“Got To Be Good-Looking Cause He’s So Hard To See”

I must admit, most of the Christmas presents I received this year were Star Wars related, and I love the crap out of every single thing- to my Captain Phasma mug, new novels, original trilogy pajamas, a new Funko Pop! figure (sweet Finn), and an R2-D2 necklace my sweet man bought me from Kay-just to name a few…but I still enjoy other things! But honestly, if you’re trying to buy me a gift, you could never go wrong with something Star Wars…unless I already have it.

I still got some lovely rock and roll things, though, like Who and Beatles books! And money! Sure, not directly related, but the first I’ve spent of that Christmas money was on the Beatles +1 Blu-Ray. My goodness…if there is one thing I love more than listening to the Beatles, it’s certainly watching them. And I don’t care if that sounds even remotely creepy, because it simply isn’t. I love watchin them change over the years, their silly quirks, and their beautiful faces. If you know me well, you know that Ringo Starr has always been and always will be my number one favorite Beatle. I can’t get enough of him shaking his sweet head of 60’s hair when he’s drumming, his pure blue eyes, his smiling at his bandmates. Everyone else is pretty awesome, too, but naturally I enjoy Ringo the most. Definitely recommend for fellow Beatles fanatics…actually, even if you mildly like them, you should check it out; putting moving faces and hands to their beautiful music is sure to make you fall head over heels. Also, it gives you more of what I love about Pirate Radio or other 60’s themed things/things actually from the 60’s: you see that culture breathe and it’s fantastic.

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