“I’m heading straight for the castle, they want to make me their Queen”

As you may have picked up by now, most of the music I listen to comes from the 1950’s to the 1990’s, with 2000’s and some more modern stuff mixed in there. Because I listen to mostly rock stations that play within my taste range, I seldom here new things. But when I randomly find new artists/songs, it is quite a joy. Especially my latest find: Halsey, and her debut album: Badlands.

Evidently this album came out back in September…alas, it is new to me! I discovered Halsey on Facebook because people had been sharing this YouTube video somebody made focusing on Harley Quinn and what we have seen of her so far in the trailers for the upcoming Suicide Squad. I don’t even know much about Harley Quinn but I’m excited for it; she looks pretty cool. This is the video that led me to Halsey:


I was instantly in love with this song and kept watching this video to hear it. I eventually typed in the lyrics on Google and found who was behind this enchanting song. I found the CD at work (I work at a largely known electronics store that luckily sells CD’s for my happiness. Okay, not solely for that, but whatever), bought it, had “Castle” on repeat but eventually I listened to the other songs on the album.

FullSizeRender (8)

I do love it, but none of the other songs hit me the way “Castle” does. It was definitely worth buying, though! It’s all a lovely collection of pop laced with an electric alternative vibe. Plus, she just has an amazing voice.

Recently she dedicated her song “Hold Me Down” to Kesha, who was recently denied permission to discontinue working for Sony with the man who raped and abused her. And that….that just makes me angry. I won’t say anything else about it, I’ll get too upset. And yes, I like Kesha; “Timber” in particular. But anyway, isn’t that cool and supportive of Halsey?! “It’s the devil that’s trying to hold me down,”. It’s definitely an anthem of strength.

“New Americana” and “Colors” are some of my favorites…I like more than a few lyrics in “Colors” in particular:

“You’re only happy when your sorry head is filled with dope; I hope you make it to the day you’re 28 years old.” I don’t know for sure, but I’m thinking she’s referencing the age of 27, the year many rock stars have died at. If so, I like it. It’s dark but potent.

“You were red and you liked me because I was blue
You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky
And you decided purple just wasn’t for you”

I like that set too, and she kinda speaks that one but it’s lovely.

Actually I can’t get forget my favorite “New Americana” lyrics: “what kind of bubblegum have you been blowing lately?”

It’s all good, honestly. She is awesome, and look at her hair:


And this is her first album. It’s an extremely impressive debut, and I’m so happy my comic book loving friends passed that Harley Quinn video around. I also heard it just the other day in a TV trailer for the new Huntsman movie, but 1) they edit the song in a stupid way 2) I’m guessing that movie doesn’t even deserve to be associated with this song because the first one was just bland.

“I’m heading straight for the castle, they got the Kingdom locked up…and there’s an old man sitting on the floor there saying I should probably keep my pretty mouth shut.”

Also…figured that the lyrics for this song relate to my latest Star Wars art purchase, so check it out:

“I’m heading straight for the castle, they want to make me their Queen,”


Queen Amidala!! I love it so much; this artist is amazing. I found her on Instagram and she just does beautiful stuff.

“If you want to break these walls down, you’re gonna get bruised”…okay, last lyric from “Castle”. I love it, it’s such an amazing song.


Mugshot Monday #5

I would prefer to post these early in the morning as I’m actually drinking it, but I never give myself enough time in the morning to do so. It’s almost Tuesday, but I promise you, I drank this coconut mocha at home this morning.

So, here is yet another mug from the Disney Store:


Nothing like Darth Maul’s evil little badass face to wake you up in the morning!!

But seriously…this one of the coolest mugs I’ve ever seen. Darth Maul is my favorite Star Wars villain…yes, I know, he doesn’t do much in Phantom Menace, but that is due to lack of screen time, not lack of awesomeness. If you’ve read my other posts, you know I’m a big fan of the Clone Wars series, and he is still alive in that…just barely. The half of the Sith Lord that’s left is kinda crazy…but that’s what makes it so entertaining. AND he is set to be in this season of Rebels, even though all we have seen so far was his face and a hood in a mid-season trailer for the show, but I’m so excited for that. We didn’t really know what was going to happen to him in Clone Wars; last we saw him, Darth Sidious/Chancellor Palpatine heard that he was still alive and was like “OH HELL NO, I ALREADY HAVE A NEW APPRENTICE” and went and captured him…then what? We don’t know, because they had to stop the show when Disney bought the rights/George Lucas got bored and sold this precious gem of a franchise. I’m looking forward to potentially finding out what may have happened to Darth Maul!! Even just knowing what he’s been up to all these years will be cool.

Back to the mug itself… I love that it is a hooded version; just makes it kinda spooky. Yes, I love his horns, but that actually seems like it would be a difficult mug to design. I know, you may be wondering why this light-side, rebellion-loving gal would love Darth Maul. Well, in big franchises like this, I feel like everybody has their favorites on both sides. Like in Harry Potter, I love Draco Malfoy. I know a lot of Star Wars fans that are all about Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and the Stormtroopers, and that’s fine. It’s whatever floats your boat! My boat is mostly light side, and then Darth Maul. Admittedly, his looks have a lot to do with this…I mean come on, his skin is made up of my favorite color combination: red and black! His eyes are scary, his horns are intimidating…his moves, he’s so swift. He rides this awesome space motorcycle-ish thing. HE HAS A DOUBLE-ENDED RED LIGHTSABER. Okay, I’ll admit that I struggle a bit sometimes with buying Star Wars things because red is actually my favorite color (Idk, can you tell by looking at this site? ;)), but I feel odd buying things like red lightsaber earrings or necklaces because I feel that because it represents evil in this universe (of Star Wars), then that’s what I’m choosing in real life. Obviously it’s not, and obviously that’s silly, but I am silly. I have these adorable blue lightsaber earrings that I purchased from Wizard World Comic Con last year…this year I want to get red lightsaber earrings just for other outfits. Not to be evil, but just to be cool and match other things in my closet.

Anyway, I love that I got this from the Disney Store, and since they’ve only had the rights to Star Wars for maybe a few years or so now, I’m excited for all of the Star Wars mugs I will be buying from there in the future!!


Okay, I just like saying his name…is that weird?! I don’t care.

And actually, this isn’t even about Simba.

This morning I said goodbye to my little porcelain figurine set of Kiara and Kovu; sent them off to their new home, their eBay winner. In case you don’t know/your memory needs refreshing, Kiara is the darling daughter of Simba and Nala. In Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, Kiara falls in love with Kovu, a sexy young lion (with the same color scheme as Scar)  from the rival group of lions. This, of course, depicts before they fell in love but rather, when they first became friends as adorable cubs.


I was sad to see them go, but alas, I can’t keep all of my really cool things and I’m trying to make as much extra money as possible. I have more Disney figurines like this, but they’re either not in good selling condition and/or too sentimentally precious. Alice has no feet, Esmerelda has missing one foot…and Eric holding Ariel and Flic are perfectly in tact but I love them all too much.

Perhaps I would have never considered selling them if Lion King 2 was just better…so many things were wrong with it…but perhaps I shall save those details for another day. But, one thing I must tell you now, so you don’t hate me too much for selling these two adorable lions:

Kovu, while sexy like Simba, is an idiot.

Okay, without explaining the entire movie, you just need to know this. Like I mentioned before, Kovu is from the rival group of lions that are not part of Pride Rock. They’re scruffy and roughed-up looking, and they happen to worship Scar as a cult-leader. Even though Kovu looks like Scar, I don’t think he is supposed to be Scar’s son. His mother, at least I think I recall her being his mother, has two other children; one girl voiced by Gretchen Weiners and one older screw-up, scraggly brother voiced by Andy Dick. I personally believe that this mother, Zira, made some evil, twisted love with Scar and this resulted in Nuka, the pathetic older brother who looks just like Scar, but then some years later she found another lion (after Scar’s death?) and had two cubs with him.


This better sums up Nuka, who actually has the best parts in the movie because he is hilarious and deranged:


All of the stems of lineage are never explained, but I assume that my theories are correct because Kovu is the love interest here, in love with Simba’s daughter…so they can’t be cousins…yes, I know, Nala is most likely Simba’s sister but I hold onto the notion that she’s not, that her father was a hit it and quit it kind of guy and that’s why you don’t see him within Pride Rock and therefore there is no incest going on here. It’s also possible that Zira just took in Kovu at some point because they kept saying he was “hand-chosen” by Scar…yes, that could mean he’s his son too, but I really don’t think so. Did Zira just steal a promising looking little cub for this crazy cult?! Maybe?! I don’t know, it doesn’t matter…what was I talking about again?!

Oh yeah! So, this cult of Scar wants to take over Pride Rock in Scar’s name (because they’re weird and crazy) but in order to infiltrate the kingdom, they get Kovu to be all buff and handsome and woo Kiara, and I believe this plot involves killing her and/or Simba but I don’t remember how. Whatever, you just need to know that Kovu is supposed to be tricking Kiara. But of course, he ends up genuinely falling in love with her because she is just too damn awesome; her peachy color, her independence, the fact that her parents are both gorgeous and therefore she is.

Guys, here’s why Kovu is so dumb.

So, Kovu and Kiara are having their own “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” kind of sequence and then we find them chilling in the grass, just like Simba did with Timon and Pumba (I don’t know, they were just trying to tie in everything they possibly could from the first one?) and Kiara is explaining to Kovu about how the “great kings of the past” are up in the sky.


Kovu says “you think Scar’s up there?”

Um, no, you moron…you’re supposed to be tricking this girl into thinking you want to be part of their pride, she can’t know that you’re actually one of the Scar cult members!!! Real smooth, man.

I mean, obviously it all works out in the end…I just can’t get over how he perfectly fails at the one thing he was supposed to do.

Oh, Lion King, how I love you, despite your stupid sequel. There is also a new show on Disney Channel called The Lion Guard, and that is supposed to be about Simba and Nala’s son. Is Kiara there somewhere? With her idiotic but cute lion husband Kovu? I don’t know…I want them to be there, though. I just find Kiara to be so darling. But, I want to watch the show regardless, because Rob Lowe is the voice of Simba. Rob Lowe is my number-one favorite living actor and him voicing the beautiful lion Simba is a fantasy I never even knew I had being fulfilled.



I don’t know if I can handle it.

But guys, we can’t forget the most seductive character in Lion King….


I know. We’ll never be even 1/10th as sexy as this animated lioness is. You go, Nala.


“Although your mind’s okay, try thinking more if just for your own sake”

While I do admit I am not an expert on modern music,  the good stuff finds that’s hiding out there finds me and I cherish it. Unfortunately, I hear more of the crappy stuff; at work, we have a mandated radio station that plays the same horrible crap over and over again. Occasionally there’s some good songs in there, but there are too many I can’t stand mixed in there to feel any kind of relief anyway. So, I consider myself more aware of modern music that I don’t like; I won’t always be able to tell you the artist, but I will always know whether I like it or whether it proves the decline in music quality that’s been happening the past few decades.

Disclaimer: I don’t like rap at all. Maybe a few songs here and there, but overall, I don’t care for it. If you like it, cool. The people I know who do like it are attracted to the rhythm and clever lyrics, and I can absolutely respect that. They guy I’m about to mention does not fall in that category.

I’m talking about you, Tyga.

Evidently, Sir Paul McCartney, beautiful Beatles legend (in case you didn’t know), was attempting to attend a post-Grammy’s party the other night and was denied access. To where? To Tyga’s party. Yes; you’re certainly not alone if this all makes you cringe.

First of all…Tyga, you clearly have no respect for actual talent. It must be hard for modern folk like yourself to understand that once there was a time when artists wrote their own music, sang their own poetry, and even, oh my God- played their own instruments. I know, this must be hard to fathom, for someone who does songs titled such vulgar and tasteless things like “bouncin’ on my dick” and then just plain stupid songs like “rack city”. Sadly, I know that one because occasionally my boyfriend blasts it in the car when he drives. To deliberately anger me? Who knows. (Probably.)

Yes, make no mistakes, the Beatles weren’t all innocent either. But they just did it better. Paul sang on the White Album about…doing things in the road. But its’ subtlety alone makes it waaaaaay more sophisticated; “no one will be watching us, why don’t we do it in the road”.

But, truthfully…I’m more offended by the fact that Sir Paul McCartney would even want to go to Tyga’s party…


Unless, he thought he was going to Tigger’s party.


IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!! I wouldn’t want to miss out on this guy’s party, either, Sir Paul!!

Also, it was literally JUST brought to my attention that people are claiming it was not Tyga’s fault, but rather that of…his bouncer? Still a poor excuse. Hire cooler, properly cultured people to handle your stuff, man.



“This One Goes Out to the One I Love”

Guys, I know Valentine’s Day can sometimes be obnoxious…people showing off their flowers, chocolates, fancy jewelry, reminding you that they have a significant other, etc. Despite those people who are all up in your face with their romance, I could never hate this holiday. Sure, I’ve had a bad one before; it was the week of a break-up, but I went out and had pizza with my family. Bitter and dressed in all black, but hey…sometimes it’s fun to be a bit dramatic. The important thing was, I had my family to spend the day with. Valentine’s isn’t always about the romance; it’s truly about being with and appreciating all of the people you love. But anyway… even when I was a child, I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. Of course, that might be because the Disney Store always had the cutest stuffed animals and other products especially for this holiday; back in my youth, I had a plush of Lady (from Lady and the Tramp) that was entirely light pink. Perhaps it sounds weird, but it was so darling and cute. I wish I still had it. I also had a little Oddball from 102 Dalmatians with hearts instead of spots. I also have a little heart-spotted Dalmatian figurine that holds a heart basket; I keep make-up stuff in that, just like my fancy Ariel & Eric mug.


Look how freaking cute that is!

So, in addition to loving things that these cutesy Valentine’s things that are pink, red, and have hearts all over them, I love silly little Valentine’s things in general. My boyfriend gave me a beautiful ring, but I’m not going to be a show-off…unless you really want to see it…but anyway! I do love flowers, but this year, I got something substantially better:


That’s right; my man got me a bouquet of R2 units!! Some R2-D2’s, and I can’t remember the numbers for the others in there but does it matter?! Look at adorable that is!!

And yes, he got me a Darth Vader Valentine to match, of course! I love it all.

Right now I’m just debating whether I leave the R2 bouquet like that or take it apart and put R2’s all around! My parents were like “unlike flowers, these will last forever,”. This is true, but I also kinda wanna cuddle these little guys.

The ring, my Vader Valentine, and R2 bouquet are undoubtedly the best presents I have ever received for Valentine’s Day.

Peace and love to everyone!!

Mugshot Monday #4

In honor of the most recent holiday, Valentine’s Day, I present to you just one of my beautiful couples mugs….and yes, this one is from the Disney Store again…


It’s a very stylized version of Ariel and Eric, my favorite princess and my favorite prince!! I believe it was from the “Fairytale Collection”, which featured other classic couples in new styles on not just mugs, but also notebooks, t-shirts, and really fancy dolls. Naturally, I chose the mug. As you can see, this doesn’t have coffee in it…it’s too fancy to actually use. I found another purpose for it; it holds my make-up. I only use a few of those, but I haven’t gotten rid of the eyeliners I have tried and didn’t like…so, I’ll keep them until I realize I should just throw them out.

“We are the Goon Squad and we’re coming to town, beep beep!”

“Fashion!” Ah, that reminds me of when I worked at a certain over-priced clothing retailer and I hated it…the only joy and relief I would feel was when this song had its’ turn in their set store playlist. Oh David Bowie, you beautiful star in the sky.

Anyway, back to talking about fashion…lately I have the Clone Wars series playing in the background as I blog or do other tasks. Yes, I’ve already seen the entire series, but it’s fun watchin episodes again and making new observations. Like, in the Clone Troopers’ living quarters, I spotted a pin-up-ish poster of the background of a lady dressed like Padme’s handmaidens were dressed at one point in The Phantom Menace. I like that reference, and I also enjoy knowing the clones had such posters they were fond of. Then, I spotted an actual pin-up poster in the background of a bar-like place of a sexy, scantily clad Twilek. On the other side of this was another pin-up, but it was of a Hutt lady…that one was not quite nearly as sexy as the other one.


I can only find the poster that was in the Clone Troopers’ living quarters…I love this outfit. I want to Cosplay someday. But I imagine that would require some crafty skills and/or punching the crap out of my bank account.

Aside from background finds, I still love seeing Clone Wars-exclusive characters. Not just my Ahsoka Tano, but I also love seeing Duchess Satine of Mandalore…the woman who had Obi Wan Kenobi’s heart but it was never to be. Kenobi had told her that had she given him the word, he would left the Jedi Order to be with her. I think it was pretty obvious that Satine loved him, but men…even Jedi men…sometimes don’t get the simplest romantic cues. Satine is a strong, independent, surprisingly fierce pacifist and I love her character. And, in the tradition of elaborate royalty fashion in the Star Wars universe, Satine has plenty of unique and fancy outfits that nearly rival Padme’s…just look at this gem here:

And this wasn’t even a special event, she literally just wore this to confront the Prime Minister about toxins in the schoolchildren’s beverage containers. Look at her face. She’s pissed about the little children that are ill because of black market nonsense. And she’s not backing down; she’s going to rock the crap out of that gem-headband and let her sparkly headwings (I’m not sure how they were on her head…) demand the answers!!

Seriously, though…why can’t we get away such Star Wars fashions in real life?! Not this wingpiece in particular, but several other outfits and accessories make me wish we lived in the Star Wars universe. Actually, it’s not just the clothing…everything is just so much cooler. But let’s just have fun thinking about the fashion, and wanting to dress like Padme every day. Sure, these two are royalty/political figures, but still. I’m sure I would still dress like them if I was merely an ordinary citizen. As I mentioned earlier, I love that robed dress that is meant for a handmaiden…handmaiden to the Queen isn’t quite “ordinary citizen”, but it’s somewhat close.

fancy padme

multiple padme.jpg

Hold up, I need a bigger image of my favorite:

padme and anakin.jpg

Don’t think that Padme didn’t pass down her fabulous fashion sense genes down to her daughter, Princess Leia:

ceremonial gown leia

Okay, just one more lovely outfit from the Star Wars Universe:

ending of force awakens rey

Rey, at the end of The Force Awakens. Yes, not every outfit has to be ridiculously fancy for me to love it!




“They can’t order me to stop dreaming.”

That’s one of my favorite Cinderella quotes. It’s simple, but lovely.

Okay, this moment of Cinderella appreciation will continue in a different…fashion.


Check out my Cinderella sweater! Light blue, sparkly glass slipper; it’s perfect. It was a sweet surprise I received from my mom one day, for no reason other than she is awesome. I hate to mention that it’s by Lauren Conrad…stupid MTV reality star turned actually decent designer? It’s not my only piece by her from Kohls…I suppose I should respect her now. But those Laguna Beach/Hills ladies just rub me the wrong way. Perhaps they are not all attention-seeking, idiotic, superficial bimbos…clearly Lauren Conrad is kinda talented. I have a sweater from her Bambi collection as well.

You can’t see it very well in the picture, but I have paired this Cinderella sweater with my adorable and perfect R2-D2 necklace! It somewhat matches; it has a little topaz in it. That was the only justification I had for  keeping that necklace on; I was work all day in my uniform, and when I got home I accidentally napped and was almost late for trivia at the bar with my group of best friends so I had to change quickly.

But my odd pairing got me thinking…Cinderella and R2 would be wonderful friends. After all, R2 is already accustomed to being around princesses. Cinderella already has all sorts of friends in all shapes and sizes. Cinderella could never take Leia’s place, but they would be still be adorable buddies. I imagine a super talented and cool artist like Karen Hallion would make a lovely piece depicting this new fantasy friendship of mine. If you’ve never heard of her, you should check her out. She’s awesome. I think her most famous work has been combining Disney characters, usually princesses, with the world of Doctor Who; they’re typically being tempted to enter the Tardis. I’m not a huge Doctor Who fan but all the mash-ups are super cool. Of course, she also does Star Wars work; my favorite of her latest work is Princess Leia playing with a tiny Sphero BB-8. She has both an Etsy and a Society6 shop, but I wish she sold her stuff in stores as well. One of my best friends has a t-shirt with her Belle and the Tardis design, but I believe she ordered that online from TeeFury.

I would draw a bunch of cool pictures mashing up the world of Disney princesses and Star Wars myself, but I can’t draw. And unfortunately, it’s not likely that Karen Hallion will discover this, but a girl can hope, can’t she?! Until that day comes, I’m just going to have fun imagining these things in my head. RS14811 This is R2 in Star Wars Rebels. Clearly, he likes being animated.

cinderella looking all cute

“Why hello there, little guy! I see you like blue as well! Let’s be friends forever! You can come visit me in my castle anytime!”

Yup, the beginning of their friendship would probably go a little something like that.

Mugshot Monday #3

I still have about a half hour until midnight as I write this but I can’t seem to fix what date will post when I actually publish this. It’s still Monday as I write this, I promise you!!

This morning as I got ready for work, I took some lovely sips of a coconut mocha from a Disney Store mug again:

It’s moments like these I’m glad Star Wars is now owned by Disney; I get to buy Star Wars things from the Disney Store!!!

This adorable comic-book-ish style mug is of my favorite droid, R2-D2!! And yes, behind my mug that is Luke Skywalker on a blanket that one of my best friends gave to me for Christmas. I have awesome friends who love me and obviously know me very well.

Flashback Friday Album Spotlight: The Who Sell Out

Either if you know me or if you’ve been reading my posts, you can probably gather that I don’t listen to a lot of modern music. Part of this is because I already have such a glorious music collection from the 1950’s to the 1990’s that there is little I need to add. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like any modern music at all, I just don’t know as much because I don’t listen to those radio stations. I only get new music from new movies, sometimes work, a suggestion from friends or family- that’s pretty much it. I still love finding new music, but honestly what’s more thrilling for me at times is when I discover something previously unknown to me by somebody I already admire.

Almost a few years ago now, I was really quite depressed. One of the things that helped me get through it (aside from therapy and whatnot) was the Who. I remember one night I was at Barnes and Noble and I found Pete Townshend’s autobiography, Who I Am, and I decided the read the first few pages. In doing so, I was helplessly drawn to it and I knew I needed it. I immediately bought it and was immediately hooked. The first night I had it home, I was up until about 3am because I simply couldn’t stop reading it. I fell in love with Pete. I honestly feel like that was healthy for me at the time, as silly as that sounds. But anyway, he talked a lot about the albums, the process of making them and writing the songs for them. I felt like I was missing something, not actually knowing the albums he was talking about, so I ordered three of them to start with online, listened to them all in one night, and was in love with all of them. Right now, I’m just going to focus on one of them, my favorite of the trio I had ordered: The Who Sell Out.

FullSizeRender (6)

Yes, Pete is holding a giant stick of deodorant, Roger is in a tub of baked beans, and on the back you’ll find Keith with an acne cream (also giant), and John in a leopard Flinstones/Tarzan-ish dress thing, advertising the power of his muscles.

It’s a commercial themed album and it’s amazing, clever, and hilarious at times. At the very beginning and in between some songs, you’ll hear brief commercial-like jingles and women singing announcements as if you’re listening to a radio station live every time you listen to the album. I love it so much; I love listening to this CD in my car because I feel like it’s my own private little Who radio station and I’m back in time in the 60’s.

But they don’t stop at the little things, like singing about Coca-Cola and cars in between full tracks. Many of the full songs themselves are an advertisement; Pete sings a lovely little song called Odorono but it’s only at the end you realize it’s about deodorant.

I love every single song on here, but here are my highlights:

  • Odorono-Like I mentioned before, you don’t know until the very end that this whole story of a young budding actress is actually just to advertise deodorant. Also, it’s sung by Pete. I love his angel voice. And it’s one of the many times Pete has used “glittering” as an adjective. Actually…let’s just pause this focus on The Who Sell Out for a moment. I want to show you that I’m right and Pete just loves the word “glittering”.
Here are all the times (at least that I can think of right this second) where Pete Townshend uses the word “glittering“:
-Obviously in Odorono: “She ripped her glittering gown, couldn’t face another show, no; her deodorant had let her down; she should have used Odorono”
-In Tommy, in The Amazing Journey, Pete describes a tall stranger “dressed in a silver-sparked glittering gown, his golden beard flows nearly down to the ground”
-In Quadrophenia, in 5:15 (probably my favorite song from that album) Pete writes “He man drag in the glittering ballroom, greyly outrageous in my high heeled shoes”
-Later on The Who Sell Out, there is a song simply called “Glittering Girl”
Okay…I can’t actually think of any more….I swear there’s at least like one more….oh well. I just like that Pete likes that word. And yes, I say Pete; he was and is the brainchild, the main lyricist, the creative one.
That isn’t to discredit the other members, though. Because they were all amazing. They all sing songs on this album…actually, Keith might be the only one who doesn’t sing alone on this album, but he certainly did on other albums. Besides, he was the best drummer this world has ever known. It doesn’t matter how much he sang solo.
Oh my goodness, I digress….back to some of my favorite songs from the album!!
  • Tattoo- the simple story of two brothers trying to be more manly. I have quoted this song in a previous blog post talking about a BB-8 illustration I was drawn to due to its’ tattoo style.
  • I Can’t Reach You- love is difficult. My favorite lyrics from this song are “our fingertips touched and then my mind tore us apart”
  • Relax- it’s fun and trippy, and I love the sound of all of them singing together. And of course, my Pete
  • Someone’s Coming- for all the youngins out there who have parents that don’t approve of their boyfriends or girlfriends; “your father doesn’t like me, told you that you couldn’t see me anymore, that’s why we meet in secret, that’s why we’re hiding here…you say you’ll take the dog out, then you sneak out here to me”
  • Jaguar- there’s actually not a lot of lyrics in this, it’s mostly just an awesome instrumental song and then all of a sudden they sing “jaguar” at the end. I love the subtle commercialism they throw in there. It’s also a jab at how they had to do similar things for real at the time.
  • Early Morning Cold Taxi- I don’t know what I like about this one in particular. “3:36, it’s cold. I know I’m growing old”. I just like it. It’s at the end of this one that they sing about Coca-Cola. Does it have to do with the song at all? Nope. It’s just a commercial in between but done so much cooler.
  • Hall of The Mountain King- this is actually a very famous instrumental…I can’t think of where it’s normally used but I guarantee you’ve heard it before. But not like this. Their version is so fantastic. I get so excited when it comes on…just fantastically done and they even have their own goofy noises going on in the background. They also simply sing “ah” much of the time, and it’s lovely. But overall it’s just spectacular, I can’t stress it enough.
  • Girl’s Eyes- the song is alright, I mostly just like these lyrics: “Each time you play a melody, it means the Earth to this little girl”. Are they singing about me?! I think so.
I didn’t even mention the only song that most people (not super Who fans) would know from this album, the only hit single: I Can See For Miles. That song is of course just wonderful. Even Pete Townshend himself thinks it should have been number one on all of the charts and it’s the best thing he had written in that point in their career. I learned this from watching Tommy: The Amazing Journey, which is a movie about the making of that iconic album. I just wanted to tell you about the songs you definitely wouldn’t know but should most certainly check out.
Also, as I mentioned earlier, this was when I was madly in love with Pete Townshend (I still am in a much subtler way, of course). One of the things in his autobiography that made me want to know this album was him talking about how awkward the photoshoot for it was for him. He was a tall, lanky, skinny lad, and he didn’t feel sexy at all. But I think he looked absolutely adorable. This was the background on my phone for quite some time:

Until next time…

Peace and Love