“Welcome to My Life, Tattoo,”

“We’ve a long time together, me and you,”.

Just kidding. I do not have any tattoos. But I do like them…however, pretty sure my family would disown me if I ever got one (or if they ever found out if I got one…hehe). I think my own semi-secret affinity for tattoos is precisely why I was drawn to my latest Etsy art purchase:


Tattoos and Star Wars…I’ve admired this piece for a while but waited until after actually seeing The Force Awakens to buy it. I think I saw it first on Instagram and from there found the artist’s Etsy. The adorable little tattoo-style BB-8 is by an artist named Michelle Coffee.

I think I got it last week, and it is shown here with other pieces I ordered from Etsy a while but I’m waiting until I have them arranged perfectly in my mind…I’m trying to do a Disney-Star-Wars-Marvel collection of things on my wall. I’m waiting for another Star Wars inspired print I ordered from http://www.spooksieboo.bigcartel.com  yet another awesome artist I found on Instagram but doesn’t have an Etsy shop that I know of. I don’t know how it started, but I just keep finding these amazing artists and buying their work. There are pieces not shown here that I don’t even have at least partially a plan for, not even 12% of a plan; I just keep helplessly collecting artwork. My dad and my brother are tremendously talented at drawing anything, mostly people…I did not inherit that skill, but I can still admire others who have such talents.

Look at my Ahsoka Tano ballerina…I’m so in love with that piece. That’s by Ashley Taylor, who I also found on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashley24taylor/ and this was accomplished by either creeping on various Disney or Star Wars pieces. She also did the one of Cher from Clueless and Elle from Legally Blonde. That one doesn’t fit in with my Disney-Star-Wars-Marvel theme, so I don’t even know where I’m going to put that one either! But isn’t it darling?! But anyway, I would love to fill my wall with all of Ashley Taylor’s Star Wars ballerinas but she does not sell them, I think because of some contractual issues (she is a freelance artist and does a lot of work for Disney Blogs). I only acquired the Ahsoka print as a freebie with my purchase of the “Legally Clueless” piece. I have accepted that Ahsoka might be my only Star Wars ballerina I’ll get from Taylor, but I do secretly hope she’ll do another similar promotion because the rest are absolutely exquisite!

And the fancy little Jasmine? https://www.etsy.com/shop/aasilee just another amazing artist  I found on Instagram and then have since purchased on Etsy! See, Jasmine fits in with my little plan. Problem is, I need more Disney to even out how many Star Wars art pieces I’ll have on my wall.. Actually, I do already plan to purchase from yet another Instagram-discovery-artist whose Etsy shop I adore: https://www.etsy.com/shop/18thcenturyshop . She has soooooo many Disney inspired pieces…there’s a Pocahontas one in particular I must have, but I’m waiting until I finalize my plans (it’s a bit bigger than the others so I’m still considering my entire layout) and my next paycheck.

And no, I do not personally know any of these artists. I’m just endorsing them because I love their work. #cantstopbuyingart

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