“We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope.”

Oh, Jyn Erso…as an American going through this election right now, I could use your optimism and hope. I’m actually watching The Force Awakens right now as an attempt to alleviate my anxiety. So I’m just going to keep talking Star Wars to keep myself at peace.

Guys, ROGUE ONE IS SO CLOSE NOW!!! I somehow have refrained from buying any of the new apparel for the film, but here’s what’s making me want to break that:

Star Wars Rogue One Jyn Raglan:

Star Wars Rogue One Tee:

Both tees by Junk Food Clothing…who pretty much always make super cute and comfy graphic apparel. I bought a JFC The Who shirt from Express recently and I just adore it.

I think I’m mostly enthralled by the tropical setting…I love the palm trees. I absolutely love this scene, it’s honestly one of the coolest Star Wars scenes I’ve ever seen…and it’s merely from the trailers!

Image result

And I’m normally not thrilled by stormtroopers, but OH. MY. GOD. This image, man. I never knew how badly I needed Star Wars and palm trees until these trailers came out.


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