“Let’s Hope It’s a Good One, Without Any Fear,”

“War is over, if you want it…”

Sure, it’s mostly a Christmas song, but it’s partly a New Year’s song as well!!

As the year comes to an end, I simply want to reminiscence about the highlights of 2015 for me.

In May, I saw the Who!!! For the first time!! For those who are unaware, I am majorly obsessed with the Who (especially Pete Townshend). I’ve enjoyed them all of my life, but it’s really only been the last few years that I’ve delved deeper and given them the appreciation they truly deserve. When they announced several months beforehand that they would be embarking on a two-part “final/farewell” tour to celebrate their 50th anniversary as a band, I knew I had to see them. I mean, I would have wanted to see them anyway just because I love them, but I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity just in case this farewell declaration turns out to be legitimate.  My heart squealed at every Pete Townshend windmill I witnessed, and Roger Daltrey is still just a majestic and solid rock presence. He still sounds fantastic. I sang right along with him for every song. I had this large Jerry Garcia-lookin’ dude in a button-down dress shirt all up in my business, though. Every time I danced, I nudged him a bit because his right foot was half-way in my spot. But he wasn’t moving, and I wasn’t about to stop dancing. To be fair, he was probably pushed by someone else in the row…but still. Oh well. I didn’t let him ruin my enjoyment. But…I need to see them again. It made me so blissful, they had a phenomenal playlist, and I think I even made my normally modern boyfriend appreciate what he probably considers “elder music” for once.

And this what I wore that night…Joey Ramone and I sorta matched.


Also STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS!! That also made me insanely joyful, and I’ve still only seen it once…guess I’ll have to wait until next year. But anyway, I’m so happy about it. We waited so long and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I love Rey. She is just the coolest woman ever.

Which brings me to one of my New Year’s resolutions; I need to start working out again. I haven’t done so regularly in over a year. I need to get back on that and also find a regime that will help be at least a quarter of as much as a badass Rey is. Daisy Ridley in real life is also an inspiration; she frequently posts her toughest work out moments on Instagram and it’s super intimidating, in a grand and motivating way. Not to put any pressure on myself, but…I CAN DO THIS, RIGHT?!


Only other highlight I want to add from pop culture this year will be…….

Best Album!!! I’ll admit, I really didn’t buy a lot of new CD’s this year…I mean I bought plenty of CD’s this past year but they weren’t all necessarily released just this year. That being said, one of the few truly new CD’s I did buy was Hollywood Vampires’ self-titled debut. Don’t know who they are? But you like Alice Cooper, other classic rock, Johnny Depp and even Christopher Lee?! Then you need this. I bought it on the Alice Cooper factor alone (LOVE HIM TO DEATH (get it?!?!)) and every single song on there is fantastic. Alice Cooper gathered up many other awesome rockers to pay tribute to his fallen friends; the rockers who died too soon. Like Keith Moon, legendary, crazy drummer and John Entwhistle, the also awesome bassist from the Who! They’re not the only ones, of course; this a massive homage to classic rock and roll. They pay tribute with both cover songs and even a few original songs that are absolutely amazing. My favorite new track? “My Dead Drunk Friends”; sounds grim, but it’s so rocking and catchy. I don’t even like drinking but it makes me want to chill at a bar, particularly “in a tavern full of ghosts,” (preferably with the ghosts of the likes of Jim Morrison and George Harrison; ow ow!!). My favorite cover? That’s a toughie…probably a tie between “Come and Get It”, which Paul McCartney actually sings and kills it (also I learned recently he actually wrote that song for Badfinger back in the day) and “Itchycoo Park”…but then again, “Jeepster” is pretty awesome too. Overall it is an excellent album, and if you like rock and roll, you need it.

I have ditched my boyfriend to bring this to you…I think it’s probably time I save him from this weird meat documentary….

Okay…that’s all I got, folks. See you next year!!

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