“We got no troubles, life is the bubbles under the sea!”

The other day as I was looking at the Disney Store’s website, as I like to do occasionally (okay, at least a few times a week; don’t want to miss anything), and one of the items featured in the “Our Picks For You” was this fancy Ariel painting:

Ariel, chilling with her buddies:

First of all, I need this. It’s so adorable and lovely. How can you pass up a rainbow shining on Ariel under the sea? You can’t. Also, this photo reminds me why I’m so drawn to Ariel and The Little Mermaid as a whole; her effortless charm and her mermaidness. Don’t get me wrong, I adore human Ariel, and I’m not saying I only like her because she’s a mermaid. It’s just another thing that makes her majestic and awesome.

So, people who like to hate on Disney are always like “UGH the princess romances set SUCH UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS OF LOVE”, or “UGH the princess set unrealistic body image and beauty expectations”. Sure, okay. It’s more upsetting to me that people don’t realize that ALL movie romances are unrealistic in that you don’t necessarily find Prince Charming, overcome some sort of obstacle, and marry him in just under 2 hours. They’re movies, people! Let entertainment be just that! And as far as unrealistic body image? Yeah, admittedly they’re always perfectly fit, but I don’t cry at night because I don’t have a perfectly slim cartoon figure like Jasmine or Ariel’s. I cry at night because I don’t look like Jennifer Lawrence or Daisy Ridley. Alas, that’s my own fault, for the most part.

Anyway, what I obsess over about these princesses is actually just their general fabulousness. And with Ariel specifically, I would look at her when I was a little girl and not think “I want to be skinny and walk around with just shells on my boobs and no pants on”, but rather “I want to be a mermaid”. So, Ariel didn’t give me unrealistic expectations leading to disappointment, but rather, a delight and a fantasy, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Guys, the mermaid life must be so amazing. Look at Ariel in that picture from the Disney Store; looks like she’s just taking a nap or at least simply chilling on a dolphin. And he’s fine with it! He probably adores the crap out of Ariel because all Disney princesses have a way with the animals. Damnit, Disney…why can’t I be a mermaid taking a nap on a dolphin as a rainbow shines on me under the sea?! Crap…I let it get to me. I have to take myself back to the harmless fantasy stage so I’m not sitting here absolutely miserable at the simple fact that I’m not a mermaid.

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