“Although your mind’s okay, try thinking more if just for your own sake”

While I do admit I am not an expert on modern music,  the good stuff finds that’s hiding out there finds me and I cherish it. Unfortunately, I hear more of the crappy stuff; at work, we have a mandated radio station that plays the same horrible crap over and over again. Occasionally there’s some good songs in there, but there are too many I can’t stand mixed in there to feel any kind of relief anyway. So, I consider myself more aware of modern music that I don’t like; I won’t always be able to tell you the artist, but I will always know whether I like it or whether it proves the decline in music quality that’s been happening the past few decades.

Disclaimer: I don’t like rap at all. Maybe a few songs here and there, but overall, I don’t care for it. If you like it, cool. The people I know who do like it are attracted to the rhythm and clever lyrics, and I can absolutely respect that. They guy I’m about to mention does not fall in that category.

I’m talking about you, Tyga.

Evidently, Sir Paul McCartney, beautiful Beatles legend (in case you didn’t know), was attempting to attend a post-Grammy’s party the other night and was denied access. To where? To Tyga’s party. Yes; you’re certainly not alone if this all makes you cringe.

First of all…Tyga, you clearly have no respect for actual talent. It must be hard for modern folk like yourself to understand that once there was a time when artists wrote their own music, sang their own poetry, and even, oh my God- played their own instruments. I know, this must be hard to fathom, for someone who does songs titled such vulgar and tasteless things like “bouncin’ on my dick” and then just plain stupid songs like “rack city”. Sadly, I know that one because occasionally my boyfriend blasts it in the car when he drives. To deliberately anger me? Who knows. (Probably.)

Yes, make no mistakes, the Beatles weren’t all innocent either. But they just did it better. Paul sang on the White Album about…doing things in the road. But its’ subtlety alone makes it waaaaaay more sophisticated; “no one will be watching us, why don’t we do it in the road”.

But, truthfully…I’m more offended by the fact that Sir Paul McCartney would even want to go to Tyga’s party…


Unless, he thought he was going to Tigger’s party.


IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!! I wouldn’t want to miss out on this guy’s party, either, Sir Paul!!

Also, it was literally JUST brought to my attention that people are claiming it was not Tyga’s fault, but rather that of…his bouncer? Still a poor excuse. Hire cooler, properly cultured people to handle your stuff, man.



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