“I have no reason to be over-optimistic, but somehow when you smile, I can brave bad weather,”

Happy 71st Birthday to my favorite rock and roll (dream) boyfriend, Pete Townshend!!

Oh, darling Pete. A year and a week ago this time, I was in the same building as you, and you blew me away and made my heart swoon with your windmill guitar playing and your still angelic voice.

Maybe this will refresh your memory…

Okay, I wasn’t even that close, despite being on the main floor; I just zoomed in on my camera. Still, I had pretty good seats and it was an amazing concert!!

Anyway, I love Pete Townshend. He’s a phenomenal songwriter, guitarist, story-teller, and overall majestic and supremely talented. Oh, and I’m also in love with him. I’ve talked about this briefly before. But because it’s his birthday, I have to talk about him again! When I saw him last year, he was merely a week from turning 70 years old, but he was still doing his signature windmill and absolutely the perfect rockstar. Sure, he’s not jumping around anymore; those days are probably behind him. But he was still fantastic.

Let’s take a look back at my beautiful rock star, shall we?

Pete Townsend:

"She ripped her glittering gown...couldn't face another show, no. Her deodorant had let her down. She should have used Odorono.":

pete townshend -:


Awww, that adorable face:

So cute:

Pete Townshend:

"I have no reason to be over-optimistic, but somehow when you smile I can brave bad weather" :-*:

Idk why, but I really dig this white "boiler suit" (as he calls it in his autobiography)....:

I just love you.:

Pete Townshend:

Do modern rock stars even try this?!:

Have you had enough? I know I haven’t! Follow me on Pinterest; I have an entire board dedicated to him, simply titled “Pete Townshend Obsession”.

BUT WAIT! I’m not done…Pete Townshend is just so important to me. I read his autobiography, Who I Am, at the height of my depression, and I honestly believe he helped get me through it. I discovered the wonder that is Tommy and delved deeper into the Who from reading their lead guitarist’s/primary lyricist’s words. Did I pretend he was my boyfriend? Perhaps. I can’t help it, I love talented rock stars! But honestly; going into a world of music I previously had merely a Greatest Hits-basic understanding of did wonders to rejuvenate my soul and reminded me how to be happy. Okay, enough with the sappy stuff…Pete Townshend is just the greatest.

Because Pete Townshend is amazing...can you do that?? Hm???

Can you do that? Unless you’re Pete Townshend, the answer is no.

Why is this so sexy

Awwww yeah….

Pete Townshend

Oh, my darling Pete Townshend…please come back to Chicago so I can see you again!!

Alas, I end this celebratory post of one of my heroes (hero/boyfriend, same thing sometimes) by sharing one of my favorite songs of his, one of his biggest hits as a solo artist:




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