“Hey babe, your hair’s alright. Hey babe, let’s go out tonight”

Today is Ahsoka Day!! I’ve actually already written about how awesome Ahsoka Tano is on here before for no particular reason, but because today is her day, I will gladly do it again.

Ahsoka Tano means a lot to me, and my admiration and love for this character honestly took me by surprise. On this day in 2008, she made her debut in the Star Wars universe. While the Clone Wars series was actually on air, I was hesitant to watch it, worried any characters would disappoint me. I am so thankful for Hot Topic and Her Universe; without knowing about how awesome Ashley Eckstein is, I don’t know what else would have brought me to the show. Just in case you didn’t know, Ashley Eckstein is the voice of Ahsoka Tano, both as Anakin Skywalker’s teen padawan on Clone Wars back then and as the older, wiser, even more badass Torguta-Jedi on Rebels now. But she’s not just an amazing voice actress; she is an amazing fangirl herself who started a clothing line catering to all the wonderful nerdy women out there…like myself, of course. As I became this huge Ashley Eckstein fan, I felt bad and even less of a supporter of hers not knowing diddly squat about Ahsoka. I ended up looking up everything about her online, but I decided I still wanted to watch at least a bit of the series, to at least get a taste. I’m actually quite happy to say that I couldn’t stop and I fell in love with the Clone Wars series and Ahsoka Tano herself.

Why do I love Ahsoka? It’s hard to pick even just a few reasons, but I will try to start:

  • She’s a Torgruta; she’s naturally awesome-looking and quite beautiful. It’s always fun for me to look at the non-human characters in Star Wars
  • She’s a strong, independent Torgruta Jedi that don’t need no man…but seriously, she can kick anybody’s ass
  • She uses two lightsabers which used to annoy me but then I just decided I liked it. It is merely dependent on Jedi preference.
  • She’s feisty but is also still sweet and gentle
  • As Anakin’s padawan learner, she kinda takes after him. They had a beautiful older brother and little sister relationship
  • Sure, she started out with tube top, but she eventually graduated to her maroon-ish tunic with those funky sleeves and I think that suits her much better
  • Ashley Eckstein has a fantastic voice, from spunky teenager to sage Jedi woman, her voice is just always perfect for Ahsoka.
Here is my Ahsoka collection…it’s small, but it has only just begun:

FullSizeRender (2)

You may recognize the ballerina print by Ashley Taylor from one of my recent posts, as well as my little Disney Infinity Ahsoka. The shirt on the left isn’t official, but it’s still damn cute. It’s from LookHuman.com. The “AHSOKA LIVES” is of course from Her Universe, celebrating the fact that Ahsoka survived Order 66 and continues to fight on in Rebels. However, I ordered it too small so I can’t wear it until I do some things I found on Pinterest. And the card? That is autographed by Ashley Eckstein herself!! You know what’s even cooler? She also signs as Ahsoka Tano underneath her name. And the coolest thing about it? That was a Christmas present from two of my best friends; they love me and they are awesome.

FullSizeRender (4)

“People let me tell you about my beeest friend,”

PSSSSTTTT….the sweater I’m wearing has R2-D2 and is of course by Her Universe.

But anyway…HAPPY AHSOKA DAY!!!!

And…not exactly Ahsoka news but still Star Wars, today I received the print I ordered from http://www.spooksieboo.bigcartel.com/ and it’s perfection.


Yes, that’s our sweet Finn. FN-2187. It’s weird, because I have fainted at both the sight and just the mere thought of blood, but the blood on Finn’s stormtrooper helmet is just one of the coolest images in Star Wars history to me. And look at the little melted Darth Vader pin!! The lovely artist just threw that in there as an awesome freebie!!

Need a better look??

FullSizeRender (3)

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