Mugshot Monday #1

As you may know by now, I’m a woman of many obsessions. I decided that on various Mondays I am going to showcase part of one of my favorite collections: my mugs.

I love mugs. They combine two of my favorite things: coffee and pop culture. Sure, you can put anything in a mug, but coffee is its’ true soulmate.

Some people think that I have way too many mugs. Those people are wrong. However, until I move out into my own bachorlette pad, I can’t use all of my mugs; not all of them will fit in our kitchen cabinets. I have several in my room as décor, a sunglasses holder, and make-up storage for now. It is my way of hiding them so the two people who think I have too many mugs do not necessarily notice and therefore cannot stop me.

Today I present to you my latest mug! This one is just chilling as décor in my room for now not only because of Operation: Hide Half of My Mugs From My Parents, but also because on the box it said “hand wash only”…1) psh, who has time to hand wash their dishes?! 2) if I used it and left it out to hand wash, there’s a good chance two certain people will think I’m being lazy and just throw it in the dishwasher not realize I would have actually had reason not to put it with the rest of the used dishes.

Look at it!!!

FullSizeRender (1)

Yes, that is C3PO. The Funko Pop! Force Awakens version of him! Back in November, I subscribed to a box subscription called Smugglers’ Bounty. Every other month, you receive a delightful box of exclusive Star Wars Funko Pop! merchandise. The first box I got two of the figures, the second box I got one figure (a fuzzy Chewbacca) and this mug (along with a t-shirt and other goodies, but I just wanted to clarify that the box is not  only giving you the figures they are famous for). Each box has a different Star Wars theme; this box was a Force Awakens: The Resistance theme. I love Threepio with a red arm; “you may not recognize me because of my red arm”. I love the changes he’s went through during all of the films. I love this mug, it’s so adorable. Star Wars + Mugs = Happy Rita.

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