“And if I Shiver Please Give Me A Blanket,”

“keep me warm, let me wear your coat.”

Or a super cute Christmas sweater.

Last year I ordered this adorable “ugly Christmas sweater” crewneck sweatshirt from TeeFury. I didn’t really wear it last year but this year I wore it when my best friends and I had our own little Christmas gathering this week. LOOK AT IT.


But also, just a week or so ago, I think it was posted on the official Facebook page for the Who or something…doesn’t matter how I found it, just matters that I knew I needed it and it was reasonably priced and free to ship! Look at my beautiful Who Christmas sweater!!


And you bet your cold butt I have been listening to Christmas from Tommy several times this month.

I also saw a Rolling Stones Christmas sweater on their official webstore that was awesome, but it was like $70…I don’t need it, but I would love to have it someday…

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