“They can’t order me to stop dreaming.”

That’s one of my favorite Cinderella quotes. It’s simple, but lovely.

Okay, this moment of Cinderella appreciation will continue in a different…fashion.


Check out my Cinderella sweater! Light blue, sparkly glass slipper; it’s perfect. It was a sweet surprise I received from my mom one day, for no reason other than she is awesome. I hate to mention that it’s by Lauren Conrad…stupid MTV reality star turned actually decent designer? It’s not my only piece by her from Kohls…I suppose I should respect her now. But those Laguna Beach/Hills ladies just rub me the wrong way. Perhaps they are not all attention-seeking, idiotic, superficial bimbos…clearly Lauren Conrad is kinda talented. I have a sweater from her Bambi collection as well.

You can’t see it very well in the picture, but I have paired this Cinderella sweater with my adorable and perfect R2-D2 necklace! It somewhat matches; it has a little topaz in it. That was the only justification I had for  keeping that necklace on; I was work all day in my uniform, and when I got home I accidentally napped and was almost late for trivia at the bar with my group of best friends so I had to change quickly.

But my odd pairing got me thinking…Cinderella and R2 would be wonderful friends. After all, R2 is already accustomed to being around princesses. Cinderella already has all sorts of friends in all shapes and sizes. Cinderella could never take Leia’s place, but they would be still be adorable buddies. I imagine a super talented and cool artist like Karen Hallion would make a lovely piece depicting this new fantasy friendship of mine. If you’ve never heard of her, you should check her out. She’s awesome. I think her most famous work has been combining Disney characters, usually princesses, with the world of Doctor Who; they’re typically being tempted to enter the Tardis. I’m not a huge Doctor Who fan but all the mash-ups are super cool. Of course, she also does Star Wars work; my favorite of her latest work is Princess Leia playing with a tiny Sphero BB-8. She has both an Etsy and a Society6 shop, but I wish she sold her stuff in stores as well. One of my best friends has a t-shirt with her Belle and the Tardis design, but I believe she ordered that online from TeeFury.

I would draw a bunch of cool pictures mashing up the world of Disney princesses and Star Wars myself, but I can’t draw. And unfortunately, it’s not likely that Karen Hallion will discover this, but a girl can hope, can’t she?! Until that day comes, I’m just going to have fun imagining these things in my head. RS14811 This is R2 in Star Wars Rebels. Clearly, he likes being animated.

cinderella looking all cute

“Why hello there, little guy! I see you like blue as well! Let’s be friends forever! You can come visit me in my castle anytime!”

Yup, the beginning of their friendship would probably go a little something like that.

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