“I’m a warrior and an assassin, I don’t dance.”

I made a liar out of Gamora last Saturday night at a Halloween Bash at a local bar because I danced the night away!

But guys…I’ll admit. My costume didn’t turn out as well as I wanted. I don’t think I was exactly the right shade of green; I think I was too dark. And I was so exhausted from painting my face, neck, and shoulders over and over again because it kept cracking and peeling off, I didn’t even bother doing her silver facial markings that I even bought a special kit specifically to do. I can’t speak for the marking stencils, but I will tell you the rest of the kit was absolutely a waste of money.


I got it from Spirit of Halloween, the temporary store that comes to town only in September/October. But I’m not going to discredit them completely; I got plenty of actually useful things from them for this costume. For starters, the green “body paint” is extremely light both in color and on my skin; you would need several of these to layer the paint enough to cover my skin. And the lipstick you see in the packaging there??


Looks like green lipstick, right?! WRONG!! It is literally just a clear lip balm. It is useless if you want to be Gamora.

So the kit failed me in two ways I needed to make up for. I started with the green make up by looking at cosplay tutorials on Pinterest but ultimately decided that those methods were too costly and too time-consuming just to go to a party at a bar for 3-4 hours. If I was going to a comic convention all day, I would probably use one of the products or methods these various people online suggested, like crushing a bunch of green eyeshadow palettes and mixing it with foundation. Alas, I was trying to do a fun Gamora look on a tight budget.

Which leads me to the products I actually did use to become the green-skinned badass warrior heroine I so adore:

First, I painted my nails green (actually my mom did because you always do your own nails terribly with your writing hand unless you’re a professional) with the Crayola Green Crayon shade by Sally Hansen. And I started with this green cream make-up found in the Halloween costume section at Meijer by Fun World for $2.


However, I sensed it wouldn’t be enough, and I saw a similar green cream make-up also at the Halloween costume section but this time at Target by Rubies for only $1. I actually ended up going to buy another one the night of the party because I was already running out of the tubes I originally bought before I had to redo my face after it all came off after snacking on potato chips. And on my neck, it just kept cracking in random spots and on my shoulders, it just didn’t want to stay on. The second one by Rubies from Target was actually smoother cream and looked much prettier, which is weird because it came out of the tube looking the shade of army green, but it blended with my other green just fine.


Then, of course, I needed to get actual green lipstick, which is hard to find for a decent price and physically at the store; I didn’t have time to order anything online because it was the week of the party when I finally tested the lipstick from the Gamora kit I had purchased weeks ago and realized it was indeed a huge liar in a tiny tube. I found an actually green lipstick online available at my nearest Target through much difficulty because it’s technically a “lip cream”. It’s “Out of This World” by Nyx. Online, it looked like the perfect slightly darker shade of green I needed, but in person, it was more in the blueish-green family. Alas, I had no other immediately available options. It even looks different in the pictures I took and I don’t know why; I didn’t use flash or anything different. In the first one, it looks like it looked online, pretty much perfect. In the second one, that reflects what it actually looked like in person. IMG_3484


And I mentioned earlier I was so tired of greening myself for hours that I didn’t bother using the stencil kit for her silver facial markings…but I did at least put some dark purple eyeshadow on, because you can see that in some shots in the first movie.

Image result for gamora guardians of the galaxy

For her hair, I went with her look Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2:


This is one of the few things I didn’t have to buy because I already had (along with the purple eyeshadow and the black boots I wore). I bought this temporary hair dye by Garnier at least several months ago if not longer for something under $10.


I’ve actually wanted to do that to my hair for a long time now, but permanently. I think I only bought this to test it out, see if I like it, but luckily it has served me an actual purpose in becoming Gamora. It only lasted about 3 days, I miss it.


Now, to the outfit…I originally wanted to go for her look in the first movie, but I ended up channeling her look in the second movie. Either way, her look is cool black pants, black boots, and some cool top. And something on her arms/wrists.

I bought super cool leggings from Old Navy that had (faux) leather panels on the sides.


Then I got a black cold-shoulder top and fingerless gloves from Spirit of Halloween. I originally wanted this top so I only had to paint my shoulders and hands (though I also became too tired to paint my hands as well on the actual night of the party). I only wanted to actually have green arms because after considering a tutorial for armbands using colored tights on Pinterest, I was nervous that the shade of tights I could find wouldn’t match the paint, so I ultimately decided to just go for it. But with this top, I was going to create the illusion that I was just wearing long black armbands/gloves/gauntlets, but then I realized it looks like an outfit she wears in Vol. 2 anyway.



I also decided I wanted to carry a sword like Gamora, but hers is very specific and nobody makes toy versions (or decently priced replicas) of it for whatever lame reason. So I just got a generic one from Meijer for $6.


(Pssst…hers looks like this but oh well:)


Now here’s the whole look put together, featuring my friend Hallie dressed as my Star-Lord:

We entered a costume contest that night and actually ended up being finalists!! We would have been in 3rd place but they only gave the winning title and prize to one person. It was down to us, a couple dressed up as Forest Gump and Jenny, and a man dressed as Wilson the neighbor from the show Home Improvement. Then we were out and it was ultimately between that couple and Wilson and the neighbor with his own little fence won. We were so close! So that was exciting. Pictured below are all of the finalists.


Becoming Gamora was harder than I thought and ultimately didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, but people still got it and it was still fun going out as a pair.

“Buy me a drink, sing me a song, take me as I come ’cause I can’t stay long,”


Tom Petty  ONE OF HIS ROADIES LIVED NEXT DOOR [when he was in town]

This past Monday night, one of my absolute favorite rock and rollers passed away. That was a rough day overall, with news of the Las Vegas shooting, then having inconsistent reports on the status of one of, if not the most, beloved American rocker. I overheard coworkers say he had died,  and I kept on working, trying not to cry at my desk. Then on the way home, I heard 3 of his songs in a row, and in between them a DJ announced that Tom Petty had passed away, “confirmed by multiple sources”. Adding that made me question it; usually, they just say it without any such confirmation, these people usually know what they’re proclaiming. I kept looking online and could only confirm that he went into cardiac arrest and was being treated but then was taken off of life support. My mom told me they considered him to be brain-dead; I cried in the car on the way to dinner. I didn’t believe he was gone until his official accounts on various social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter) announced it so later that evening.

Tom Petty may have physically left the world, but his music will remain embedded in the hearts and souls of so many people, myself included. I grew up with his music, I’ve loved him my whole life, whether it’s been with The Heartbreakers, among other legends in the Traveling Wilburys, solo, or with Stevie Nicks (of Fleetwood Mac). He was also one of those rare, mystical gems who could not release a bad song if he tried. You probably know his biggest hits; I don’t know anyone that doesn’t. But here are few of my personal favorites:

“Oh my my, oh hell yes, honey put on that party dress. Buy me a drink, sing me a song, take me as I come ’cause I can’t stay long”


“Well let’s get to the point, let’s roll another joint, turn the radio loud,”



“She’s gonna listen to her heart, it’s gonna tell her what to do. She might need a lot of loving but she don’t need you.”


“I’ll be the boy in the corduroy pants, you’ll be the girl at the high school dance. Run with me, wherever I go. Just play dumb, whatever you know.”


“It’s alright if you love me, it’s alright if you don’t. I’m not afraid of you running away honey, I got the feeling you won’t.”


“If you don’t feel complete, if I don’t take you all of the way then go, yeah go…but remember: good love is hard to find, good love is hard to fine…you got lucky, babe. You got lucky, babe, when I found you.”

This is literally just a handful, as Tom Petty solo and with the Heartbreakers had so many wonderful songs. You can go through their greatest hits compilations, and albums like Damn the Torpedoes and Wildflowers, and just sit back and enjoy the endless ride of good music. And if you crave more, go to his collaborations with other fantastic artists.

I couldn’t possibly write a tribute worthy enough of the man who wrote the soundtrack of our lives. Whose songs have such emotional depth, songs that have meant so much to me, given me so much comfort over the years, that I can listen to in every kind of mood. I can only express my gratitude by continuing to listen to this music for the rest of my life.

Okay, I can’t resist…here’s a few more of my favorites:

“Somewhere, somehow, somebody must have kicked you around some. Tell me why you want to lay there, revel in your abandon.”

“I know you really wanna tell me goodbye. I know you really want to be your own girl.”


“Everybody’s got somebody to lean on, put your body next to mine, and dream on.”

I’ll stop myself, I could go on all night…

Thank you, Tom Petty, for all of this beautiful music. May you rest in peace.


Tom petty. Such a babe.

Tom Petty

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers


The Traveling Wilburys

Tom Petty, 1978 omg, his jacket and shirt!!

George Harrison and Tom Petty

Tom Petty! :')

Tom Petty..."Well yeah i might have chased a couple women around All it ever got me was down Then there were those that made me feel good But never as good as I'm feeling right now Baby you're the only one that's ever known how To make me wanna live like I wanna live now I said yeah yeah The waiting is the hardest part Every day you get one more yard You take it on faith, you take it to the heart The waiting is the hardest part"

tom petty -



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“I’m free, I’m free, and freedom tastes of reality,”

I’ve been at my new office job for almost four months now, and I can’t express nearly enough how much nicer it is. I worked in retail for 6.5 years, and most of it felt like Hell to me; after all, I was Customer Service the whole time. It’s insane how much less stressed out I am on a daily basis, and I credit being away from retail as at least 93% of the reason why. I mean, I haven’t completely escaped the terror that is dealing with the general public; I work for Animal Control and I answer the phones and work the front desk for rabies registration tags sales and whatnot. And people still get angry about policies they don’t agree with or even understand sometimes, but it’s nothing compared to being yelled at and disrespected daily  processing returns and other services at a major electronics store. I kid you not, it was truly on the daily. I hate saying the name, but perhaps for the sake of your understanding…it was Best Buy. And it was just the worst, being yelled at by someone who insists on returning their used laptop they purchased six months ago when the return policy was merely 15 days…seriously, all the time. It wasn’t just ridiculously out of policy returns, it was just everything…people would get mad when I asked to see their ID even when it was their own writing on their own credit card that instructed me to do so. I could go on. I could honestly write an entire memoir of the shitty times I had there, but that’s far too painful. Sure, maybe you’re thinking I’m crazy…it’s merely strangers yelling at me for things that are out of my control, I shouldn’t take it personally, right?! Well, as a person who has Generalized Anxiety Disorder (and was also technically diagnosed with social anxiety as well but meh, I think that got better naturally over time), it’s just remarkably difficult. I had so many panic attacks at work while people yelled at me. I would sometimes have breakdowns and go hide and cry somewhere because I was just so stressed out and tears were the only release I was able to do. Alas, therapy and anti-anxiety medication helped out a lot with that after I realized my reactions weren’t exactly normal and got the help I needed…but that doesn’t mean I was absolutely immune to it all. It killed me inside every day to take people’s shit. Which is why I had been trying for so long to get out and I finally did and I’m just so much happier. And guys- I know I usually write about fun pop culture stuff, but I simply feel obligated to share even a snippet of my retail experience as a public service announcement. Perhaps people don’t realize how unnecessarily shitty they are treating the person in uniform behind the counter, because for whatever reason, you see us as less human in those moments. But then..some people are just assholes and that’s never going to change. But shit, I’m going to try.

Retail Robin.:

One of the things that has kept me sane over the years (besides medication and therapy) has been the Retail Robin memes. I would see them on Pinterest all the time and they would just make me laugh, partly because they’re insanely accurate. Also, it was comforting to know that I wasn’t the only one suffering while working in retail; it’s quite universal. Which is also sad, but still, I’m taking any positives I can here. So I present to you…all of the Retail Robin memes that I have related to 110% (and I know my former coworkers would confirm these as well) (and yes, the uniform one above is included in terms of accuracy):

Retail robin

Retail Robin:

Retail Robin.

So much truth:

Haha, oh this is so accurate:

I DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING:  (do you know how many products are sold at Best Buy?! TELEVISIONS, COMPUTERS, CELL PHONES, CD’S, MOVIES, VIDEO GAMES, ACCESSORIES FOR THOSE THINGS, ETC….it’s a ginormous store, okay?!)

But really... #bestbuycustomerservicelife:

But really. This has happened more times than it should have...:


Oh this happened so often when I was a cashier


Retail robin:

Have I pinned this already? Oh well. IT IS JUST SO FREAKING TRUE:


But they don't care...:

This actually happened to me today!!! It has before, but usually I ask again. Today I just stuck it in the bag.:

I've had to deal with this too many times...:

I want to say this every time I work!!!:

Retail Robin:


Literally had this issue yesterday, woman was all huffy and puffy...yes, it's my fault you drove an hour away to do something you can't actually do.:

I hate you are working on the holidays But you're in here shopping...... | Retail Robin (1000% accurate these past 3-4 Thanksgivings)

Retail Robin:


So much truth.:

Very true. Retail Robin.:

This happens too often...:  (this is a shout-out to all of the managers and supervisors I had over the years that just give in the customer’s entitlement at fear of losing money…at the expense of making the level-line employees look like jackasses to the customer)

Retail Robin, providing you truth on the daily. Can also be substituted with "leaves work 4 hours early anyway":  (not every manager I had did this, but too many did…)

Maybe they don't hear me sometimes, but it's still awkward and unpleasant.:

Yeah, being understaffed isn't a thing at all....:

Please oh please control your kids at the store.:

Retail Robin:  (again, these are all COMPLETELY ACCURATE)

Retail Robin. How I feel when this happens at work.:

Customer actually nice to you Feel compelled to give them everything for free as a reward | Retail Robin:

Retail robin.:  (lol SEE?! I mentioned this exact scenario earlier. Literally happened all the time.  I remember this one cranky man literally shouted at me because of it and was then aggressively handling his credit card afterwards)

retail robin.:  (lol except the money-hungry, pushover managers did and will continue to)

Customer smiles sweetly and tells you to have a nice day almost burst into tears | Retail Robin | Meme Generator:

Luckily this hasn't happened terribly often, but still....:

Retail Robin - "you just lost a customer!" oh no, we'll miss you so much:

Retail Robin:

Happens so often it makes me sick:

"you should have a sign saying that!" there is one | Retail Robin | Meme Generator:

An old man nearly killed me when this happened the other day. And when I say kill, I mean slay any spirit I might have had.:

customer service:


retail robin:  (SOOO TRUE especially during my first six months as a cashier. Pressure from management, try to appease management, customer gets annoyed and angry)


Retail Robin - "Wow, that customer was so correct and proved me wrong. I'm so glad I can learn how to do my job from people that have never worked in this store." Said no one ever:  (the first part is so small…here is what it says: “WOW, THAT CUSTOMER WAS SO CORRECT AND PROVED ME WRONG. I’M SO GLAD I CAN LEARN HOW TO DO MY JOB FROM PEOPLE THAT HAVE NEVER WORKED FOR THIS STORE”)

Haha story of our lives at the bookstore! People and their financial aid issues...:

like cuss me out because walmart only has motorized wheelchairs and not push ones. Im sorry .5mph is too fast for you..:

Seriously. I've heard "it's so beautiful out, hopefully you will get out soon!" when I have four hours left so many times.:

Retail Robin:

This trip down memory lane has been both hilarious and painful…and that’s just from Retail Robin. Here are just a few other memes that aren’t from Retail Robin that also perfectly depict my every day experiences and feelings I had while working at Best Buy.

so true:

SO ACCURATE. #bestbuycustomerservice:


So true:

My patience is truly fading


Ah, this has happened a lot recently...:


I deliberately alter my standard of customer service according to how polite the customer is.:

Working in retail would be fabulous if it weren't for the customers.:

So they’ll keep their life story for their autobiography: | 24 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Forced To Work Retail For One Day:

How I feel at the end of every day after work:



So they’ll know never to tell this joke again: | 24 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Forced To Work Retail For One Day: (SO MANY TIMES, GUYS)

Half of the time that I answer the phone at work....:  (this mostly applies to whenever I answered the phone there)


Okay, I think I’ve made my point now…it’s still so comforting these memes exist, though. So painfully true, man.

In conclusion…things get frustrating sometimes. Maybe you didn’t read the receipt before you came back into to return stuff…actually no, that’s entirely your fault, I have no sympathy there as a fellow shopper. But yeah, I’ll admit, sometimes there were circumstances where the customer was right/deserved an exception and they’re either super nice and I want to do all I can to help them- or they’re assholes like most people and then I don’t want to do anything special for them. But people, just try to be decent. It’s all I’ll ask of you. I’m only 24 and I’m already bitter af towards humanity because of 6.5 years dealing with the crap above and more. It’s not that I don’t like hanging out with people…it’s just, I don’t trust the general public and I will pretty much expect nothing but the worst from people unless they prove me otherwise. But it’s so rare. I truly relate to this Jonathan Byers quote from Stranger Things:

Charlie Heaton as Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things:

I know, it’s kinda shitty to be so pessimistic, but I’ve only become this way from experience. I still have like a smidgen of hope…but it tends get smaller rather than bigger.

“So Cosmo says you’re fat, well I ain’t down with that,”

Okay, so this time it’s actually Vogue doing the ridiculous body-shaming. According to the high-fashion magazine, cleavage is no longer fashionable. In this infuriating article, not only is it claimed that classic cleavage and glamorous plunging gowns are no longer seen on the red carpet, but that women should be less pressured to buy underwire bras because bras do not matter anymore.”Bralettes” are proclaimed to be the new bra standard, but that’s just dumb. Do you know what “bralettes” are? They are light, usually unlined bras lacking underwire. Sure, they’re a big thing at Victoria’s Secret now, but I always saw them as casual or for layering. Shit, I sleep in them. I guess now they are being marketed to wear as normal bras, which is silly. As a woman who wears a DD cup, I can assure you that I couldn’t possibly get away with wearing a bralette under my work polo or even a t-shirt. Because the bralettes cater to the petite-chested:

The Front-Close. Optional padding & a sexy T-back.

“The end of cleavage does not mean the path to a more realistic, more diverse, more empowering world of female body image has got any easier. But at least we get to make the journey in more comfortable underwear,” UMMM, SPEAK FOR YOURSELF. This new “trend” of less supportive bras for the sake of being fashionable is not comfortable for us women who have boobs. I actually love lacey underwire bras; they support me and I feel glamorous. I feel like Marilyn Monroe. I don’t have to worry about things peeking through or popping out when I move.

Now, I’m not here to body-shame the skinny and flat-chested women out there. I’m just trying to point out the injustice of this new “trend” to simply not really have boobs. You know what’s trendy now? The braless “70’s boob” look. However, us busty gals cannot achieve this look without major weight loss or deduction surgery. The Guardian article supporting the new Vogue statement uses Michelle Phieffer as an example of the ideal look of modern breasts:

The new 70s boob look: Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface.

Only tiny women can possibly get away this kind of look. I can’t help but think that’s got to be uncomfortable; for me and other curvy women, that’s just a lot of bouncing during every day life that is a pain and a nuisance. The article goes on to acknowledge that this look is for women who have small boobs or surgically enhanced boobs because they won’t need a bra. Again, I’m really not trying to put down petite-breasted women, but here is where I became angry: “breasts piled together like a pair of cream buns do not make a subtle statement,”. Ummm, fuck you. No, seriously, screw off. Some of us that were blessed/cursed with big boobs simply cannot help having cleavage. We don’t have to try and it’s just there. Like, earlier this week, I dressed up as Rey for Halloween. Rey, one of my perfect Star Wars idols, is played by the beautiful, darling, and badass Daisy Ridley. I had been sitting next to my mother in my costume on Halloween morning watching Ghostbusters (2016 ladies version) and she turned to me, shocked and somehow almost offended: “Geez, does Rey have that much cleavage going on?”. You know what, mother? She doesn’t. She’s very small in that area but damnit, I am not. So I had to layer my outfit and wear two tank tops to cover up the cleavage and even then I struggled; my mom embarrassed me in front of my family by walking by and pulling up one of my tank tops while I was mid conversation with a family member. I know she meant no harm, but things like that just instantly make me feel guilty. I truly wasn’t trying to show off my ample cleavage while at a family gathering. Do you know how annoying it is to be busty and constantly pull up whatever you’re wearing, Vogue?! DO YOU?! Do you know how annoying it is when you buy a cute top at Express and then you put it on and you didn’t realize that the scoop-neck style would just fall so low on you?! On the rack (no pun intended), it honestly appeared to be a regular, casual tee-shirt. But it wasn’t on me. ALL I WANTED WAS TO HAVE THAT PRETTY PINK AND WHITE TYE-DYE TOP. I DID NOT ASK FOR THE CLEAVAGE OR ANTICIPATE HAVING TO LAYER THAT TOP TO TRY TO MAKE SURE SOMETHING IS MORE SECURE ON MY CLEAVAGE.

(P.S., here’s my costume in case you were wondering! With the fabulous vest and armwarmers by Elfhoffer Design)


And I shouldn’t have to feel like I can’t wear certain things because people will be judging or staring, or now, saying that I’m out of fashion simply because I’m busty. So, fuck you, Vogue and insignificant Guardian writer.

Here is the beautiful and voluptuous Scarlett Johansson to further iterate my point:


We all feel a little self-conscious at times; you’re not helping by telling so many women that the way they are naturally is just not fashionable.


“You try to scream, but terror takes the sound before you make it,”

Another one of my favorite lines from Thriller! Can’t stop jamming to my own Halloween Playlist.

Speaking of Halloween, I’ve got my costumes ready! Yes, that’s plural; I have a costume for a Halloween party this weekend, and then another to wear on Halloween.

First up, my friends and I all decided to dress up as Stranger Things characters and go out together the Saturday before Halloween. Actually, we had previously discussed going out dressed up that weekend together, but the theme our group costumes was decided without me. They even declared which character I would be! But it honestly felt very fitting, so I was cool with it. Then, we found out there was going to be a Stranger Things themed Halloween party in the city that weekend, so naturally we decided that was where we were going to go all dressed up together.

I decided that this was the most memorable and accessible look of Nancy Wheeler:

Image result for nancy wheeler stranger things baseball bat

I present to you, my rough cut of my Nancy Wheeler look:


So, her coat…doesn’t seem that unique, right?! Seems like a common enough style that would be easy to find, right?! WRONG! Luckily we all started shopping for our looks a month ago; I only just found this online a week and a half ago from JustFab. It’s a membership website, so I got it for 75% off, which was amazing because the only other coat I found that was close was from Forever 21 and it was $50 with no sales or anything going on. This jacket would normally be $70, I paid under $20 for it!! The rest was easy; got a plaid button-up shirt that had Nancy vibes on clearance from Old Navy, gloves from Target that were $3.50 that I just cut the fingers off, and I found my monster-hunting bat at Five Below. The bat was also hard to find; I kept looking for toy bats at Target and Walmart that would still look like a real bat, but they were always themed or too plastic-looking. I also checked out Party City and those awesome, temporary little Spirit of Halloween stores; when inquiring about a toy bat, the Party City employee told me that they only had bats for a short while and they sold out fast because they were the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn bats. I knew a ton of people would be dressed up as Harley Quinn but I forgot she also had a bat. My dad suggested Five Below and that ended up being the winner! Got myself a foam bat that looks realistic for under $5!


Honestly, the top part of her outfit was the most important part. I wore dark skinny jeans (rolled up because I am too short) with black booties and it looked pretty perfect.

And here’s the final look from the party:




(All pictures except that last one are with my best friends as Eleven, Barb, and Dustin; we found a Joyce Byers and a demogorgon with his own little wall and had to take pictures with them, of course.)

It was an oddly warm night to begin with in Chicago, and I was just way too damn hot in that coat to keep it on all night. And I already made my own Nancy outfit to not be as warm as it actually is; on the show, she wears a sweater over a plaid button-up shirt…I was simply not having that. That’s way too many layers! I thought my coat would be enough for people to know I was Nancy, but I just couldn’t wear it all night at this hopping ping pong bar. I think my fingerless gloves and my baseball bat helped confirm that I was Nancy, though:

Image result for nancy wheeler stranger things baseball bat

In case you were wondering, the Stranger Things themed party at the ping pong bar was fantastic. Awesome decorations, snacks, drinks (I had a yummy drink called Purple Rain), and so many 80’s songs all through the night. I danced so much. There were plenty of Elevens and a handful of Barbs but I was the only Nancy! Also, doing a group costume is just so delightful. I had only done couples and best friends costumes before; when Black Swan came out, my Eleven that you see here dressed as the White Swan while I was the Black Swan; together, we were the Swan Queen.

As for my other Halloween costume this year?? I have only tried it on a few times, but I’m going to wait to show you the final product. For now, here is just a tease:


Yup, I’m going to be my darling hero, Rey, from the end of The Force Awakens!! I love her other outfit as well, but this one is my favorite. And when I saw that Elhoffer Design was going to be releasing a cardigan vest and arm warmers like Rey’s second outfit, I couldn’t resist! Stay tuned for the full look and go buy this if you also favor Rey’s second outfit; it’s made so well, amazingly soft and just so perfect.

ending of force awakens rey

Happy Halloween Eve!!









“This is Halloween…in this town we call home, everyone hail to the pumpkin song,”


Yes, I adore the Nightmare Before Christmas. And the soundtrack is a delightful time during Halloween, Christmas, and actually, all year-round if you just love this movie and delightful movie scores like I do. But, since we are in the Halloween season, we’ll just focus on that for today.

Are you throwing a Halloween party soon? Are you in need of some festive pumpkin songs? Well you are in luck, because I’m not only going to share the playlist I made for myself and my family to listen to on Halloween three years ago, but also additional songs I have thought of since I made that original CD.

And no, the order doesn’t matter; I always shuffle my playlists anyway.



  • Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.
  • Scooby Doo, Where are You by….okay, I don’t actually know…on my iPod it just says it’s from my Cartoon Network CD and that’s it…
  • I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow (you could also go with the original version but I like this one)
  • Fire by the Crazy World of Arthur Brown (one of my favorite songs ever…both super 60’s and slightly scary)
  • Season of the Witch by Donovan
  • Hungry like the Wolf by Duran Duran
  • Iron Man by Black Sabbath
  • Love Potion Number Nine by the Searchers (this song includes a gyspy making potions; trust me, it’s relevant)
  • Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones (another one of my favorite songs ever)
  • This is Halloween by Danny Elfman from Nightmare Before Christmas (if you want extra creepy vibes, go with Marilyn Manson’s version. Or both, like I do!)
  • N.I.B. by Black Sabbath (I was jamming so hardcore to this in my car today)
  • Five to One by the Doors (one of my favorites of theirs that I find both sexy and eerie; Jim Morrison is all like “I love my girl, she lookin’ good”, and then there’s this almost tribal kinda chant that I enjoy)
  • Devil Inside by INXS
  • Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down (because what kind of Halloween party is it if there isn’t someone dressed as a superhero?)
  • Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix
  • Weird Science by Oingo Boingo (it is the song from modern day 80’s fairytale version of Frankenstein, after all) (fun fact: this is ALSO Danny Elfman 🙂 )
  • Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones
  • Devils by Say Hi (the only good thing to come out of the disaster that was Scream 4)
  • Bullet with Butterfly Wings by the Smashing Pumpkins (“the world is a vampire…” Also, PUMPKINS)
  • Creatures of the Night by Kiss (quite the underrated 80’s tune)
  • Howlin’ For You by the Black Keys
  • People are Strange by the Doors
  • Fire by Jimi Hendrix (although Jimi is clearly talking about sexuality (which could also work at a Halloween party 😉 ) , also think “fiery pits of Hell”)
  • Thriller by Micheal Jackson (I love this song so much. From Vincent Price, to the lyrics “girl I could feel you more than any ghoul could ever dare try”, to the dance…it’s perfect.)
  • House of the Rising Sun by the Animals (badass 60’s tune that can be creepy in the right setting)
  • Billion Dollar Babies by Alice Cooper
  • Ballad of Dwight Fry by Alice Cooper (perhaps these ones and the ones by Black Sabbath you can take out if there’s tiny children at this party; they might find them a bit too freaky.)
  • Welcome to my Nightmare by Alice Cooper
  • Poison by Alice Cooper
  • Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper (I know, so much Alice Cooper, but the guy’s concerts themselves are horror shows. It would just be wrong not to include a good amount of Alice Cooper. He’s the King of shock rock, of scary rock and roll)
  • Hells Bells by AC/DC (if this isn’t the coolest intro you’ve ever heard, I don’t know if we can be friends)
  • Boris the Spider by the Who (I just love the weird, deep, almost scary voice John Entwhistle does here.)
  • Bark at the Moon by Ozzy Osbourne (optional; not one of my favorites, but of course it’s Halloweeny)
  • Raise the Dead by the Hollywood Vampires (my beloved Alice Cooper strikes again; I’ve talked about this fantastic band before)
  • My Dead Drunk Friends by the Hollywood Vampires (probably my favorite of theirs; “standing all alone here, in a tavern full of ghosts,”)
  • White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane (You know, make that person that’s dressed up as an Alice in Wonderland character feel special. Also, I find this song to be both trippy and intense)
  • In the Evening by Led Zeppelin (this one isn’t super creepy (except perhaps the beginning) or anything, but simply it’s just too cool not to have playing at a party)
  • Pet Cemetery by the Ramones (admittedly not one of my favorites of theirs but it’s pretty decent, and will make people think of the movie and then they’ll be a bit scared)
  • Blood and Roses by the Smithereens
  • Miss Murder by AFI (ahh, brings back such fond memories of the music video with the black bunnies)
  • Helter Skelter by the Beatles (you know I am obsessed with and adore the Beatles, but this song just freaks me out. It’s so rough and aggressive. Plus, there is that sad, forced connection made by the delusional and murderous Charles Manson)
  • Blue Jay Way by the Beatles (sure, this is mostly just trippy, but ever since a dear friend of mine described a nightmare that contained this song, I can’t listen to it as just a psychedelic song. There’s some weird thing about it…like, something is following you and then chasing you)
  • Moving in Stereo by the Cars (sure, a lot of you probably think of this as a sexy song because of Fast Times at Rigdemont High, but I don’t simply because the lyrics say otherwise. It’s kinda suicidal and creepy, really.)
  • Hurdy Gurdy Man by Donovan (I don’t necessarily find this song creepy, but I think its’ general, but beautiful weirdness just make it fun to listen to)
  • A Girl Like You by Edwyn Collins (not really creepy, but just awesome and mysterious, and also the lyrics “you’ve made me acknowledge the Devil in me, I hope to God I’m talking metaphorically”)
  • Evil Woman by Electric Light Orchestra
  • Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett (bet you thought I was going to forget this Halloween classic! You were wrong, I love this song!)

Okay, so that’s mostly it…


Guys, as I’ve talked about the greatness of Scooby Doo before, and I obviously included the very first/original TV show’s theme song as part of the playlist, I have more Scooby songs for you if you have an open mind and heart…OR, if you’ve seen the glorious Scooby Doo on Zombie Island, please remember these surprisingly rocking soundtrack tunes:

First up: The Ghost Is Here

Saving the best for last:


Also, less loved in my heart as Terror Time but still pretty awesome is Hex Girls from Scooby Doo and the Witch’s Ghost:


I hope you enjoy my playlist as well as my additional suggestions, and if you have any awesome Halloweeny songs I missed, tell me, I’d love to know!

“She asked me to stay and she told me to sit anywhere; when I looked around I noticed there wasn’t a chair,”

This classic Beatles lyric just makes me imagine a scene with Jaylah from Star Trek Beyond being her usual awesome self:

Star Trek Beyond:

Oh, speaking of Jaylah, my little Jaylah finally has a buddy:


I got a little Funko Pop! bobblehead of Spider-Gwen! I finished one of my Spider-Gwen graphic novels that one of my best friends gave me and I loved it! How can I not love a spunky superhero who is a drummer in all-ladies rock and roll band when she’s not webbing around?!

My list of badass ladies to admire just keeps growing..but let’s go back to my number one: my Ahsoka Tano!! Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels came out on DVD and Blu-Ray last week so, that’s basically what I’ve been doing…sorry, productivity! I’m not done yet, because I’m savoring every episode and Rebels Recon, and perhaps watching some scenes over and over again, like Ahsoka’s battle scene with the Seventh Sister (voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar aka BUFFY aka Freddie Prinze Jr.’s Wife!) in the “Future of the Force” episode. Ahsoka is just phenomenal, so elegant and fierce in her combat. Also, I tweeted about my wonderful purchase and I how spent the rest of that day and Freddie Prinze Jr. AND Ashley Eckstein herself liked my tweet!! It’s the little things that make my day.


Speaking of my idol Ahsoka, look what I have on my car now that I bought from AStickyObsession:


Is it weird I feel like she’s my little Jedi guardian? But really, this decal is amazing and I’ve never seen anything like it until I found this Etsy shop. There’s also a grown-up, Rebels version of Ahsoka that is amazing, but I chose this one because I’m more attached to her Clone Wars look. Speaking of Rebels, there’s an amazing one of Hera as well, but I don’t consider myself enough of a Hera fan to get it, but it’s pretty cool. There’s also a little BB-8 one I have my eye on to order possibly sometime in the nearish future.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I lack both the inspiration and the time lately. Alas, I’ll be back shortly, possibly returning with some book reviews! I recently purchased a Black Widow novel called Forever Red, and the cashier at the book store was curious how it would compare to the comics. I only just got into Spider-Gwen but now I need some Black Widow comics as well to compare to this novel I’m excited to read!!

“And you sway in the moon the way you did when you were younger…stay with the music, let it play a little longer. You don’t need anybody, all you need is now,”

It’s August 10th, which to me and all of the other Duranies out there means that it’s Duran Duran Appreciation Day!! Those babes have been my #1 favorite band ever since I was 12, which I just talked about recently; my love of them sprouted from realizing how much I loved everything from the 1980’s (minus the politics) and delved deep into an obsession with the decade. But my love for Duran Duran isn’t just for their classic, iconic 80’s albums; they have had so many fantastic albums since then.

Just because I know you’re curious, I’ll take you back to the day  I fell in love with them:

It was a summer day, and I was at my grandparents’ house while my aunt Adelaida and my uncle John taught me a little bit about the massive benefit concert that was Live Aid. On July 13th, 1985, literally every good musician you can think of (pretty much everyone I love that was alive at the time) was either at JFK Stadium or Wembley Stadium that day, performing to benefit the starving and suffering people of Ethiopia. It was organized by Bob Geldof of the Boomtown Rats, an Irish punk rocker who is one of my personal heroes. Anyway, back to my #1 darlings; my family had some of the concert recorded on VHS tapes and I believe my uncle John was trying to show me Robert Plant on there. Somewhere in the fast-forwarding process, Duran Duran was introduced, and I thought to myself “oh, they did Rio and Hungry like the Wolf, I bet they play those songs!”. They didn’t play those songs. They didn’t play anything I knew but I fell in love with every song they did play…not to mention, they were such handsome, beautiful men (minus Andy Taylor…gross). I was hooked. I asked for their greatest hits compilation CD that summer for my birthday, entitled simply “Greatest”, and my Duran Duran-loving aunt Adelaida bought it for me. I become further obsessed and bought a DVD set of the same name that had most of their music videos on there. It was the beginning of a beautiful obsession that will never end for me.

Please look at this picture of Simon Le Bon at Live Aid and swoon with me:

29 years ago today...Live Aid, July 13, 1985. It was when I first saw this performance that I truly fell in love with Duran Duran. (Yeah, I know, I didn't see this when it happened; I first saw it about 9 years ago.) Although John Taylor is my dreamboat now, it was initially this black-haired, red-jacket-wearing, dancing Simon Le Bon that helped bring me to one of my greatest and long-lasting obsessions.:

Naturally I was in love with Simon the most when I first got into the band, but soon enough I moved on and found John Taylor to be my favorite. I still love Simon, but my goodness, just look at this sexy bass player:

John Taylor:

Oh John Taylor...:

John Taylor...you know you're my favorite of my favorites.:

Love John Taylor's red hair:

John Taylor I loved you so much!!:

Also, they’re just hot together:

John Taylor and Simon Le Bon:

Simon and John:

John Taylor and drummer Roger Taylor (no, none of the Taylors are related, so don’t embarrass me) are cute together as well:

John and Roger:

Roger Taylor and John Taylor...super cuties!!!:

But let’s not forget my adorable, make-up wearing little keyboardist, Nick Rhodes:

Duran Duran - Nick and John:

Okay, fine, here’s all of them together (including some with the guitarist, Andy Taylor, who I am bitter towards because he quit the band literally 2 days before I saw them in concert several years ago…and later he penned an autobiography and was all like “my guitar playing made the band”….yeah, okay.)

Duran Duran:

duran duran:

I've actually never seen this adorable photo:

The ever beautiful Duran Duran:

Duran Duran - I love John's shirt in this:

My number-one favorite band, Duran Duran!! Love this picture:


Okay, enough of their beauty for now…if you know their biggest hits, great. But, as a huge and adoring fan of this phenomenal band, I strongly encourage you to give some of their other stuff a chance.

Here are my top 5 songs you should know to truly appreciate Duran Duran on this wonderful Duran Duran Appreciation Day:

5. All You Need is Now, from the album titled the same. It’s from three albums ago, I believe.

4. The Man Who Stole a Leopard, also from All You Need is Now.

3. Ordinary World, from the Wedding album (which, like the White Album, is technically a self-titled album but is referred to as otherwise because of the cover). Come Undone is my other favorite from that album that you should check out as well.

2. Friends of Mine, from their self-titled debut album. Yes, finally taking it back; I had to show you that they were more just than an 80’s band first. But back to the 80’s. I’m so in love with this song. So strange and fun.

  1. The Chauffeur, from Rio. This is my all-time favorite Duran Duran song. Okay, first of all, I could have made an even longer lists of songs you need to know just by listing this entire album. Every song. Every song is fantastic and I love it so much. It’s my favorite album of theirs and definitely one of my top faves of all time. But don’t pay attention to the video; they’re not even in it. Just listen to this strange blend of sounds that gives me chills every time.


But Rio…seriously, it’s amazing. Also, when I was looking to buy my first car, I was with my parents walking around  a large auto mall when I saw a beautiful, tiny red car and thought it looked perfect, just what I needed. Then we got closer and I saw that it was called Rio…I knew then it was meant to be. Also, that happened two years just a few days before Duran Duran Appreciation Day, so clearly that sealed it.

Also, look at my main men just this past year with my favorite droids:


Duran Duran. Simon and John...love!!!:

Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day!! I actually have today off so you know I’ll be enjoying their music videos and concerts I have on DVD all day long!! My favorite is Sing Blue Silver, which documents their tour from 1984 (I think?). It’s my favorite and probably one of my last finds at Tower Records…ah, Tower Records. It was the perfect music store. May it rock in peace.



“She would never say where she came from, yesterday don’t matter if it’s gone,”

So, I broke my own rule…regarding Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, that is. I had previously established that I was only going to let myself buy Star Wars Pop! figures in an effort to control my spending and not go crazy…I would be surrounded by all of the Disney characters and other movie characters they have, such as Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Clueless, and TV show characters like Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural. Honestly, it’s probably a smaller list to figure out what characters they haven’t funkofied! Alas, I just couldn’t resist her…

FullSizeRender (22)

Yup, that’s Jaylah from Star Trek Beyond! I’ve talked briefly before about how much I love this new character and how badass and awesome she is. She was on sale on Hot Topic’s website and I needed other things (yes, Boba Fett car coasters and R2-D2 umbrellas are ESSENTIAL) and I had a code for free shipping so I YOLO’d that moment. Only problem is…do I keep her alone or put her with my Star Wars collection? Because, it wouldn’t be absolutely terrible to mix the franchises; it would be a peace offering of sorts, even. But also, I like her on my dresser and close to my bed, as if she’s my own personal little guardian. But I just feel bad making her look like a loner  when she has to look at these guys across the room:

FullSizeRender (21)

Perhaps I should just start a Star Trek collection to join my little Jaylah…actually, the thought of that is making my nerdy little heart smile. That would be pretty adorable…but at some point I would want them all together, because that would be even more adorable and piss off the haters that say you can only choose one!

Alas, I don’t know if I want to do that right now. I could at least get Jaylah another buddy; I really want the Beyond Uhura, she looks so fabulous, and of course Uhura is another strong female character that I adore:

But I’m most excited, naturally, for when this is finally in my possession:
Then my favorite alien lady role models can be together!!
OH, and speaking of nerd things, I saw Suicide Squad Thursday night!! It’s no Captain America: Civil War, but it’s still pretty good and enjoyable. And it has a phenomenal soundtrack, like all but maybe 3 songs were taken from my iPod! Definitely worth seeing if you’ve enjoyed anything Batman growing up or just superhero stories in general. I know, they’re not superheroes…they’re super villians!! But also that fresh take is exciting. My favorite villain story will also be Megamind, though. Also, I got this free poster at the theater I went to:

“I like the beats, and the shouting,”

So yes, Star Trek Beyond technically comes out today but I was lucky enough to see it Thursday night and I loved it!! I don’t want to say anything that might spoil the movie, so all I will say is that I love Jayla, played by Sofia Boutella, who was super cool in Kingsman as Gazelle, so I admittedly had high hopes when I discovered that she was in the new Star Trek and I was not disappointed. Yet another strong, woman idol to add to the list! Also, all I want is a cute top (perhaps a flowy tee? I just don’t like the fit of most standard t-shirts) with this image on it because it’s awesome:

Her character is a lone wolf of sorts, just like Rey! She is just awesome and by far my favorite part of the new movie. Oh, and speaking of my idols…

The Her Universe Fashion Show happened tonight at the San Diego Comic Con!! No, I wasn’t there…I never have been but someday I will!! I’m just beyond in awe of Ashley Eckstein’s beautiful Ahsoka-inspired braids and her Ahsoka dress made entirely out of Legos!! I took these from the Snapchat accounts of Hot Topic and Polyvore:


Ashley Eckstein becomes even more fabulous and inspiring every day. On Hot Topic’s Snapchat, she talked about how powerful women are “increasingly being celebrated, highlighted, and applauded”, so of course she had an Ahsoka outfit! But aside from my Ahsoka love, she’s absolutely right and it’s just amazing how strong women are becoming more prominent in our pop culture. Speaking of strong, powerful, awesome women, my two closest girlfriends gave me these graphic novels for my birthday, and I’m so excited to read them:


And they happen to be laying on top of a Star Wars comics-style blanket my boyfriend’s family made for me for my birthday! I’m especially stoked about my Spider-Gwen comics; I’ve been intrigued merely by images of her for a while now, so it will be fun to read her stories.