“All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray,”

Actually, not at all; it’s still summer here in the Midwest of America! Alas, I’m feeling very wintery today, cuddled up with a Star Wars blanket in my cold apartment, looking at Christmas ornaments. Normally I hate thinking of Christmas so ridiculously early because, having worked retail for the past six years, the holiday is just a little tainted for me. You know, with having to work on Thanksgiving night, working longer shifts for the extended store hours, dealing with the worst of the craziest shoppers for 3 months (after Christmas/January is the busiest time for returns), having the same, crappy Christmas music play over and over (aka, songs/versions of normally good Christmas songs that I don’t like)…it’s a nightmare. But hey, I still enjoying finding awesome gifts for my friends and family and spending time with all of them. Last December, when I started this blog, actually, I had wrote about my Star Wars Christmas Tree. It was majestic and I plan on doing it again. Now, I’m only thinking about it because on Pinterest, DisneyStore’s official account posts their latest items on the daily. Today, they posted this beauty that I NEED:

Rey, my lightsaber wielding, badass and overall incredible hero. After all, she would look perfect on the Star Wars Christmas Tree:

winter 2015 044


But, I still need an all-Disney Christmas tree as well, because DisneyStore.com also released these:

Yup, it’s Princess Elena of Avalor, Disney’s first Hispanic/Latina Princess! So far, the show is fun and darling. I love the theme song, I love her flying cheetah companions, and most importantly, I love Elena. As a Hispanic/Latina Disney lover, I’m so happy to feel finally represented by Disney with a perfect and lovely princess.

And here’s Cinderella, bright and early in the morning in her bed! I love this scene, her waking up and talking to all the animals about her dream. And she looks so incredibly darling.

And here’s my favorite princess, my Ariel, just looking so pretty and epic.

I love Belle. She’s a lovely bookworm, how can I not?! I also love this scene; these ornaments are literally capturing my favorite moments in these films, including Rey with the lightsaber.

And Spider-Man is just awesome and I love how he looks against the blue building.

Obviously I’m not going to buy them all just yet; they typically run good sales when you buy multiple when it gets closer to the holidays.

Damn you, DisneyStore.com, for making me look forward to Christmas in August!!



Mugshot Monday #10


Wait…what’s this?! An actual mugshot instead of a mug?! Madness!

This is probably the only time I will ever deviate from the usual showcase of lovely mugs. My boyfriend bought me this awesome t-shirt at the Wisconsin State Fair recently and I just hade to share. Ariel is my favorite princess so naturally he thought of me. He sent me a picture of it first to make sure I would want it, though, and I decided that I had to have it because 1) it made me laugh and 2) I like seeing Ariel all tatted up. I don’t care for the Jack Daniels t-shirt, but I love tattoos (even though I don’t have any). I’ve been telling my dad he should start drawing again and sell his work (because he has excellent skills that were not passed on to me but were indeed passed on to my older brother), but he hasn’t yet. I told him fun, pin-up style, tatted up Disney princess would probably sell well, but that’s also because I just wanted him to draw me Ariel with a big Rolling Stones logo on the side of her ribs, I think that would look so cool. Oh well. Perhaps he will draw it for me someday.

“I’ve had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you,”

I’m talking to you, Disney Infinity! And yet, you decide to break my heart and get yourself cancelled. It’s been almost two months since the news was revealed, but I think I’m ready to talk about it. I must lament about what will never be…

First of all, I planned on playing Disney Infinity for the rest of my life! Or rather, I just didn’t even consider that it could ever end. After all, video game franchises tend to just go on and on; like, what Call of Duty are we even on?! The 140th?! But really; it all looks the exact same every time!! And you can’t possibly say the same thing about Disney Infinity, Disney Infinity 2.0, and Disney Infinity 3.0. First, I had fun in the playset storylines; I think my favorite would actually be a tie between Monsters University and the Incredibles. Then, there was the first joys of the Toy Box; I was enjoying the crap out of having a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed sky and background, having that score play while I run around Cinderella’s castle as Elsa, Woody, Wreck-it Ralph, or Rapunzel! Then 2.0 came along, and I could do the same thing and MORE! I built my own Agrabah, had another random land with the Lion King opening theme playing as I ran around as Gamora, Captain America, Black Widow, Jasmine, Donald Duck, etc. But my favorite installation of Disney Infinity has to be 3.0 because, well, STAR WARS! Literally my greatest fantasies came true; I could be Ahsoka seeking wisdom from Grandmother Willow while the score from Alice in Wonderland plays in the background. Also, before 3.0 came out, I had really hoped that they would make a Mulan figure, and then they did, and she was so perfect. She’s in the outfit that she wears at the end movie, not trying to impress the matchmaker in elegant and fancy clothes, not in a soldier’s uniform, but simply as herself. And she has her fan AND is wearing the medal the Emperor gives her. How badass and perfect is that?! While I was ecstatic that they had brought that fantasy to life, I’m sad now that I’ll never get the Hercules I merely hoped for.

And no, there were never any hints that they would even do that, because Hercules lost the fan vote to the promised Peter Pan that is never to be delivered. I discovered this YouTube channel called Infiniteer Adventures that has uncovered Disney Infinity figures and playsets that are never to be released. It’s both a delight and a kick to the heart because it’s fun knowing and seeing what they had planned before the cancellation, but it’s also awful knowing what we, as Disney Infinity fans, will actually never have any of these beautiful figures and playsets.

One of the Star Wars additions to 3.0 was the main cast of Rebels! Oh wait. Not all of them…okay, literally all of the crew but Hera. I never understood that decision and I’m so upset that I won’t own this epic figure and get to put her near the Rebels I do have (Kanan, Ezra, and Sabine. No Zeb for me).


I further perused through this channel and found something I didn’t expect at all: evidently they were going to add Spider-Gwen as a Marvel addition!! Admittedly, I haven’t read any Spider-Gwen comics; I’ve just seen so many images of her and just bits of the comics online and have found her so intriguing. I want to get into those comics someday. AND LOOK HOW BADASS AND BEAUTIFUL SHE WAS GOING TO BE:


I’m so sad I won’t be able to play this figure. I would have put her next to my Spider-Man on my shelf.

I must admit, though; if Disney Infinity was truly going to continue for years to come, I would need to buy a new entertainment center (again) to accommodate all of my figures. Or I would just need a whole new bookcase that I could dedicate the figures to. I usually don’t show people my collection, but now seems like a good time:

FullSizeRender (18)


One thing I don’t think I’m going to miss about Disney Infinity? The constant belittling and ridicule I’ve endured over the years from all sorts of folk, just for playing a game I love. Perhaps it’s why I don’t really declare myself as a “gamer”, even though I love playing certain video games; I just don’t want to get into that whole mess. To so many pretentious jerks, I’m not a “real” gamer. Like, I have people ridicule my choice of console all of the time. But seriously…why does it matter to anyone else that I have a Wii U? It makes me happy, and it has no affect on other people at all. People tell me all the time I need to upgrade and get an adult console, but why? And if they’re not telling me to get a different console, they’re telling me that I have to switch to PC gaming. Sure, thanks for the recommendation, but seriously…what does it matter to them?! And it never feels like a friendly, heartfelt suggestion that is meant to better my life- it is always said in such a pretentious matter, like you’re so much better than me for playing video games the way you do, even more so for the playing the games that you do. I don’t criticize them for playing non-imaginative war games over and over…okay, at least not to their faces…but I can somewhat accept that that’s what you enjoy and leave you alone about it. I’ve had so many people tell me I’m playing a child’s game, and that just because it’s Disney it can’t be difficult, intense, or even just plain fun for someone my age. But for me, it is. I adore Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars, so it’s actually perfect. And I also enjoy just being a different character, and watching him or her run around with my intended actions. Like, I love Mario games because I love being Peach! And you can’t possibly put me down for enjoying Mario. It’s just essential and classic to anyone who enjoys video games even just mildly. I enjoy plunging into these fantasy worlds as characters I adore and even creating my own fantasy worlds. To me, running around and kicking butt as a character I love is more fun than looking down the barrel of a gun, only knowing that I’m a character in the game when I shoot and grunt. (Basically, I don’t get those shooter games. I like seeing my character.) But again, whatever; if that’s how you get your kicks, I won’t stop you. So don’t try to put me down for getting my kicks.

OH! And people think that these “Toys to Life” video games instantly just means you play with toys. I mean, as much as I miss those days, I just don’t do that. (Plus, all of the figures are actually figurines in the sense that they aren’t bendable and able to change poses like your typical “action figure”.) I will admit, though, that sometimes after I play a game for a bit and then put them back on my shelf, I do have a tendency to just gaze at all of my figures. They were made so exquisitely well and they’re just so lovely. Especially this one:

FullSizeRender (3)

Farewell, Disney Infinity! At least I’ve been going back and forth between 2.0 and 3.0 so I’m not done yet, anyway!

“I know you, I walked with you Once Upon a Dream,”

As I somewhat promised, here are my tales from visiting all four parks in Disney World!

So, if you’ve been to Disney World lately, you know about Magic Bands. If you haven’t, they’re these bands (shocking, I know) that get you into the parks with your ticket information and you can also use them throughout the parks to charge things to your room…and yes, it’s as easy, fun, and financially dangerous as it sounds! I bought some “band-its” from the Disney Store’s website to accessorize my band. My friend Hallie had ordered a vinyl decal from Etsy to decorate hers with, but it failed to arrive before we departed for the trip. I felt bad and decided to share one of my Dalmatians with her; I got Pongo because he is my favorite, so I gave her Perdita. I had Patch left from the set I bought and decided to basically force Emily to wear him on her band so we could be a beautiful Dalmatian family together. Sadly, just after Day 1, they both lost theirs. I lost my Pongo briefly 4 times, because sadly it was quite easy, so on all of the rides I constantly was grabbing and checking my wrist to make sure Pongo didn’t fall off. They need to make those more secure! Next time, I’m going to do what Hallie did and order some vinyl decals off of Etsy….but like, several months in advance. I think she ordered hers about a month before the trip but still.

last update of this iPhone probably 188

When you can’t get into Cinderella’s Castle for a fancy dinner, you at least have to get a classic picture in front of it. And when you’re walking by and see Stitch chilling right before you Main Street, you can’t help but jump in line before it gets super long. We were so excited when we discovered that they had added Rapunzel’s tower, but didn’t get any decent pictures…and that area turned out to be a restroom. We didn’t care, we still came back at night and watched the floating lanterns gleam! And then I completely freaked out when I saw Prince Eric’s (my favorite prince!!) Castle and realized it was the new Little Mermaid Ride, which was just so beautiful and majestic, and the most impressive animatronics I have seen on a ride to date. I already talked about the magical meeting with Ariel in my previous post…and you’ll be able to see below, I’m not the only one helplessly enraptured.


When you get over not being able to dine in Cinderella’s Castle, you decide you want to try the Be Our Guest restaurant because you and your friends love Beauty and the Beast. You walk by, and the Beast’s castle is very subtle but beautiful and prominent in the distance, and the bridge to the restaurant is outlined with the gargoyles that decorate the castle prior to end of the curse. Ha, just kidding. You can’t get in there either. The whole week was booked. But it’s okay, we hung around Gaston’s Tavern, had some LaFou’s Brew, and even met Gaston himself! (And while we are all old enough to have some real beer, LaFou’s Brew is a delicious mix of frozen apple juice, something maybe mango, and marshmallow foam to create the hilarious farce).

last update of this iPhone probably 270last update of this iPhone probably 276


Evidently I didn’t save any of my pictures from Animal Kingdom…but I went there, I promise. Epcot was beautiful, as always. I already spoke about meeting Mexican Donald Duck, but enjoy the shot of all of us with him! Also, we found Alice dancing in the streets of their little England and decided to follow her. My hair was already severely ruined by then during that rainy, disgustingly hot day; as you can see, I gave up and put some of my hair back and then stuck a red bow in there to feel cute. But the picture above with me in the background as Alice admires Hallie’s pin lanyard is my favorite of the ones we took with her anyway. How do we have so many pictures of the characters interacting with us like that, you ask? Because Hallie’s older sister purchased a package called the Memory Maker, which saves all of the pictures you take at the park by a cast member as long as they scan your band! We almost forgot to do that when we were leaving Alice, and she adorably said “don’t forget your memories!”, which was both helpful and such an Alice thing to say.

In addition to taking many candid shots with the Memory Maker, sometimes they will add a little magic to your pictures for no other reason than because they can! One of them we expected, because the photographer had instructed Hallie to hold out her arm and me and Emily were to appear shocked. She didn’t tell us why at the time, but we knew it had to be something cool. When the pictures uploaded to the account, we discovered she had added Pascal from Tangled! And we just straight up had no idea that Tinkerbell had photobombed us all.

Oh, and Chef Mickey’s…this was a trip with my friend’s family, and Hallie’s sister has three young boys, so honestly that excursion was solely for them. It’s basically a super expensive breakfast where Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy all come to your table to take pictures with you. I recommend this experience to anyone with young children who tire easily and can’t handle waiting in lines to get pictures with the characters in the parks; it’s a good way to get some great character shots without waiting for at least a half hour (and most often that’s outside in the heat). And the food was delicious; Mickey Mouse waffles, chocolate chip pancakes, chocolate croissants- basically all of the wonderful breakfast things you could imagine are there. I basically only did it because everyone else was and I didn’t want to be alone. I would only do it again if I was with my own children in the WAY, WAYS AWAY future. Otherwise, it’s way too pricey of a venture.

Okay…I saved the best for last.

Guys, they have added so much Star Wars to Hollywood Studios, while so much was also covered up and clearly under construction so there will be even more!! I don’t think I want to go back until it’s all finished. They currently have shows with the major characters periodically throughout the day, including one that is simply called The First Order March, which is precisely what it sounds like. It’s so cool; Captain Phasma exerts her authority and they all march around on her command. One of the days we went there, I wore my BB-8 dress by Her Universe, of course. We went into a building that was partially a prop gallery, partially a theater, and also the place to meet and greet Kylo Ren and Chewbacca. We were there immediately after the opening of the park so the wait to meet Kylo was literally two minutes. But man…it was intense. One of the cast members who walked us in warned us not to “keep him waiting”. Then we walked into the room…he just stood there, staring at us. Emily made the hilarious mistake of thinking he extended an arm for her to loop in…and he took his arm away from hers and just stared at her. I’m pretty sure he was getting ready to Force-choke one of us…

Meeting Chewbacca was a much better experience. First of all, I received special, basically VIP treatment for the first time in my life. The young gentlemen cast member that was manning the line instantly struck up a conversation with us. He called me BB-8 and asked me to do my best impression. While I thought I did an amazing job, he thought I sounded more like Blue’s Clues. Hallie and Emily laughed. I then explained the specific scene I was going for and did it again, and they all agreed that one was better. He then told us to come back in a few minutes and he would do something for us. Still super early for park hours, we had a little fun in the other parts of the building with hardly any crowds around. I pretended to drink blue milk and almost traded goods with a Jawa:

So we came to our new buddy and he brought us to the front of the line to meet Chewbacca!! Such a magical moment. I think the wait time for everyone else was almost a half hour…I would have felt bad for the people in line if I didn’t feel so cool for being selected for such a neat privilege…even though I think he did it because he felt bad for saying my awesome BB-8 impression sounded like Blue’s Clues. And the second we walked in the room Emily already felt much better, and even explained to Chewbacca and the photographers what happened with Kylo Ren. The photographer rose his arms in the air and exclaimed “you tried to touch him?! Why would you try to touch Kylo Ren?!” while Chewie just shook his head at her.

last update of this iPhone probably 349last update of this iPhone probably 347

Oh, and Hallie and I did this (and by pure coincidence, it was on Natalie Portman’s birthday):

last update of this iPhone probably 227

I think I make a pretty cool Aayla Secura.


I almost forgot!

I think I mentioned my pin lanyard at least briefly in the previous post, so naturally I have to show you how it ended up after a few purchases and trades:

FullSizeRender (16)FullSizeRender (17)IMG_4542

Dodger (from Oliver and Company) and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit were trades, while I bought the Han and Leia set for myself despite its’ clear Valentine’s Day packaging. I mean, I’ve bought myself chocolate on Valentine’s Day before..same thing, right? And Spider Girl came from a mystery pack with a handful of different Marvel pins; we all agreed to buy the pack and split the cost because Emily was desperate for the little Captain America she saw on the packaging. Because she wanted him so badly, we decided that she would get him if he was in our pack, which he was! For the rest, we had planned to fight over who got which pin. Hallie kept Hulk for herself and used She-Hulk and Venom to trade pins for her niece who couldn’t make the trip due to illness. I had contemplated trying to trade my Spider Girl but in the end, she was just too damn cute to give up…for now.

This is the end of my Disney World tales…until next time!

“A dream is a wish your heart makes,”

As you may recall (that is if you even somewhat read this blog “regularly”), I went to Disney World just a few weeks ago. While I intend on sharing a full report of all of the wonderful things I did there, all I wanted to remind of you in this moment is that I am obsessed with Disney.

Here I am, absolutely beaming while meeting my favorite Princess, Ariel:

last update of this iPhone probably 215last update of this iPhone probably 220last update of this iPhone probably 223last update of this iPhone probably 216

She asked my friends and I about our “thingamabobs”, aka our pin lanyards, and which pins were our favorites. I naturally pointed out my Ariel pins to her and she freaking loved it. Her photographers implied that I was pandering but I told her that she was genuinely my favorite, in which she laughed and recalled a tale about other little fish she met whose mothers would for some reason force them into saying Ariel was their favorite when really she wasn’t. My love is pure! She even offered to take some solo shots with me because she is my favorite. My goodness, Disney World is so damn magical, despite the 102% humidty that ruined my hair every single day I was there.

Here I am meeting Donald in Epcot’s Mexico, where he is dressed to match his location:

last update of this iPhone probably 242last update of this iPhone probably 240

And it was on his birthday, to boot! I was especially ecstatic to meet Mexican Donald because half of my heritage is Mexican, and Donald’s involvement in The Three Caballeros is one of the few things Disney has done involving my heritage. I also sort of count The Emperor’s New Groove, because Kuzco is Aztec and so is my family, technically (my uncle David had this DNA test done to see his precise lineage and Aztec was part of that).

But in just a month, I’ll get what I’ve been waiting several years for: a Hispanic/Latino Disney Princess! Even though she is debuting in a TV show on the Disney Channel rather than a feature film, I’ll take what I can get.


And she is wearing red, which is my favorite color!! While I was excited anyway, I got even more excited when I watched Disney’s latest trailer, because it shows that she’s super badass and knows how to use a sword and has this flying cheetah companion…just look for yourself. She’s so damn cool. Dare I say it, she’s what I’ve been waiting for.


I haven’t watched a Disney Channel show in years…not counting Star Wars Rebels; that’s Disney X D. Okay, well I watched just a little bit of The Lion Guard and was massively disappointed. I’m so excited for this show, though. I’m so excited to feel represented as a Latina. I still want a movie princess, but hey, it’s pretty cool that they’re doing a show, so we can see multiple adventures!

While we only have a month until we can watch this show, we have at least a few years before Disney Pixar’s Coco is released in theaters.

Coco is Disney’s Pixar’s Day of the Dead/Dia de Los Muertos story. Yeah, I know, the non-Disney Book of Life already did the animated-Day of the Dead-story thing. But they did it terribly, or at least I was massively disappointed in the story and the way it was done. I don’t even care that Disney Pixar isn’t the first to do an animated Day of the Dead story. I just want them to do a much better job. I have faith that they will. I could go on about what’s wrong with Book of Life but I’m tired. If you really want me, to, though, mention so in the comments, and I’ll do that soon!


“We could be heroes…”

I’m still not totally over the Rebels Season 2 finale…what happened to my Ahsoka?! I personally subscribe to this little theory that Ashley Eckstein herself even considers. It’s the only one that brings me peace. Honestly, before this past season started, I had a reasonable fear that Ahsoka was going to die; after all, that’s the only way to justify her character not being in the movies (aside from our society’s tragic lack of time travel technology). But I was sincerely hoping she would last longer than she did; couldn’t they have waited until the series was nearing its’ end?! No, because I know that it’s supposed to focus on our main group of rebels: Ezra, Kanan, Hera, Sabine, and Zeb. And yeah, that’s pretty fair, I guess. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants an Ahsoka show! But anyway, the day after the finale, Ashley Eckstein’s beautiful nerdy girl clothing brand Her Universe released a beautiful shirt designed by the creator of Ahsoka himself: Dave Filoni.

ahsokas journey tee.png

Naturally, this sold out the same day it was released. I foolishly waited until the evening to place my order and missed out on the first batch, but luckily I wasn’t the only one; there was a huge demand for the shirt so a few days later, you were able to pre-order it for the next batch. Now I have it, and it’s no longer on the Her Universe website. I love it so much. Super cute, even though it’s actually a unisex fit (everybody loves Ahsoka), and so soft.

FullSizeRender (12)

Ignore my stupid face and admire my beautiful shirt!!

OH! Speaking of Ahsoka…on Twitter I follow just a few other major Ahsoka fans, and one of them tweeted about how Dave Filoni had an idea for these “Ahsoka Loyalist” clone troopers that would have existed had the series not been cancelled. I need this mere concept drawing on a t-shirt ASAP. LOOK AT IT:

Ahsoka Loyalist Troopers

I’m in love. It’s perfect. I researched it myself to verify its’ authenticity and discovered this awesome, super detailed summary about the Untold Clone Wars Panel that Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo spoke at during last year’s Star Wars Celebration. I also then looked it up on YouTube and was watching it for a while, but I had to stop because they were talking about Asaaj Ventress’ last episode concept, which happens to be the inspiration for a book I’m reading right now that my boyfriend bought for me called The Dark Disciple. He saw that it said “based on unproduced epsiodes of the Clone Wars” on the bottom and immediately thought of me. And it’s awesome, I love it so far. I had to stop the video, just in case they went on to explain the whole story (the unfished clip they showed already was precisely like one of the events early on in the book). That, and it was time for bed. And it’s actually that time again…

But…one last thought: I’ve loved Star Wars my entire life, but was never particularly fond of stormtroopers. For me, Attack of the Clones and the Clone Wars series make the Clone Troopers significantly more interesting, and even cooler looking. And in The Force Awakens, I love the design of the First Order troopers better than the original stormtroopers. And then there’s that moment with FN-2187. The first moment we see the humanity of the stormtroopers in these films (again, clone troopers not included; they’re their own breed of troopers). The bloody hand that marks Finn’s epiphany is one of my favorite moments in Star Wars history, despite my personal history of fainting at both the sight of and the mere thought of blood. Evidently I can handle it if it’s a subtle, yet incredibly bold remnant of destruction in my favorite space fairy tale. I just want t-shirts galore of Finn’s bloody helmet and Ahsoka’s Loyalist troopers’ helmets…and only those helmets…I already have this beautiful splatter artwork of that iconic, bloodied helmet by the wonderful Spooksieboo:


Yup, still have to hang that…alas, I’m still working on the overall arrangement of my art collection. I can’t wait to show you whenever it’s all up on my walls!


Mugshot Monday #8

THE FORCE AWAKENS COMES OUT ON BLURAY AND DVD TOMORROW!!! I will finally be able to view it in my home, to hold it in my hands!!

Oh, speaking of The Force Awakens, take a look at my latest Disney Store snag:


My Itty Bitty Rey tried to gather warmth by standing by my BB-8 mug this morning.

This BB-8 sculptural just might be the coolest one I own now! And I didn’t even think I would ever have it. I first saw it back in November when a plethora of TFA merchandise was released at many retailers. It quickly sold out on the official Disney Store website, but I remember walking by it fin stores at least once. I don’t know, I just assumed that they would keep making this beautiful mug and I would have nothing to worry about! Of course, I was quite wrong; after those first few sightings online and in the store, I never saw it again…that is, until last weekend when my mom and I were at an outlet mall. She needed something from the Old Navy there, and I didn’t technically need anything from the Disney Store but since we were there, I just wanted to check it out. And I’m so glad I did; I found this little guy all alone, no other BB-8 mugs in sight, just some stormtrooper mugs, and instantly grabbed him. When I went to check out, the cashier informed me that she just brought that mug out of hiding the night before, saying it was time for a good home. As a fellow retail worker, I interpreted this to mean somebody returned this glorious mug (for some crazy, unknown reason) and they had just gotten the chance to put it back out on the floor. It was meant to be.

“These eyes…”

I still can’t stop thinking about the Star Wars Rebels season 2 finale, guys…while it was tragic, I can’t lie about being excited about the new journey Kanan is going to endure being a blind Jedi.

Then, I let the shallow part of myself react, and realized that we will no longer see Kanan’s sexy eyes…alas, the art of Lorna-Ka will help us all remember Kanan’s beautiful eyes:

SWR Kanan  Art Print

That smolder. I bet he’s not even trying.

“I won’t leave you…not this time,”

Oh. My. GOODNESS! Is anyone else still recovering from the Star Wars Rebels season 2 finale?! I know there has to be some of you out there; I noticed many tweets and comments on Instagram expressing the same feelings I was, freaking out about what happened to our dear Ahsoka Tano.


I thought I was being crazy, having been ridden with anxiety all night while I was at trivia with my friends, knowing that this intense episode was happening and I couldn’t see it. But then, looking at the reactions of other Ahsoka fans, I wasn’t alone.

Is she dead? She can’t be…we saw her still standing after her long awaited duel with her former master, Darth Vader. I’m watching that part again right now and I’m getting so emotional…it is absolutely this exchange that does it for me:

when Ahsoka broke through the helmet

Ahsoka hearing her master

When Darth Vader turned around with less than half of his face revealed, I got chills. And when Ahsoka looks at him in that moment, I almost cry. Okay, perhaps I did cry…

Part of me has been embarrassed, feeling like an emotional wreck while out with my friends when I didn’t even know what was happening on this animated television series. But again, I’ve learned I’m not the only one. Ahsoka means a lot to her fans. We adore her. We were scared about what was going to happen to her. I believe in my heart she made it out alive, but that ending was a bit ambiguous to say that she absolutely survived, and I think Dave Filoni left it that way so that the show could focus back on the original Rebels gang for a while. Which is quite understandable, but being the huge Ahsoka fan I am, I’m sad that she won’t be a part of the show for who knows (besides Filoni) how long.

I think I got even more emotional watching the episode because, prior to this season, I honestly did not consider that Ahsoka would have felt guilty leaving Anakin when she left the Jedi Order. Did she feel responsible for what became of him? Did she feel like if she stuck around, none of this would have happened? Yes, I absolutely think she felt that way. And while she is absolutely not to blame, I do think her leaving the Jedi Order was part of Anakin’s path to the Dark Side. I read this article once before I even watched Clone Wars and it talked about how the show pointed out the flaws in the Jedi Order, and that Barriss Offee wasn’t entirely wrong to say that the Jedi Order was corrupt (though she was entirely wrong to frame Ahsoka so carelessly, so viciously done with ease). When Ahsoka was walking away from the Jedi Temple, Anakin admitted he thought about leaving the Order as well. Ahsoka knew he understood how she felt, and even that shows their beautiful bond as Padawan and Master, even more so as Brother and Sister. And my tear ducts were once again activated when they were dueling, and Ahsoka tells Vader “I won’t leave you…not this time,”, confirming that she definitely felt guilty and was even trying to make things right. Unfortunately, at this point, we know that’s not possible. Even Dave Filoni has said in recent interviews that Vader is the most affected by the presence of Luke. And that’s fine! It just adds to the tragedy of what Anakin Skywalker became, and how heartbreaking it must be for Ahsoka to see her dearest friend become the biggest monster in the galaxy and want to help, but she may have come to the realization that she cannot fix him in the hardest way.

Aside from the heart-wrenching drama between former master and apprentice, that episode was crazy all around! Darth Maul, or rather, just Maul now, has returned!! And naturally, he’s causing our gang of Rebels lots of trouble! First, it both disturbed me and yet still amused me to see him imitate Yoda’s introduction from Empire Strikes Back, appearing as a helpless old man with a cane telling Ezra to put away his weapon, that he means no harm. LIES! It was also heartbreaking to see him blind Kanan, but then honestly, it was so cool to see Kanan fight back, using the Force more than ever before to help guide him. Also, small thing…but I kinda liked that Maul referred to Ahsoka as “Lady Tano”. Maul is still powerful, still evil, still badass and scary. I’m excited for more Maul in the next season!

And, let’s just take a look at this again….it is now up there with Finn’s bloody stormtrooper helmet in my all time favorite powerful Star Wars images/moments:

when Ahsoka broke through the helmet

Look at that and just try telling me it doesn’t give you the chills and make you want to cry.

But also, I have to show you this thing I found on Pinterest a while ago, hitting me right in the feels because of not only Ahsoka and Anakin, but also because it’s quoting one of my favorite Fall Out Boy songs:

fall out boy and star wars feels

And I don’t care what anyone else says, AHSOKA LIVES!!


Mugshot Monday #7

Do not fret, fellow mug lovers! My love of mugs has not diminished…I just keep forgetting and only remembering when it is far too late.

Speaking of late, I present to you a mug that is somewhat relevant to Easter…though it may be ever so slightly belated.



Oswald the Lucky Rabbit poses next to the mug of himself. This is another Disney Store gem, although I received this as a gift from one my best friends to cheer me up while I was going through a rough time.

Who is this Disney bunny, you ask?! Why, he’s monumentally important to the legacy of Disney!! This little guy was Walt Disney’s first big creation…that’s right, even before Mickey Mouse. It was before Walt was on his own, and I believe it was Warner Brothers that he was making cartoons for at that time. When he requested more money for better supplies to make even better cartoons, he was denied. He then decided to start his own animation company, but he did not have the rights to take Oswald with him. Such a sad little story. Oswald was hilarious and adorable. He did things you would never see Mickey do, like lock lips with one of his girlfriends (Oswald played the field, also unlike Mickey) while falling from a very large height- their make out session just kept going as they were falling, it’s so funny and cute. I don’t think he ever spoke in any of Walt’s cartoons, but I could be wrong. Even without speaking, he had this delightful charisma every time. The company finally got the rights back to Oswald in the early 2000’s…better late than never! I have always been particular fond of animated rabbits, so it’s no wonder that when I discovered Oswald and watched his old cartoons that I instantly fell in love.

You also might know him from the video game Epic Mickey, which was made a few years after they got Oswald back, and they do a pretty amazing story with him and other old cartoons, setting them in this wasteland of forgotten cartoons. Mickey and Oswald are brothers, and that thought is so adorable. To be honest…I prefer Oswald to Mickey, just based on those early cartoons. He was goofier, and he’s a rabbit! What more could make him win so hard?! Also, you can totally see how Mickey reflects the design of Oswald. Since Walt couldn’t keep Oswald, he was devastated and you can tell he didn’t want to let go of that look, but also couldn’t get himself into any legal troubles so he made Mickey just barely different enough.

And I love my little Oswald plush! I love having pieces of Oswald memorabilia; I also have a Christmas ornament of him and a to-go coffee tumbler with him on there, and some sweatshorts from Target with his adorable little face on them. But I want more!! Actually right now there is a new Oswald mug at the Disney Store, kinda similar to this one in that it has little doodles of Oswald all over but it is white and bigger so therefore it’s different enough that I need it. I also dressed up as him for Halloween one time:

rita the lucky oswald

And Rajah? He just likes to chill on my bed. Perhaps he thinks that I look vaguely enough like Jasmine and finds that comforting.