Flashback Friday Album Spotlight: Billy Squier’s Don’t Say No

You probably already know at least one song from this album…it’s called The Stroke. I love it and hate it. It’s catchy and rocking, but lyrically silly and stupid compared to everything he has ever released. I think it’s just tainted for me, though, because it constantly overshadows the rest of his brilliance. I remember one time on VH1, when they still aired programming all about music, they had some sort of countdown of the greatest rock songs ever. The only Billy Squier song that made the cut was the Stroke, and this still bothers me. I mean, it’s not like they air that special anymore, but when they did, how many viewers saw it and immediately disregarded looking into Billy Squier’s whole catalog because of that one song?! That thought hurts my heart. After all, if it’s the only song by him on a list of the supposed greatest rock and roll, if I wasn’t familiar with his music I would just be like “oh, so that’s the best he’s got?” and not be interesting in pursuing his albums. But it’s really not!! It’s not even the best on the album it comes from!!


“You’re no stranger, you know what I like…”

This whole album is awesome, but here are my highlights:

  • I Need You-it’s romantic and a bit dramatic but it’s not quite a ballad. It’s still rocking and awesome.
  • My Kinda Lover- also romantic and rocking without being your typical ballad. It’s just a sexy rock song. This might be my favorite on the album.
  • In the Dark-also dramatic but less romantic. “Do you need a friend, would you tell no lies? Would you take me in? Are you lonely here in the dark?”
  • You Know What I like- “I fell into your face before I ever knew your name”. Clearly about an encounter with a new lover. I don’t normally enjoy songs about one-night-stands and the like but I love this one. It’s awesome. It’s rocking and sexy, like many other songs on this album.
  • Lonely is the Night- this might be the best song (and yes, My Kinda Lover is still my favorite). “Lonely is the night when you find yourself alone. Your demons come to light, and your mind is not your own”. It’s just epic and belongs in a movie’s soundtrack; your main characters are suddenly stranded in a strange land and they don’t know what to do. All you hear is this song and suddenly you panic and want to party at the same time.

This isn’t even the only Billy Squier album that I own that is amazing, so look forward to another album spotlight to get know him better!!


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