Mugshot Monday #7

Do not fret, fellow mug lovers! My love of mugs has not diminished…I just keep forgetting and only remembering when it is far too late.

Speaking of late, I present to you a mug that is somewhat relevant to Easter…though it may be ever so slightly belated.



Oswald the Lucky Rabbit poses next to the mug of himself. This is another Disney Store gem, although I received this as a gift from one my best friends to cheer me up while I was going through a rough time.

Who is this Disney bunny, you ask?! Why, he’s monumentally important to the legacy of Disney!! This little guy was Walt Disney’s first big creation…that’s right, even before Mickey Mouse. It was before Walt was on his own, and I believe it was Warner Brothers that he was making cartoons for at that time. When he requested more money for better supplies to make even better cartoons, he was denied. He then decided to start his own animation company, but he did not have the rights to take Oswald with him. Such a sad little story. Oswald was hilarious and adorable. He did things you would never see Mickey do, like lock lips with one of his girlfriends (Oswald played the field, also unlike Mickey) while falling from a very large height- their make out session just kept going as they were falling, it’s so funny and cute. I don’t think he ever spoke in any of Walt’s cartoons, but I could be wrong. Even without speaking, he had this delightful charisma every time. The company finally got the rights back to Oswald in the early 2000’s…better late than never! I have always been particular fond of animated rabbits, so it’s no wonder that when I discovered Oswald and watched his old cartoons that I instantly fell in love.

You also might know him from the video game Epic Mickey, which was made a few years after they got Oswald back, and they do a pretty amazing story with him and other old cartoons, setting them in this wasteland of forgotten cartoons. Mickey and Oswald are brothers, and that thought is so adorable. To be honest…I prefer Oswald to Mickey, just based on those early cartoons. He was goofier, and he’s a rabbit! What more could make him win so hard?! Also, you can totally see how Mickey reflects the design of Oswald. Since Walt couldn’t keep Oswald, he was devastated and you can tell he didn’t want to let go of that look, but also couldn’t get himself into any legal troubles so he made Mickey just barely different enough.

And I love my little Oswald plush! I love having pieces of Oswald memorabilia; I also have a Christmas ornament of him and a to-go coffee tumbler with him on there, and some sweatshorts from Target with his adorable little face on them. But I want more!! Actually right now there is a new Oswald mug at the Disney Store, kinda similar to this one in that it has little doodles of Oswald all over but it is white and bigger so therefore it’s different enough that I need it. I also dressed up as him for Halloween one time:

rita the lucky oswald

And Rajah? He just likes to chill on my bed. Perhaps he thinks that I look vaguely enough like Jasmine and finds that comforting.

“You’re stuck with me, Skyguy,”

It’s been such a busy week for me- work, filling out job applications (yes I’m currently employed, but they always say that’s when it’s best to look) , and fulfilling my duties as an American citizen and serving jury duty. It’s now been a full week since I went to C2E2, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. I only went one of the three days, and while it was fantastic, it wasn’t enough; I just want to go back for more!! I Cosplayed for the first time ever as my darling Ahsoka Tano, and it was wonderful. As I was getting my costume ready the night before, my mom looked at me strangely. “Who are you again?” she inquired, tired and confused. I pulled out my Disney Infinity figure of my hero so she could see what I was supposed to look like. I marveled at her beauty, asking my mother “see? Isn’t she pretty?”. She replied with more confusion in her exasperated “no”. Whatever, Ahsoka is beautiful!

the real ahsoka tano

I went with her classic second outfit from Clone Wars. I did not have lightsabers, but I painted my nails green as my own subtle nod to her lightsabers. One dude there asked me where my lightsabers were; I said that they had been stolen, which is a reference to the episode Ahsoka’s lightsaber was stolen to be sold on the black market! That was when she only carried around one lightsaber, but still. And instead of a little gold choker-ish necklace, I wore my R2-D2 necklace because Ahsoka loves her Artooie!

My best friend Hallie dressed as Sheeta from Castle in the Sky, and my friend Jeff was…well, he was just Jeff. And, I’m not going to lie, I really didn’t want to paint myself orange…I’m tan already, that’s close enough, right?! Look at how this Instagram filtered picture made me look more like my beloved Torgruta idol, though:

ahsoka and sheeta at the jukebox

And I was happy that so many people knew who I was; when I was walking up the steps at the convention shortly after arriving there, another Jedi nodded to me as we passed walking opposite directions and greeted me simply: “Padawan Tano”. That was the first time I was recognized, and I have to say it gave me quite a little thrill! And it kept happening; people would get my attention by calling me Ahsoka or Snips, and it made me so happy. Many people with fancy cameras asked to take my picture, which I have discovered to be a norm at these conventions. A few of men told me while taking my picture “my daughter loves Ahsoka, she’s her favorite” and I smiled and replied “she’s my favorite, too,”. One guy showed me the background on his phone was this lovely art of modern Rebels Ahsoka while telling me my costume was awesome.

But all these people calling me Snips and taking my picture wasn’t nearly the best part of being Ahsoka for a day; it was the little girls who came up to me. Okay, one wasn’t so little; the first was probably in her teens and she was so sweet, and she was the first who wanted a picture with me rather than just of me, which honestly made me feel even cooler. She whipped out a figure of Jar Jar to join us for the picture and thanked me so kindly and genuinely. Her mother explained how much her daughter loved Ahsoka as they were walking away, and a tween girl with their group (whom I presumed to be her sister but I just don’t know) looked at me with her hands on her cheeks, her mouth wide open. It was amazing to have that kind of reaction from people. And the little girls…oh my goodness. I had so many adorable, tiny little girls come up and take pictures with me. I wish I got my own pictures with all of the girls who wanted their picture taken of me, but I only got one. But, at least…she was honestly the most adorable one. All day, my friends and I excitedly pointed out Cosplayers of our favorite characters to each other. Jeff was telling me to look behind me, as we had done to each other a lot that day, and I turned around and the cutest little Rey is looking up at me with her sweet, big eyes. Her parents are with her, and her father is saying “go on, ask her if she’ll take a picture with you,”. The little Rey just kept looking at me, seeming too starstruck to even say hi. I wasn’t sure if she was just super shy like I was at her age, or truly in awe of seeing Ahsoka. I believe in my heart it was a combination of both. After a moment of her speechless little face, her father asked me if I would take a picture with her. I absolutely took a picture with little Rey, and when we were done her parents were telling her to thank me, but she was again speechless but so freaking sweet. Her parents thanked me for her, and they were about to leave when Jeff asked if we could get another picture for us as well. I asked little Rey if she wouldn’t mind taking another picture with me, and she again didn’t say anything but nodded and complied.  I thanked her for taking a picture with me and she just smiled. Guys, she was just the most adorable thing ever.I called her “Rey” and told her I loved her outfit. I know she would have said something if she could.

ahsoka and the cutest tiniest rey

My mom was so happy that I was a hit with the children, but criticized that I didn’t get crouch down like Disney Princesses do…but I did offer to do that when her dad was taking the first picture, but he didn’t anything and seemed to be satisfied with the shots he got. I’ll be prepared next time; I honestly did not expect the kind of reactions that I received from these adorable young girls who also idolize Ahsoka.

Needless to say, I want to be Ahsoka Tano every day. I seriously want to Cosplay as her for many more conventions! Maybe even delve into her Rebels look one day! Look at all of the glorious fun I had:


And I absolutely had to take a picture with the only other Ahsoka I saw that day…psh, what? It had absolutely nothing to do with proving to my mom that Ahsoka is cool amongst us Star Wars fanatics and that people there certainly knew who I was dressing up as…

And the “TRAITOR!” photobomb was pure magic; I honestly didn’t know that happened until I saw the picture!

ahsoka and giant bb8

I didn’t mean to make my little BB-8 Funko Pop! bobblehead at home jealous…it just kinda happened.

Aside from all of the Cosplay and sight-seeing fun, I also found some art! Are you even surprised? I’m just surprised I controlled myself and only bought two prints from one artist! Everything else was amazing as well, but so expensive, and I’m still trying to figure out how to lay out everything else I have!

I met this amazing artist, Naomi Romero, and immediately fell in love with her Star Wars and Marvel doggies. My own pictures of the prints keep having this awful glare so these are from her website:

Captain America golden retriever and Poe Dameron corgi!!


Adorable, beautiful perfection!!

I also got a metal bookmark for my sci-fi loving aunt Adelaida (the one who showed me the wonders of the Force) of the cast as the original Star Trek as…kitties!! That was by a different artist. I didn’t get a good picture of it but I promise you, it is amazing. I think the artist’s name is Jessica Parks? Don’t hold me to that, I’ll try and find out for sure.

It was such a lovely day overall! And I’m still in such bliss over the peoples’ reactions to my Ahsoka Cosplay. Is it because of me? Not quite, but I like to think I did pretty well, and that must be part of it, right?! But, most importantly, it’s about Ahsoka Tano and her influence on us fans. She is so important in our lives, she’s more than just some cartoon character on a tv show; to fans like me, and all of the little girls who wanted a picture with me, she is our hero. She’s strong, independent, but is still an emotional and vulnerable being. She’s compassionate, she’s funny, she’s kind- yet she’s the ultimate badass. She was the first female Jedi we got to see as a main character in Star Wars, and that’s huge. I believe she led the way for us to even have THE main character in a Star Wars movie be a woman! And she’s Anakin’s Padawan learner, to top it all off. She was the apprentice of the Chosen One, and he totally rubbed off on her in all of the best ways. I just want to stop and express my appreciation for Dave Filoni and Ashley Eckstein for creating this character and giving her life, respectively. I had no idea when I started watching the Clone Wars that Ahsoka would mean so much to me, and it’s awesome to see I’m not the only one in awe of her. That sweet little Rey I met was so happy to meet Ahsoka, and that was honestly one of the coolest moments of my life so far. After the family left, my friends and I just smiled so big. I was beaming, and Jeff said to me, still with a smile on his face, “you made that little girl’s day,”.



“We got no troubles, life is the bubbles under the sea!”

The other day as I was looking at the Disney Store’s website, as I like to do occasionally (okay, at least a few times a week; don’t want to miss anything), and one of the items featured in the “Our Picks For You” was this fancy Ariel painting:

Ariel, chilling with her buddies:

First of all, I need this. It’s so adorable and lovely. How can you pass up a rainbow shining on Ariel under the sea? You can’t. Also, this photo reminds me why I’m so drawn to Ariel and The Little Mermaid as a whole; her effortless charm and her mermaidness. Don’t get me wrong, I adore human Ariel, and I’m not saying I only like her because she’s a mermaid. It’s just another thing that makes her majestic and awesome.

So, people who like to hate on Disney are always like “UGH the princess romances set SUCH UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS OF LOVE”, or “UGH the princess set unrealistic body image and beauty expectations”. Sure, okay. It’s more upsetting to me that people don’t realize that ALL movie romances are unrealistic in that you don’t necessarily find Prince Charming, overcome some sort of obstacle, and marry him in just under 2 hours. They’re movies, people! Let entertainment be just that! And as far as unrealistic body image? Yeah, admittedly they’re always perfectly fit, but I don’t cry at night because I don’t have a perfectly slim cartoon figure like Jasmine or Ariel’s. I cry at night because I don’t look like Jennifer Lawrence or Daisy Ridley. Alas, that’s my own fault, for the most part.

Anyway, what I obsess over about these princesses is actually just their general fabulousness. And with Ariel specifically, I would look at her when I was a little girl and not think “I want to be skinny and walk around with just shells on my boobs and no pants on”, but rather “I want to be a mermaid”. So, Ariel didn’t give me unrealistic expectations leading to disappointment, but rather, a delight and a fantasy, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Guys, the mermaid life must be so amazing. Look at Ariel in that picture from the Disney Store; looks like she’s just taking a nap or at least simply chilling on a dolphin. And he’s fine with it! He probably adores the crap out of Ariel because all Disney princesses have a way with the animals. Damnit, Disney…why can’t I be a mermaid taking a nap on a dolphin as a rainbow shines on me under the sea?! Crap…I let it get to me. I have to take myself back to the harmless fantasy stage so I’m not sitting here absolutely miserable at the simple fact that I’m not a mermaid.

“I call it a bargain, the best I ever had”

GUYS! I have awesome news if you have been loving any of the art I’ve been talking about lately!!

If you go to my links to buy any of the art I’ve shared my admiration of here with you, you can get 15% off AND free worldwide shipping!! Only on the prints. Free shipping does not apply to the canvas and framed prints. Only vaild through March 18-20. Ends on the 20th at MIDNIGHT PT. So HURRY!!!

Need a refresher?


Squad Art Print


derby girls Art Print



SWR Ahsoka Tano Art Print



SWR Kanera kiss Art Print


SWR All I Need Art Print


SWR Kanera Valentine Art Print


SWR Touch Art Print


Cabin Party Art Print

And, the one that Daisy Ridley herself posted on her Instagram to celebrate John Boyega’s birthday, NUMBER NINE:

TFA FnnRey Art Print



Oh, and there’s another I shared that I bought for myself within the last month or so, NUMBER 10:

Queen Amidala Art Print

This Queen Amidala heart by Sam Skyler is my favorite of hers, but she has other cute ones you should check out as well:


R2D2 Star Wars Heart Art Print


Darth Vader Star Wars Heart Art Art Print


Darth Maul Star Wars Heart Art Print


Leia Star Wars Heart Art Art Print

Okay, this one isn’t Star Wars, but I just had to share it because I also adore Guardians of the Galaxy:


Gamora Heart Art Print


OH!! And another note, still art realated…I am going to the C2E2 comic convention in Chicago tomorrow and I am SO excited!!! One of the things I’m most looking forward to is discovering new artists!! And…possibly even meeting one I already admire?! I’ve discussed Karen Hallion before, but I don’t believe I’ve ever shown her artwork because I had a feeling that if you like Star Wars, Doctor Who, Disney, and other delightful nerd things, you’ve probably seen her artwork. She has a lovely trend of illustrating princesses being tempted to enter the Tardis. I’m not even a big Doctor Who fan and those still enchant me. But anyway, she will be there and MAYBE I CAN MEET HER?!?!

Here’s a few of my favorites of hers:

Leia and BB-8

New Toy Art Print

Fancy Leia

La Dauphine Aux Alderaan Art Print

Haunted Mansion Leia

Leia's Corruptible Mortal State Art Print

I swear she does pieces NOT revolving around Leia, those just happen to be my favorites! If you go to her profile, you’ll find Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, anime, Peach, and all that I mentioned earlier!!

Okay, that’s all I have for now, folks! Click my links, get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and use my code WILDTHING15 for 15% off any of the prints I’ve shared on here!! ONLY VALID THE 18th-20th!! GET GOING!!




“Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is”

Okay, so I’m not always miserable at my job. Today was one of those days! I’ve been scheduled to be a different position than I normally am due to lack of coverage and such, so instead of dealing with returns, I’ve been answering the store phone and closing out orders customers made online to pick up in the store. Today, I had a man come to pick up Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battlegrounds, which is an expansion game for Disney Infinity 3.0 (no disc, you just have a new thing to put on the base that takes you to a whole new world…without shelling out another $75+ on a whole new game). I think he had two young children with him, but one was just meandering about while the other stayed with him. I brought the Marvel Battlegrounds package with the (super sexy, for a figurine) unmasked Captain America and had it sitting at my desk while I was finishing the necessary steps on the tablet. While looking at this new marvel, the little girl gasped and exclaimed “GAMORA!!”. Of course the back of the package had Gamora delivering a high kick to Venom’s guts. I was so proud and happy: 1) This little girl knows who Gamora is and 2) she was SO adorably excited to see even just a picture of her and 3) she was then asking her dad if they could go home and play it immediately and then again, 4) if she knows who she is then she must be aware of Guardians of the Galaxy and idiolizes Gamora for being a tough, strong, fabulous-haired and kickass woman! Sure, Guardians isn’t the most kid-appropriate out of the Marvel films, but there’s also a tv show on Disney X D and, if she’s anything like me, she did see the movie and all of the adultness and mild swearing went completely over her head and she did not catch it.

FullSizeRender (9)

Also, just because I quoted the darling and sage Yoda for this post, I have to show you guys what I wore today for Saint Patrick’s Day!!


This was the conversation I had with my mom when I told her I ordered this (beautiful Her Universe) shirt to wear on Saint Patrick’s Day:

My mom (before seeing it): “Oh, is it a St. Patrick’s Day themed Star Wars shirt?”

Me, holding it up for all to see: “No, but it has Yoda on it, don’t you see?”

My mom: “…then why are you wearing it for St. Patrick’s Day?”

Me: “Because it has Yoda on it and Yoda himself is green!”

My mom: “…………”

*walks out of the room*

“You got a boyfriend? A cute boyfriend?”

I was not prepared for how adorable Finn is. Happy Birthday, John Boyega!!

In honor of John Boyega’s birthday, the beautiful Daisy Ridley shared artwork of Finn and Rey on her official Instagram. Do you know which artist she chose?! It just happens to be one that I follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Society6 and I blogged about her just this past week!


Look at her adorable portrait of Finn and Rey:

TFA FnnRey Art Print

I am so happy for Lorna-ka to have been recognized by Rey herself!! That’s fantastic! She must have been beaming all day! It’s also awesome to me that Daisy Ridley and I clearly have similar taste. But really; I feel cool for having known who this artist was before Daisy Ridley posted that today. Is that weird? I don’t care.




“Let’s dance while color lights up your face”

I really didn’t try to have a David Bowie theme today, it just happened!

Anyway, sometimes I forget that Society6 does indeed have a search engine and I can discover Star Wars and Disney fan art by so many more people! Still in an Ahsoka-loving mood, I simply typed in “Ahsoka” and found a few nice pieces, along with the Rebels work by Lorna-Ka.

I discovered this piece of Ahsoka and her master, Anakin by artist AndytheLemon…it’s so freaking delightful. I think this is an insta-buy, guys:

Cabin Party Art Print

HOW CUTE IS THAT?! And of course Anakin is just being slightly douchey by wearing sunglasses inside a nightclub but I love him anyway. Just master and apprentice killing it and enjoying life on the dance floor! So adorable.

“Rebel, rebel, how could they know? Hot tramp, I love you so”

Ahsoka Tano is one of absolute favorite Star Wars characters, as you probably know if you have read my blog before. In fact, this weekend I am going to Cosplay for the first time ever when I go to a convention, and naturally I have chosen Ahsoka Tano! Although I love how she looks now, I am doing her second outfit from the Clone Wars series because 1) it’s classic, 2) it’s my favorite of her outfits, aside from her ponchos 3) I could never go out in public wearing a tube top 4) her modern outfit would be too complicated for me to make. Someone with sewing skills could probably make it, but not me! And I haven’t seen any costumes online that I could just buy.

Perhaps some day when I’m older and wiser, (or simply in my late 20’s or early 30’s), I will rock the modern Rebels Ahsoka look.

Speaking of her modern look…recently I found yet another artist to admire! This time, though, it was on Twitter. A fellow Star Wars lover blogger I follow, GeekGirlDiva, has tweeted her artwork more than a few times so I finally took it upon myself to look at the rest of the artwork this artist has for sale, and I have a few favorites I’m contemplating buying from Society6, especially because they are doing 15% all prints, tapestries, and clocks WITH free shipping today!!!

Look at Lorna-Ka’s take on modern Ahsoka:

SWR Ahsoka Tano Art Print

Also in love? Click here!

And her Rebels inspired artwork doesn’t stop there…I’m particularly fond of her depictions of Kanera, aka the lovely couple of Kanan and Hera!

SWR Kanera kiss Art Print

Need it? Click here!

Perhaps you prefer a more subtle, sweet look at this badass Rebel couple:

SWR All I Need Art Print

Adorable, right?

Or too tame? Looking for something steamy?! Kids, cover your eyes:

SWR Kanera Valentine Art Print

Okay, let’s turn it back a few notches…sorta? I don’t know if my favorite tones it down with its’ sweet intimacy or matches that intimacy….

SWR Touch Art Print

Believe or not, she has more Kanera work on her Society6 profile, I just chose to highlight my favorites. The coolest thing about Society6 to me is that I can get these images as prints, or I can get them on clocks, tapestries, mugs, laptop cases, t-shirts, etc…whatever the artist chooses. I love this as a print, but I also think it would make a really cool clock. I could have both if I wanted to, that’s the best part!!




“Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?”

As you may know from previous posts, I have just a mild obsession with buying art. Not just any art, but art by people I find on Instagram, Etsy, and Society6. There’s just something about buying art that isn’t massively produced and sold at stores like Hobby Lobby that feels so cool and satisfying. Don’t get me wrong- I have this really awesome comic style, pop-out illustration of Captain America on my wall that my boyfriend got me from Hobby Lobby and I love it. And by pop-out, I mean his body protrudes above the background as well as a few little comic book covers. Captain America is actually currently the centerpiece right now for what I’m planning to do with other artwork I have purchased recently! But at the moment, he’s all alone on my wall…but eventually he will be surrounded by all of this amazing art, it will be so beautiful!

Initially, I was going to have only a few pieces surrounding my Steve Rogers; one was going to be Star Wars themed, and on the other side just something traditionally Disney (leaning towards Disney Princess) to complete the trifecta of brands that Disney now represents. Er, bought..whatever! It makes me happy, either way. But anyway…I can’t exactly hold down a theme anymore because I keep buying many Star Wars prints and just a few Disney prints. So, I thought that I would just find another Marvel thing to make it somewhat even…but I haven’t purchased it yet. It’s not my fault! The artist has not listed it for sale yet; I only saw a preview of it on her Instagram months ago and have been following her Etsy shop and it has not been on there yet but I know she’s doing it soon, she’s announced just as much. So when I get it, you will see the beautiful Gamora print I’m in need of.

But…because my taste in pop culture is so diversified, I don’t even know if I can keep my art collection strictly Disney. I already have an Elle Woods from Legally Blonde & Cher from Clueless piece by an artist named Ashley Taylor, which doesn’t fit in any theme at all other than the theme of “things/movies/icons Rita loves”. Alas, I’m considering adding other superheroes in the mix to compliment my Captain America. This artist I’ve been following on Instagram (her username is Punziella) just posted new artwork recently of her interpretation of teenage/young adult Powerpuff Girls!! But she has two different pieces…how do I decide which one?!

Look at how freaking cute these young women are!

Squad Art Print


Want it for yourself? You’re welcome!

I’m guessing they’re either seniors in high school or freshmen in college.

But then….I love this badass roller-derby look as well!!

derby girls Art Print

Blossom looks particularly exquisite in this one, and she’s always been my favorite.

But for realsies…which one do I choose?!

“I’m a space indvader, I’ll be a rock ‘n’ rollin’ bitch for you”

Oh, the spectacular, late David Bowie. He always knew what to say.

Anyway, I recently ordered a poncho online by a brand called Lyric Culture, which is an amazing clothing line that features classic rock and roll lyrics on t-shirts, and even clothing and accessories simply inspired by rock and roll. My dad and I once talked about how that should be a thing years ago, so I am glad it’s happened, but…there needs to be MORE! Their items are expensive and somewhat hard to find; this happened to still be on stock while on clearance on the Home Shopping Network’s website. My poncho is actually from their Janis Joplin inspired collection and is one of the few things that does not have lyrics on them, but rather, the back simply says “HIPPIE”, which is delightful enough for me. It was hard to get a good picture of myself in it so take a gander at the picture used on their website:

hippie poncho.jpg

It’s also insanely cozy. I feel like I’m wearing a blanket. Today I rocked it with a tie-dye Star Wars shirt, dark skinny jeans, gray boots, new Stormtrooper earrings one of my dearest friends recently gave to me and, of course, my R2-D2 necklace.

I call this look…the Space Hippie:


Here’s a better look at the tie-dye Star Wars: A New Hope top I got from the Star Wars collection by Rock & Republic at Kohls:

my tie die star wars shirt

Needless to say, combining rock and roll with Star Wars is something that just needs to happen more. Or rather, I am going to step up my fashion game and find more looks for this Space Hippie movement I am starting.

OH, and just in case you were wondering, my darling friend got me those earrings from a shop on Etsy called DuvDesigns. She also got me badass Princess Leia earrings, but I’ll definitely have to wear them on a day where I put my hair up because they just demand to be seen.