Mugshot Monday #5

I would prefer to post these early in the morning as I’m actually drinking it, but I never give myself enough time in the morning to do so. It’s almost Tuesday, but I promise you, I drank this coconut mocha at home this morning.

So, here is yet another mug from the Disney Store:


Nothing like Darth Maul’s evil little badass face to wake you up in the morning!!

But seriously…this one of the coolest mugs I’ve ever seen. Darth Maul is my favorite Star Wars villain…yes, I know, he doesn’t do much in Phantom Menace, but that is due to lack of screen time, not lack of awesomeness. If you’ve read my other posts, you know I’m a big fan of the Clone Wars series, and he is still alive in that…just barely. The half of the Sith Lord that’s left is kinda crazy…but that’s what makes it so entertaining. AND he is set to be in this season of Rebels, even though all we have seen so far was his face and a hood in a mid-season trailer for the show, but I’m so excited for that. We didn’t really know what was going to happen to him in Clone Wars; last we saw him, Darth Sidious/Chancellor Palpatine heard that he was still alive and was like “OH HELL NO, I ALREADY HAVE A NEW APPRENTICE” and went and captured him…then what? We don’t know, because they had to stop the show when Disney bought the rights/George Lucas got bored and sold this precious gem of a franchise. I’m looking forward to potentially finding out what may have happened to Darth Maul!! Even just knowing what he’s been up to all these years will be cool.

Back to the mug itself… I love that it is a hooded version; just makes it kinda spooky. Yes, I love his horns, but that actually seems like it would be a difficult mug to design. I know, you may be wondering why this light-side, rebellion-loving gal would love Darth Maul. Well, in big franchises like this, I feel like everybody has their favorites on both sides. Like in Harry Potter, I love Draco Malfoy. I know a lot of Star Wars fans that are all about Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and the Stormtroopers, and that’s fine. It’s whatever floats your boat! My boat is mostly light side, and then Darth Maul. Admittedly, his looks have a lot to do with this…I mean come on, his skin is made up of my favorite color combination: red and black! His eyes are scary, his horns are intimidating…his moves, he’s so swift. He rides this awesome space motorcycle-ish thing. HE HAS A DOUBLE-ENDED RED LIGHTSABER. Okay, I’ll admit that I struggle a bit sometimes with buying Star Wars things because red is actually my favorite color (Idk, can you tell by looking at this site? ;)), but I feel odd buying things like red lightsaber earrings or necklaces because I feel that because it represents evil in this universe (of Star Wars), then that’s what I’m choosing in real life. Obviously it’s not, and obviously that’s silly, but I am silly. I have these adorable blue lightsaber earrings that I purchased from Wizard World Comic Con last year…this year I want to get red lightsaber earrings just for other outfits. Not to be evil, but just to be cool and match other things in my closet.

Anyway, I love that I got this from the Disney Store, and since they’ve only had the rights to Star Wars for maybe a few years or so now, I’m excited for all of the Star Wars mugs I will be buying from there in the future!!

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