“Mudd hole? Slimey? My home, this is!”

Man, I love Yoda.

Recently Hallie and I have been watching all the Star Wars movies in preparation for The Force Awakens…however, we started too late and our schedules haven’t matched up lately so now I’m sitting here watching The Empire Strikes Back by myself. It’s okay, certainly not the first time…but anyway…watching Yoda in the prequels makes watching him here in his original form so much better and quite rewarding. He’s so freaking cute and funny. He is just the best. In Revenge of the Sith, we see his power and strength, yet towards the end he’s all like “exile, I must go. Failed, I have,” and that honestly makes me cry. YOU WILL NEVER FAIL IN MY HEART, SWEET YODA!

And Luke…I love him, but geez is he so mean to Yoda!! Sure, he doesn’t know Yoda is Yoda…but still. It’s okay; he gets his act together once he realizes it…



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