Mugshot Monday #2

It’s that time of the week again!! Even though when I post on here in the evening it often pushes itself to the next day….but I assure you, it’s still Monday evening for me.

Earlier today before I went to work, I enjoyed a coconut mocha I made for myself at home in my mini Keurig. I chose one of my shorter, wider mugs so that it would cool faster so I could drink it all before work.

FullSizeRender (5)

101 Dalmatians is my number one favorite classic Disney movie, and of course Pongo is one of my favorite Disney characters ever. I love it all so much; the puppies, the Britishness, the Twilight Bark, the Labrador façade- it’s all brilliant. (What do I mean by favorite classic Disney movie, you ask?! I have other categories of favorite Disney movies, of course). This mug is almost as adorable as all of the 99 puppies are! As cute as this is, I definitely want more 101 Dalmatians mugs, in addition to my very own Dalmatian plantation. When I was little, I had a Dalmatians themed bedset, and so many toys and stuffed animals of the dogs because I was so obsessed. I still am; I still watch this movie regularly and laugh and enjoy it so much. This mug helps me bring my childhood obsession casually into my adulthood. Also, Disney Store mugs are actually my favorite mugs; they’re always fantastic, both beautifully designed and made well. I have a lot of Disney mugs, as you will eventually see in the upcoming Mondays, but I still want more. I seriously just want my own huge kitchen with entirely Disney things. I don’t care how silly that sounds; if it wasn’t acceptable for me to have fancy Disney silverware and plates and such, then why does it exist?! I rest my case.


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