee is its’ true soulmate.

Some people think that I have way too many mugs. Those people are wrong. However, until I move out into my own bachorlette pad, I can’t use all of my mugs; not all of them will fit in our kitchen cabinets. I have several in my room as décor, a sunglasses holder, and make-up storage for now. It is my way of hiding them so the two people who think I have too many mugs do not necessarily notice and therefore cannot stop me.

Today I present to you my latest mug! This one is just chilling as décor in my room for now not only because of Operation: Hide Half of My Mugs From My Parents, but also because on the box it said “hand wash only”…1) psh, who has time to hand wash their dishes?! 2) if I used it and left it out to hand wash, there’s a good chance two certain people will think I’m being lazy and just throw it in the dishwasher not realize I would have actually had reason not to put it with the rest of the used dishes.

Look at it!!!

FullSizeRender (1)

Yes, that is C3PO. The Funko Pop! Force Awakens version of him! Back in November, I subscribed to a box subscription called Smugglers’ Bounty. Every other month, you receive a delightful box of exclusive Star Wars Funko Pop! merchandise. The first box I got two of the figures, the second box I got one figure (a fuzzy Chewbacca) and this mug (along with a t-shirt and other goodies, but I just wanted to clarify that the box is not  only giving you the figures they are famous for). Each box has a different Star Wars theme; this box was a Force Awakens: The Resistance theme. I love Threepio with a red arm; “you may not recognize me because of my red arm”. I love the changes he’s went through during all of the films. I love this mug, it’s so adorable. Star Wars + Mugs = Happy Rita.