Mugshot Monday #7

Do not fret, fellow mug lovers! My love of mugs has not diminished…I just keep forgetting and only remembering when it is far too late.

Speaking of late, I present to you a mug that is somewhat relevant to Easter…though it may be ever so slightly belated.



Oswald the Lucky Rabbit poses next to the mug of himself. This is another Disney Store gem, although I received this as a gift from one my best friends to cheer me up while I was going through a rough time.

Who is this Disney bunny, you ask?! Why, he’s monumentally important to the legacy of Disney!! This little guy was Walt Disney’s first big creation…that’s right, even before Mickey Mouse. It was before Walt was on his own, and I believe it was Warner Brothers that he was making cartoons for at that time. When he requested more money for better supplies to make even better cartoons, he was denied. He then decided to start his own animation company, but he did not have the rights to take Oswald with him. Such a sad little story. Oswald was hilarious and adorable. He did things you would never see Mickey do, like lock lips with one of his girlfriends (Oswald played the field, also unlike Mickey) while falling from a very large height- their make out session just kept going as they were falling, it’s so funny and cute. I don’t think he ever spoke in any of Walt’s cartoons, but I could be wrong. Even without speaking, he had this delightful charisma every time. The company finally got the rights back to Oswald in the early 2000’s…better late than never! I have always been particular fond of animated rabbits, so it’s no wonder that when I discovered Oswald and watched his old cartoons that I instantly fell in love.

You also might know him from the video game Epic Mickey, which was made a few years after they got Oswald back, and they do a pretty amazing story with him and other old cartoons, setting them in this wasteland of forgotten cartoons. Mickey and Oswald are brothers, and that thought is so adorable. To be honest…I prefer Oswald to Mickey, just based on those early cartoons. He was goofier, and he’s a rabbit! What more could make him win so hard?! Also, you can totally see how Mickey reflects the design of Oswald. Since Walt couldn’t keep Oswald, he was devastated and you can tell he didn’t want to let go of that look, but also couldn’t get himself into any legal troubles so he made Mickey just barely different enough.

And I love my little Oswald plush! I love having pieces of Oswald memorabilia; I also have a Christmas ornament of him and a to-go coffee tumbler with him on there, and some sweatshorts from Target with his adorable little face on them. But I want more!! Actually right now there is a new Oswald mug at the Disney Store, kinda similar to this one in that it has little doodles of Oswald all over but it is white and bigger so therefore it’s different enough that I need it. I also dressed up as him for Halloween one time:

rita the lucky oswald

And Rajah? He just likes to chill on my bed. Perhaps he thinks that I look vaguely enough like Jasmine and finds that comforting.

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