Mugshot Monday #9

I received my Jabba’s Palace themed Smuggler’s Bounty last week, and it was quite delightful! My favorite goodie is definitely the adorable R2-D2 Vinyl Pop! figure that has his little tray of drinks he’s serving at Jabba’s Palace, because it’s only one of my favorite little moments in Return of the Jedi; C3PO happens to run into him and asks him what he’s doing and you hear R2 beep and then 3PO is all like “well I can see you’re serving drinks!”.I love it. I haven’t taken him out of the box yet. I will, though. They’re all too cute not to display together. I’m a bit disappointed that there wasn’t anything of my girl Oola, like a t-shirt of a Funko Pop! version of her or something…instead, we got a C3PO hat, which is not really my style. But hey, maybe they’ll do a Twi’leks appreciation box one day! Oh well. And yes, of course there was a Jabba piece…

IMG_0722FullSizeRender (19)

Yes, Jabba is a gross giant slug, but he’s kind of adorable in the Funko-fied mug. And doesn’t it look perfect with my tank of a hula Hutt-Slayer Leia by BeepBoopBeepClothing?!

And yes, it’s fair to say that I look like I’m on crack in that first picture, but…coffee, man. What can I say!

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