“I am no Jedi,”

I’ve written about this artist before, but I have to yet again because I’m so happy with my latest purchases featuring artwork by Lorna-ka.

First up is my beautiful Clone Wars era Ahsoka clock:

FullSizeRender (20)

I knew this piece would make the perfect clock. First of all, that’s my favorite Ahsoka outfit. Secondly, Lorna-ka has done her so exquisitely, while capturing her sass, confidence, and charm. It’s definitely the coolest clock I’ve ever had, and I just got rid of a much bigger, guitar-shaped, neon-lit clock that broke years ago. It was about time and I deserved this beautiful clock, damnit! It was my birthday present to myself 😉

Recently, I got a new phone. Nothing major, just upgraded from my iPhone 5S to a 6S because I didn’t feel like dealing with any serious changes. However, I decided I wanted a more unique case than I’ve ever had before. I got the idea to buy a sticker and put it underneath a clear case from one of my favorite artists I follow on Instagram, though I didn’t end up using one of her stickers. Instead, I turned yet again to Lorna-ka. I ordered this beautiful Ahsoka profile sticker from Redbubble, another site that sells everything from standard prints to apparel of artists’ work. I decided to put it on an Otterbox insert made to fit inside my Otterbox Symmetry Series clear-back case. I’m not completely in love with the insert but I trusted that more than making my own to put it in there…but perhaps in the future I’ll use that to trace my own out of funky craft paper from Michael’s or something. It didn’t even fully fill in but you can’t really tell unless you’re just starting at my phone case intensely. The results:


I don’t even care if it looks like I just put a sticker on a case (which is simplifying my efforts greatly), I’m just happy to represent my favorite cartoon idol done by one of my favorite artists and the sticker won’t just wear out because on the inside of my case!

P.S. Yes, that’s another BeepBoopBeepClothing tank I’m sporting in that picture above! My tanks by them have been one of my favorite summer go-to’s. And Rey is another one of my idols!!

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