“I don’t like bullies. I don’t care where they come from.”

Happy Birthday, America!! I’ve had to work a bunch this past weekend but when I’ve been off I’ve been wearing such spirited things; last night I rocked a black tank top with the American flag Rolling Stones logo, and tonight I wore a lovely Captain America top by Her Universe from her special 75th Anniversary of Captain America collection for Kohl’s. I didn’t get any cute pictures with it on; my parents and I tried to take a festive family portrait but either I looked awful while my mom looked pretty, or vice versa, or we both looked cute but then my dad’s eyes were closed. Oh well. Instead, or at least for now, here is a picture of Ashley Eckstein herself wearing the shirt I’m wearing right this minute:

She is just too awesome and adorable to handle sometimes.

Speaking of Captain America…it’s also Steve Rogers’ birthday!!


Captain America is my favorite superhero, so I have to celebrate him! Sadly, I will be at work all day, but I’ve already started watching Captain America: The First Avenger tonight and I will definitely watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier tomorrow. I don’t believe I’ve discussed my love of Marvel movies enough, but I am so in love with these stories and the relationships between the characters of the Avengers movies. I appreciate the Thor and Iron Man movies, but the Captain America ones are my favorites. I’m not sure if Captain America: Civil War is still in theaters but I’m 100% down for going to see it a third time to further celebrate my superhero boyfriend’s birthday. It comes out on Blu-Ray and DVD in September and I’m so excited to have more of Cap and Bucky in my home. And Wanda. And Black Panther. And the new Spider-Man…I just love them.

Aside from winning my heart in terms of solo movies, Steve Rogers is such a beautiful and inspirational character in the other movies as well. After all, he was chosen for the Super Soldier serum because of his huge heart and selflessness. I was attracted to him pre-serum when he huddled himself over the grenade that he didn’t know was fake. And, tiny Steve Rogers is adorable anyway. Oh, how I wish I could be the one to give him his first dance.

I have to admit, though, that I also have a crush on his best friend, Bucky Barnes. Do you blame me, though?!

Steve and Bucky ❤️:


Okay….I’m getting quite distracted; this day is about Rogers!!

My love of Captain America was another love that was introduced to me by my dear friend Jeff, who also got me into Star Trek. I have the greatest friends ever, basically.

Oh, Steve Rogers, let’s just look at you for a bit:

Chris Evans || Captain America || Age of Ultron:

I can watch this for hours and boredom would never be a problem....

�Puedes leer esta publicaci�n sin tomarte un momento?

Steve Rogers (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) | 28 Fictional Men That Made The Thirst Real In 2014

Captain America:


But really, he’s a beauty inside and out, never forget that.

He’s also one of my favorites to play as in Disney Infinity; his shield makes this amazing, soaring swoosh noise when I throw it and he is just the best.


Also, when I went to C2E2 this past winter, I got this beautiful art from Naomi Romero:


Happy Fourth of July!! And, more importantly, Happy Birthday, Captain America!!



“I’ve had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you,”

I’m talking to you, Disney Infinity! And yet, you decide to break my heart and get yourself cancelled. It’s been almost two months since the news was revealed, but I think I’m ready to talk about it. I must lament about what will never be…

First of all, I planned on playing Disney Infinity for the rest of my life! Or rather, I just didn’t even consider that it could ever end. After all, video game franchises tend to just go on and on; like, what Call of Duty are we even on?! The 140th?! But really; it all looks the exact same every time!! And you can’t possibly say the same thing about Disney Infinity, Disney Infinity 2.0, and Disney Infinity 3.0. First, I had fun in the playset storylines; I think my favorite would actually be a tie between Monsters University and the Incredibles. Then, there was the first joys of the Toy Box; I was enjoying the crap out of having a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed sky and background, having that score play while I run around Cinderella’s castle as Elsa, Woody, Wreck-it Ralph, or Rapunzel! Then 2.0 came along, and I could do the same thing and MORE! I built my own Agrabah, had another random land with the Lion King opening theme playing as I ran around as Gamora, Captain America, Black Widow, Jasmine, Donald Duck, etc. But my favorite installation of Disney Infinity has to be 3.0 because, well, STAR WARS! Literally my greatest fantasies came true; I could be Ahsoka seeking wisdom from Grandmother Willow while the score from Alice in Wonderland plays in the background. Also, before 3.0 came out, I had really hoped that they would make a Mulan figure, and then they did, and she was so perfect. She’s in the outfit that she wears at the end movie, not trying to impress the matchmaker in elegant and fancy clothes, not in a soldier’s uniform, but simply as herself. And she has her fan AND is wearing the medal the Emperor gives her. How badass and perfect is that?! While I was ecstatic that they had brought that fantasy to life, I’m sad now that I’ll never get the Hercules I merely hoped for.

And no, there were never any hints that they would even do that, because Hercules lost the fan vote to the promised Peter Pan that is never to be delivered. I discovered this YouTube channel called Infiniteer Adventures that has uncovered Disney Infinity figures and playsets that are never to be released. It’s both a delight and a kick to the heart because it’s fun knowing and seeing what they had planned before the cancellation, but it’s also awful knowing what we, as Disney Infinity fans, will actually never have any of these beautiful figures and playsets.

One of the Star Wars additions to 3.0 was the main cast of Rebels! Oh wait. Not all of them…okay, literally all of the crew but Hera. I never understood that decision and I’m so upset that I won’t own this epic figure and get to put her near the Rebels I do have (Kanan, Ezra, and Sabine. No Zeb for me).


I further perused through this channel and found something I didn’t expect at all: evidently they were going to add Spider-Gwen as a Marvel addition!! Admittedly, I haven’t read any Spider-Gwen comics; I’ve just seen so many images of her and just bits of the comics online and have found her so intriguing. I want to get into those comics someday. AND LOOK HOW BADASS AND BEAUTIFUL SHE WAS GOING TO BE:


I’m so sad I won’t be able to play this figure. I would have put her next to my Spider-Man on my shelf.

I must admit, though; if Disney Infinity was truly going to continue for years to come, I would need to buy a new entertainment center (again) to accommodate all of my figures. Or I would just need a whole new bookcase that I could dedicate the figures to. I usually don’t show people my collection, but now seems like a good time:

FullSizeRender (18)


One thing I don’t think I’m going to miss about Disney Infinity? The constant belittling and ridicule I’ve endured over the years from all sorts of folk, just for playing a game I love. Perhaps it’s why I don’t really declare myself as a “gamer”, even though I love playing certain video games; I just don’t want to get into that whole mess. To so many pretentious jerks, I’m not a “real” gamer. Like, I have people ridicule my choice of console all of the time. But seriously…why does it matter to anyone else that I have a Wii U? It makes me happy, and it has no affect on other people at all. People tell me all the time I need to upgrade and get an adult console, but why? And if they’re not telling me to get a different console, they’re telling me that I have to switch to PC gaming. Sure, thanks for the recommendation, but seriously…what does it matter to them?! And it never feels like a friendly, heartfelt suggestion that is meant to better my life- it is always said in such a pretentious matter, like you’re so much better than me for playing video games the way you do, even more so for the playing the games that you do. I don’t criticize them for playing non-imaginative war games over and over…okay, at least not to their faces…but I can somewhat accept that that’s what you enjoy and leave you alone about it. I’ve had so many people tell me I’m playing a child’s game, and that just because it’s Disney it can’t be difficult, intense, or even just plain fun for someone my age. But for me, it is. I adore Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars, so it’s actually perfect. And I also enjoy just being a different character, and watching him or her run around with my intended actions. Like, I love Mario games because I love being Peach! And you can’t possibly put me down for enjoying Mario. It’s just essential and classic to anyone who enjoys video games even just mildly. I enjoy plunging into these fantasy worlds as characters I adore and even creating my own fantasy worlds. To me, running around and kicking butt as a character I love is more fun than looking down the barrel of a gun, only knowing that I’m a character in the game when I shoot and grunt. (Basically, I don’t get those shooter games. I like seeing my character.) But again, whatever; if that’s how you get your kicks, I won’t stop you. So don’t try to put me down for getting my kicks.

OH! And people think that these “Toys to Life” video games instantly just means you play with toys. I mean, as much as I miss those days, I just don’t do that. (Plus, all of the figures are actually figurines in the sense that they aren’t bendable and able to change poses like your typical “action figure”.) I will admit, though, that sometimes after I play a game for a bit and then put them back on my shelf, I do have a tendency to just gaze at all of my figures. They were made so exquisitely well and they’re just so lovely. Especially this one:

FullSizeRender (3)

Farewell, Disney Infinity! At least I’ve been going back and forth between 2.0 and 3.0 so I’m not done yet, anyway!

“I know you, I walked with you Once Upon a Dream,”

As I somewhat promised, here are my tales from visiting all four parks in Disney World!

So, if you’ve been to Disney World lately, you know about Magic Bands. If you haven’t, they’re these bands (shocking, I know) that get you into the parks with your ticket information and you can also use them throughout the parks to charge things to your room…and yes, it’s as easy, fun, and financially dangerous as it sounds! I bought some “band-its” from the Disney Store’s website to accessorize my band. My friend Hallie had ordered a vinyl decal from Etsy to decorate hers with, but it failed to arrive before we departed for the trip. I felt bad and decided to share one of my Dalmatians with her; I got Pongo because he is my favorite, so I gave her Perdita. I had Patch left from the set I bought and decided to basically force Emily to wear him on her band so we could be a beautiful Dalmatian family together. Sadly, just after Day 1, they both lost theirs. I lost my Pongo briefly 4 times, because sadly it was quite easy, so on all of the rides I constantly was grabbing and checking my wrist to make sure Pongo didn’t fall off. They need to make those more secure! Next time, I’m going to do what Hallie did and order some vinyl decals off of Etsy….but like, several months in advance. I think she ordered hers about a month before the trip but still.

last update of this iPhone probably 188

When you can’t get into Cinderella’s Castle for a fancy dinner, you at least have to get a classic picture in front of it. And when you’re walking by and see Stitch chilling right before you Main Street, you can’t help but jump in line before it gets super long. We were so excited when we discovered that they had added Rapunzel’s tower, but didn’t get any decent pictures…and that area turned out to be a restroom. We didn’t care, we still came back at night and watched the floating lanterns gleam! And then I completely freaked out when I saw Prince Eric’s (my favorite prince!!) Castle and realized it was the new Little Mermaid Ride, which was just so beautiful and majestic, and the most impressive animatronics I have seen on a ride to date. I already talked about the magical meeting with Ariel in my previous post…and you’ll be able to see below, I’m not the only one helplessly enraptured.


When you get over not being able to dine in Cinderella’s Castle, you decide you want to try the Be Our Guest restaurant because you and your friends love Beauty and the Beast. You walk by, and the Beast’s castle is very subtle but beautiful and prominent in the distance, and the bridge to the restaurant is outlined with the gargoyles that decorate the castle prior to end of the curse. Ha, just kidding. You can’t get in there either. The whole week was booked. But it’s okay, we hung around Gaston’s Tavern, had some LaFou’s Brew, and even met Gaston himself! (And while we are all old enough to have some real beer, LaFou’s Brew is a delicious mix of frozen apple juice, something maybe mango, and marshmallow foam to create the hilarious farce).

last update of this iPhone probably 270last update of this iPhone probably 276


Evidently I didn’t save any of my pictures from Animal Kingdom…but I went there, I promise. Epcot was beautiful, as always. I already spoke about meeting Mexican Donald Duck, but enjoy the shot of all of us with him! Also, we found Alice dancing in the streets of their little England and decided to follow her. My hair was already severely ruined by then during that rainy, disgustingly hot day; as you can see, I gave up and put some of my hair back and then stuck a red bow in there to feel cute. But the picture above with me in the background as Alice admires Hallie’s pin lanyard is my favorite of the ones we took with her anyway. How do we have so many pictures of the characters interacting with us like that, you ask? Because Hallie’s older sister purchased a package called the Memory Maker, which saves all of the pictures you take at the park by a cast member as long as they scan your band! We almost forgot to do that when we were leaving Alice, and she adorably said “don’t forget your memories!”, which was both helpful and such an Alice thing to say.

In addition to taking many candid shots with the Memory Maker, sometimes they will add a little magic to your pictures for no other reason than because they can! One of them we expected, because the photographer had instructed Hallie to hold out her arm and me and Emily were to appear shocked. She didn’t tell us why at the time, but we knew it had to be something cool. When the pictures uploaded to the account, we discovered she had added Pascal from Tangled! And we just straight up had no idea that Tinkerbell had photobombed us all.

Oh, and Chef Mickey’s…this was a trip with my friend’s family, and Hallie’s sister has three young boys, so honestly that excursion was solely for them. It’s basically a super expensive breakfast where Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy all come to your table to take pictures with you. I recommend this experience to anyone with young children who tire easily and can’t handle waiting in lines to get pictures with the characters in the parks; it’s a good way to get some great character shots without waiting for at least a half hour (and most often that’s outside in the heat). And the food was delicious; Mickey Mouse waffles, chocolate chip pancakes, chocolate croissants- basically all of the wonderful breakfast things you could imagine are there. I basically only did it because everyone else was and I didn’t want to be alone. I would only do it again if I was with my own children in the WAY, WAYS AWAY future. Otherwise, it’s way too pricey of a venture.

Okay…I saved the best for last.

Guys, they have added so much Star Wars to Hollywood Studios, while so much was also covered up and clearly under construction so there will be even more!! I don’t think I want to go back until it’s all finished. They currently have shows with the major characters periodically throughout the day, including one that is simply called The First Order March, which is precisely what it sounds like. It’s so cool; Captain Phasma exerts her authority and they all march around on her command. One of the days we went there, I wore my BB-8 dress by Her Universe, of course. We went into a building that was partially a prop gallery, partially a theater, and also the place to meet and greet Kylo Ren and Chewbacca. We were there immediately after the opening of the park so the wait to meet Kylo was literally two minutes. But man…it was intense. One of the cast members who walked us in warned us not to “keep him waiting”. Then we walked into the room…he just stood there, staring at us. Emily made the hilarious mistake of thinking he extended an arm for her to loop in…and he took his arm away from hers and just stared at her. I’m pretty sure he was getting ready to Force-choke one of us…

Meeting Chewbacca was a much better experience. First of all, I received special, basically VIP treatment for the first time in my life. The young gentlemen cast member that was manning the line instantly struck up a conversation with us. He called me BB-8 and asked me to do my best impression. While I thought I did an amazing job, he thought I sounded more like Blue’s Clues. Hallie and Emily laughed. I then explained the specific scene I was going for and did it again, and they all agreed that one was better. He then told us to come back in a few minutes and he would do something for us. Still super early for park hours, we had a little fun in the other parts of the building with hardly any crowds around. I pretended to drink blue milk and almost traded goods with a Jawa:

So we came to our new buddy and he brought us to the front of the line to meet Chewbacca!! Such a magical moment. I think the wait time for everyone else was almost a half hour…I would have felt bad for the people in line if I didn’t feel so cool for being selected for such a neat privilege…even though I think he did it because he felt bad for saying my awesome BB-8 impression sounded like Blue’s Clues. And the second we walked in the room Emily already felt much better, and even explained to Chewbacca and the photographers what happened with Kylo Ren. The photographer rose his arms in the air and exclaimed “you tried to touch him?! Why would you try to touch Kylo Ren?!” while Chewie just shook his head at her.

last update of this iPhone probably 349last update of this iPhone probably 347

Oh, and Hallie and I did this (and by pure coincidence, it was on Natalie Portman’s birthday):

last update of this iPhone probably 227

I think I make a pretty cool Aayla Secura.


I almost forgot!

I think I mentioned my pin lanyard at least briefly in the previous post, so naturally I have to show you how it ended up after a few purchases and trades:

FullSizeRender (16)FullSizeRender (17)IMG_4542

Dodger (from Oliver and Company) and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit were trades, while I bought the Han and Leia set for myself despite its’ clear Valentine’s Day packaging. I mean, I’ve bought myself chocolate on Valentine’s Day before..same thing, right? And Spider Girl came from a mystery pack with a handful of different Marvel pins; we all agreed to buy the pack and split the cost because Emily was desperate for the little Captain America she saw on the packaging. Because she wanted him so badly, we decided that she would get him if he was in our pack, which he was! For the rest, we had planned to fight over who got which pin. Hallie kept Hulk for herself and used She-Hulk and Venom to trade pins for her niece who couldn’t make the trip due to illness. I had contemplated trying to trade my Spider Girl but in the end, she was just too damn cute to give up…for now.

This is the end of my Disney World tales…until next time!

“And I don’t give a damn about my bad reputation,”

Speaking of badass women, look at my latest Etsy treasure:


Yup, it is the lovely and strong Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy! It’s by this darling artist named Gabby Zapata that I follow on Instagram. I’ve actually had my eye on this piece for a while; she posted a tease of it months ago because she was hinting towards a new series of “Super Cuties”, which is a collection of other ladies in the comic book world looking beautiful and adorable! I love it so much. My own picture isn’t that great, you have to see close ups on her Instagram and Etsy or in person to truly appreciate the lovely paint job. Also, I adore this little thank you note she added! It has a mermaid with pink hair and it sparkles!! I would frame that alone. I’m also particularly fond of mermaids.

She even drew me a new cute little lady on the back of this thank you note:


You can’t tell from my crappy phone picture, but the little lady face was drawn freshly on the back of that business card-postcard-like-thank-you-note.

My art collection continues to grow! Star Wars still dominates the theme of my collection, which I will show you sometime soon…or do I wait until everything is on my wall?! Hmmmmm!! Either way, I want to say I still want a few more Marvel and Disney things, but I honestly probably have more than I can fit. I’m going to have to revamp my entire room.

“You’re stuck with me, Skyguy,”

It’s been such a busy week for me- work, filling out job applications (yes I’m currently employed, but they always say that’s when it’s best to look) , and fulfilling my duties as an American citizen and serving jury duty. It’s now been a full week since I went to C2E2, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. I only went one of the three days, and while it was fantastic, it wasn’t enough; I just want to go back for more!! I Cosplayed for the first time ever as my darling Ahsoka Tano, and it was wonderful. As I was getting my costume ready the night before, my mom looked at me strangely. “Who are you again?” she inquired, tired and confused. I pulled out my Disney Infinity figure of my hero so she could see what I was supposed to look like. I marveled at her beauty, asking my mother “see? Isn’t she pretty?”. She replied with more confusion in her exasperated “no”. Whatever, Ahsoka is beautiful!

the real ahsoka tano

I went with her classic second outfit from Clone Wars. I did not have lightsabers, but I painted my nails green as my own subtle nod to her lightsabers. One dude there asked me where my lightsabers were; I said that they had been stolen, which is a reference to the episode Ahsoka’s lightsaber was stolen to be sold on the black market! That was when she only carried around one lightsaber, but still. And instead of a little gold choker-ish necklace, I wore my R2-D2 necklace because Ahsoka loves her Artooie!

My best friend Hallie dressed as Sheeta from Castle in the Sky, and my friend Jeff was…well, he was just Jeff. And, I’m not going to lie, I really didn’t want to paint myself orange…I’m tan already, that’s close enough, right?! Look at how this Instagram filtered picture made me look more like my beloved Torgruta idol, though:

ahsoka and sheeta at the jukebox

And I was happy that so many people knew who I was; when I was walking up the steps at the convention shortly after arriving there, another Jedi nodded to me as we passed walking opposite directions and greeted me simply: “Padawan Tano”. That was the first time I was recognized, and I have to say it gave me quite a little thrill! And it kept happening; people would get my attention by calling me Ahsoka or Snips, and it made me so happy. Many people with fancy cameras asked to take my picture, which I have discovered to be a norm at these conventions. A few of men told me while taking my picture “my daughter loves Ahsoka, she’s her favorite” and I smiled and replied “she’s my favorite, too,”. One guy showed me the background on his phone was this lovely art of modern Rebels Ahsoka while telling me my costume was awesome.

But all these people calling me Snips and taking my picture wasn’t nearly the best part of being Ahsoka for a day; it was the little girls who came up to me. Okay, one wasn’t so little; the first was probably in her teens and she was so sweet, and she was the first who wanted a picture with me rather than just of me, which honestly made me feel even cooler. She whipped out a figure of Jar Jar to join us for the picture and thanked me so kindly and genuinely. Her mother explained how much her daughter loved Ahsoka as they were walking away, and a tween girl with their group (whom I presumed to be her sister but I just don’t know) looked at me with her hands on her cheeks, her mouth wide open. It was amazing to have that kind of reaction from people. And the little girls…oh my goodness. I had so many adorable, tiny little girls come up and take pictures with me. I wish I got my own pictures with all of the girls who wanted their picture taken of me, but I only got one. But, at least…she was honestly the most adorable one. All day, my friends and I excitedly pointed out Cosplayers of our favorite characters to each other. Jeff was telling me to look behind me, as we had done to each other a lot that day, and I turned around and the cutest little Rey is looking up at me with her sweet, big eyes. Her parents are with her, and her father is saying “go on, ask her if she’ll take a picture with you,”. The little Rey just kept looking at me, seeming too starstruck to even say hi. I wasn’t sure if she was just super shy like I was at her age, or truly in awe of seeing Ahsoka. I believe in my heart it was a combination of both. After a moment of her speechless little face, her father asked me if I would take a picture with her. I absolutely took a picture with little Rey, and when we were done her parents were telling her to thank me, but she was again speechless but so freaking sweet. Her parents thanked me for her, and they were about to leave when Jeff asked if we could get another picture for us as well. I asked little Rey if she wouldn’t mind taking another picture with me, and she again didn’t say anything but nodded and complied.  I thanked her for taking a picture with me and she just smiled. Guys, she was just the most adorable thing ever.I called her “Rey” and told her I loved her outfit. I know she would have said something if she could.

ahsoka and the cutest tiniest rey

My mom was so happy that I was a hit with the children, but criticized that I didn’t get crouch down like Disney Princesses do…but I did offer to do that when her dad was taking the first picture, but he didn’t anything and seemed to be satisfied with the shots he got. I’ll be prepared next time; I honestly did not expect the kind of reactions that I received from these adorable young girls who also idolize Ahsoka.

Needless to say, I want to be Ahsoka Tano every day. I seriously want to Cosplay as her for many more conventions! Maybe even delve into her Rebels look one day! Look at all of the glorious fun I had:


And I absolutely had to take a picture with the only other Ahsoka I saw that day…psh, what? It had absolutely nothing to do with proving to my mom that Ahsoka is cool amongst us Star Wars fanatics and that people there certainly knew who I was dressing up as…

And the “TRAITOR!” photobomb was pure magic; I honestly didn’t know that happened until I saw the picture!

ahsoka and giant bb8

I didn’t mean to make my little BB-8 Funko Pop! bobblehead at home jealous…it just kinda happened.

Aside from all of the Cosplay and sight-seeing fun, I also found some art! Are you even surprised? I’m just surprised I controlled myself and only bought two prints from one artist! Everything else was amazing as well, but so expensive, and I’m still trying to figure out how to lay out everything else I have!

I met this amazing artist, Naomi Romero, and immediately fell in love with her Star Wars and Marvel doggies. My own pictures of the prints keep having this awful glare so these are from her website:

Captain America golden retriever and Poe Dameron corgi!!


Adorable, beautiful perfection!!

I also got a metal bookmark for my sci-fi loving aunt Adelaida (the one who showed me the wonders of the Force) of the cast as the original Star Trek as…kitties!! That was by a different artist. I didn’t get a good picture of it but I promise you, it is amazing. I think the artist’s name is Jessica Parks? Don’t hold me to that, I’ll try and find out for sure.

It was such a lovely day overall! And I’m still in such bliss over the peoples’ reactions to my Ahsoka Cosplay. Is it because of me? Not quite, but I like to think I did pretty well, and that must be part of it, right?! But, most importantly, it’s about Ahsoka Tano and her influence on us fans. She is so important in our lives, she’s more than just some cartoon character on a tv show; to fans like me, and all of the little girls who wanted a picture with me, she is our hero. She’s strong, independent, but is still an emotional and vulnerable being. She’s compassionate, she’s funny, she’s kind- yet she’s the ultimate badass. She was the first female Jedi we got to see as a main character in Star Wars, and that’s huge. I believe she led the way for us to even have THE main character in a Star Wars movie be a woman! And she’s Anakin’s Padawan learner, to top it all off. She was the apprentice of the Chosen One, and he totally rubbed off on her in all of the best ways. I just want to stop and express my appreciation for Dave Filoni and Ashley Eckstein for creating this character and giving her life, respectively. I had no idea when I started watching the Clone Wars that Ahsoka would mean so much to me, and it’s awesome to see I’m not the only one in awe of her. That sweet little Rey I met was so happy to meet Ahsoka, and that was honestly one of the coolest moments of my life so far. After the family left, my friends and I just smiled so big. I was beaming, and Jeff said to me, still with a smile on his face, “you made that little girl’s day,”.



“We got no troubles, life is the bubbles under the sea!”

The other day as I was looking at the Disney Store’s website, as I like to do occasionally (okay, at least a few times a week; don’t want to miss anything), and one of the items featured in the “Our Picks For You” was this fancy Ariel painting:

Ariel, chilling with her buddies:

First of all, I need this. It’s so adorable and lovely. How can you pass up a rainbow shining on Ariel under the sea? You can’t. Also, this photo reminds me why I’m so drawn to Ariel and The Little Mermaid as a whole; her effortless charm and her mermaidness. Don’t get me wrong, I adore human Ariel, and I’m not saying I only like her because she’s a mermaid. It’s just another thing that makes her majestic and awesome.

So, people who like to hate on Disney are always like “UGH the princess romances set SUCH UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS OF LOVE”, or “UGH the princess set unrealistic body image and beauty expectations”. Sure, okay. It’s more upsetting to me that people don’t realize that ALL movie romances are unrealistic in that you don’t necessarily find Prince Charming, overcome some sort of obstacle, and marry him in just under 2 hours. They’re movies, people! Let entertainment be just that! And as far as unrealistic body image? Yeah, admittedly they’re always perfectly fit, but I don’t cry at night because I don’t have a perfectly slim cartoon figure like Jasmine or Ariel’s. I cry at night because I don’t look like Jennifer Lawrence or Daisy Ridley. Alas, that’s my own fault, for the most part.

Anyway, what I obsess over about these princesses is actually just their general fabulousness. And with Ariel specifically, I would look at her when I was a little girl and not think “I want to be skinny and walk around with just shells on my boobs and no pants on”, but rather “I want to be a mermaid”. So, Ariel didn’t give me unrealistic expectations leading to disappointment, but rather, a delight and a fantasy, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Guys, the mermaid life must be so amazing. Look at Ariel in that picture from the Disney Store; looks like she’s just taking a nap or at least simply chilling on a dolphin. And he’s fine with it! He probably adores the crap out of Ariel because all Disney princesses have a way with the animals. Damnit, Disney…why can’t I be a mermaid taking a nap on a dolphin as a rainbow shines on me under the sea?! Crap…I let it get to me. I have to take myself back to the harmless fantasy stage so I’m not sitting here absolutely miserable at the simple fact that I’m not a mermaid.

“Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is”

Okay, so I’m not always miserable at my job. Today was one of those days! I’ve been scheduled to be a different position than I normally am due to lack of coverage and such, so instead of dealing with returns, I’ve been answering the store phone and closing out orders customers made online to pick up in the store. Today, I had a man come to pick up Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battlegrounds, which is an expansion game for Disney Infinity 3.0 (no disc, you just have a new thing to put on the base that takes you to a whole new world…without shelling out another $75+ on a whole new game). I think he had two young children with him, but one was just meandering about while the other stayed with him. I brought the Marvel Battlegrounds package with the (super sexy, for a figurine) unmasked Captain America and had it sitting at my desk while I was finishing the necessary steps on the tablet. While looking at this new marvel, the little girl gasped and exclaimed “GAMORA!!”. Of course the back of the package had Gamora delivering a high kick to Venom’s guts. I was so proud and happy: 1) This little girl knows who Gamora is and 2) she was SO adorably excited to see even just a picture of her and 3) she was then asking her dad if they could go home and play it immediately and then again, 4) if she knows who she is then she must be aware of Guardians of the Galaxy and idiolizes Gamora for being a tough, strong, fabulous-haired and kickass woman! Sure, Guardians isn’t the most kid-appropriate out of the Marvel films, but there’s also a tv show on Disney X D and, if she’s anything like me, she did see the movie and all of the adultness and mild swearing went completely over her head and she did not catch it.

FullSizeRender (9)

Also, just because I quoted the darling and sage Yoda for this post, I have to show you guys what I wore today for Saint Patrick’s Day!!


This was the conversation I had with my mom when I told her I ordered this (beautiful Her Universe) shirt to wear on Saint Patrick’s Day:

My mom (before seeing it): “Oh, is it a St. Patrick’s Day themed Star Wars shirt?”

Me, holding it up for all to see: “No, but it has Yoda on it, don’t you see?”

My mom: “…then why are you wearing it for St. Patrick’s Day?”

Me: “Because it has Yoda on it and Yoda himself is green!”

My mom: “…………”

*walks out of the room*