“And I don’t give a damn about my bad reputation,”

Speaking of badass women, look at my latest Etsy treasure:


Yup, it is the lovely and strong Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy! It’s by this darling artist named Gabby Zapata that I follow on Instagram. I’ve actually had my eye on this piece for a while; she posted a tease of it months ago because she was hinting towards a new series of “Super Cuties”, which is a collection of other ladies in the comic book world looking beautiful and adorable! I love it so much. My own picture isn’t that great, you have to see close ups on her Instagram and Etsy or in person to truly appreciate the lovely paint job. Also, I adore this little thank you note she added! It has a mermaid with pink hair and it sparkles!! I would frame that alone. I’m also particularly fond of mermaids.

She even drew me a new cute little lady on the back of this thank you note:


You can’t tell from my crappy phone picture, but the little lady face was drawn freshly on the back of that business card-postcard-like-thank-you-note.

My art collection continues to grow! Star Wars still dominates the theme of my collection, which I will show you sometime soon…or do I wait until everything is on my wall?! Hmmmmm!! Either way, I want to say I still want a few more Marvel and Disney things, but I honestly probably have more than I can fit. I’m going to have to revamp my entire room.

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