Mugshot Monday #6

I thought I would switch things up a bit, so today, you will be seeing a mug that I did not get from the Disney Store!! But rather, from another one of my favorite stores, Barnes and Noble.

….it still has an animated theme, though…at least…half?

Here is my beautiful Yellow Submarine mug!! I think this might be the only mug I own with a message decorating the inside. I take a few sips, then I see that beautiful “Love Is All You Need” accompanied by the Yellow Submarine-animation-style-butterfly and my heart smiles.


And of course my sweet Little Ringo is presenting this mug to you!! He says “‘ello!”


Little John didn’t feel like joining us for this mug presentation. And yes, sadly I only have half of the Beatles Yellow Submarine figurines; I had them all, but George’s head fell off years ago and I simply don’t know where Paul disappeared to. It’s quite unfortunate, but I hope to have them all together again someday.

Oh, and I have this crazy, formerly evil goon as well:

my blue meanie.png

I love him. His smooth, high-pitched voice, his madness, the way he looks when he’s covered in flowers at the end…oops, spoilers!!

But anyway…I bought this mug for myself on my birthday a few years ago or so. I need more like it, I love Yellow Submarine dearly and of course I love the Beatles even more.

Here’s a better look at the front with my darlings in animated form:


As my life-long crush and idol Ringo Starr would say, peace and love!!

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