“It is time.”

Please picture Rafiki. Got his face in your brain? Okay, we can move on.

GUYS I SEE STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS TONIGHT OH MY GOD. Also, I happen to be blogging this from my brand-spanking new Star Wars Limited Edition HP laptop!! I had to order it and it came in yesterday and it’s perfection. My desktop background changes, and I’ve chosen the Endor theme because Return of the Jedi is my favorite Star Wars movie, and it just makes me so happy. Here is a sample of the lovely images that slowly slideshow on my desktop background.

But to be clear, I was in genuine need of a new computer. My other laptop is going on over 8 years…it’s still working, but not perfectly anymore, and it’s just time. It has all the basic features I want, the Star Wars theme is just a major plus. It’s all I needed and more; I never knew I wanted a backlit keyboard until I saw that this one had it.

More clarifications…I must seem extremely obsessed with Star Wars to you right now…which I am! However, I have the same love for my other favorite things. But they don’t make the same kind of stuff they have been for Star Wars for my other obsessions…every day I make coffee at home and use my Darth Vader Espresso Chocolate creamer. I bought Star Wars mascara by Covergirl recently, and you know the only thing that makes them Star Warsy? They each have various quotes on the bottle; the one I have right now says “there has been an awakening,” from the new movie, of course. And there’s my glorious Star Wars Christmas tree. But guys, I’ve also always wanted an all Disney tree and Rock and Roll tree; this was just my first opportunity to actually have such a thing.

Trust me, if someone out there had made a good laptop with a Rolling Stones or Beatles theme, I would be all over that. My bed comforter features the giant Rolling Stones classic tongue logo, with matching pillows. My mom thinks it’s weird for a 23-year-old woman to have a Rolling Stones bed set…but clearly I don’t! I would have had one in my teen years if I found one back then; I remember looking online and never ever having any luck. Just last year I happened to be looking on eBay for Rolling Stones pillows just for kicks and I stumbled upon my lovely set from a seller in Australia. At the end of my bed I have a Who blanket (of their target logo) folded up but you can see the important part. I still want to get Beatles pillows to just cover my bed in rock and roll, but I haven’t found any that have struck my fancy yet. Also, there may or may not be a Star Wars blanket underneath the Who one…

Aside from my fantastic rock and roll bed, I have Who Framed Roger Rabbit memorabilia in every corner of my bedroom. Just like Star Wars, it has been one of my favorite movies ever since I was a little kid and that hasn’t changed.

See! And yes…that’s my own Homecoming Queen sash on my cardboard Jessica. The shelf that the Jessica doll is on is the one super eclectic with random toys and crap, I swear! The ornament of Jessica and Roger I just have randomly near my make-up crap.  And the cookie jar with Jessica, Roger, and Benny the Cab holds receipts!

But guys….STAR WARS!!!!


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