“This One Goes Out to the One I Love”

Guys, I know Valentine’s Day can sometimes be obnoxious…people showing off their flowers, chocolates, fancy jewelry, reminding you that they have a significant other, etc. Despite those people who are all up in your face with their romance, I could never hate this holiday. Sure, I’ve had a bad one before; it was the week of a break-up, but I went out and had pizza with my family. Bitter and dressed in all black, but hey…sometimes it’s fun to be a bit dramatic. The important thing was, I had my family to spend the day with. Valentine’s isn’t always about the romance; it’s truly about being with and appreciating all of the people you love. But anyway… even when I was a child, I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. Of course, that might be because the Disney Store always had the cutest stuffed animals and other products especially for this holiday; back in my youth, I had a plush of Lady (from Lady and the Tramp) that was entirely light pink. Perhaps it sounds weird, but it was so darling and cute. I wish I still had it. I also had a little Oddball from 102 Dalmatians with hearts instead of spots. I also have a little heart-spotted Dalmatian figurine that holds a heart basket; I keep make-up stuff in that, just like my fancy Ariel & Eric mug.


Look how freaking cute that is!

So, in addition to loving things that these cutesy Valentine’s things that are pink, red, and have hearts all over them, I love silly little Valentine’s things in general. My boyfriend gave me a beautiful ring, but I’m not going to be a show-off…unless you really want to see it…but anyway! I do love flowers, but this year, I got something substantially better:


That’s right; my man got me a bouquet of R2 units!! Some R2-D2’s, and I can’t remember the numbers for the others in there but does it matter?! Look at adorable that is!!

And yes, he got me a Darth Vader Valentine to match, of course! I love it all.

Right now I’m just debating whether I leave the R2 bouquet like that or take it apart and put R2’s all around! My parents were like “unlike flowers, these will last forever,”. This is true, but I also kinda wanna cuddle these little guys.

The ring, my Vader Valentine, and R2 bouquet are undoubtedly the best presents I have ever received for Valentine’s Day.

Peace and love to everyone!!

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