“And you sway in the moon the way you did when you were younger…stay with the music, let it play a little longer. You don’t need anybody, all you need is now,”

It’s August 10th, which to me and all of the other Duranies out there means that it’s Duran Duran Appreciation Day!! Those babes have been my #1 favorite band ever since I was 12, which I just talked about recently; my love of them sprouted from realizing how much I loved everything from the 1980’s (minus the politics) and delved deep into an obsession with the decade. But my love for Duran Duran isn’t just for their classic, iconic 80’s albums; they have had so many fantastic albums since then.

Just because I know you’re curious, I’ll take you back to the day  I fell in love with them:

It was a summer day, and I was at my grandparents’ house while my aunt Adelaida and my uncle John taught me a little bit about the massive benefit concert that was Live Aid. On July 13th, 1985, literally every good musician you can think of (pretty much everyone I love that was alive at the time) was either at JFK Stadium or Wembley Stadium that day, performing to benefit the starving and suffering people of Ethiopia. It was organized by Bob Geldof of the Boomtown Rats, an Irish punk rocker who is one of my personal heroes. Anyway, back to my #1 darlings; my family had some of the concert recorded on VHS tapes and I believe my uncle John was trying to show me Robert Plant on there. Somewhere in the fast-forwarding process, Duran Duran was introduced, and I thought to myself “oh, they did Rio and Hungry like the Wolf, I bet they play those songs!”. They didn’t play those songs. They didn’t play anything I knew but I fell in love with every song they did play…not to mention, they were such handsome, beautiful men (minus Andy Taylor…gross). I was hooked. I asked for their greatest hits compilation CD that summer for my birthday, entitled simply “Greatest”, and my Duran Duran-loving aunt Adelaida bought it for me. I become further obsessed and bought a DVD set of the same name that had most of their music videos on there. It was the beginning of a beautiful obsession that will never end for me.

Please look at this picture of Simon Le Bon at Live Aid and swoon with me:

29 years ago today...Live Aid, July 13, 1985. It was when I first saw this performance that I truly fell in love with Duran Duran. (Yeah, I know, I didn't see this when it happened; I first saw it about 9 years ago.) Although John Taylor is my dreamboat now, it was initially this black-haired, red-jacket-wearing, dancing Simon Le Bon that helped bring me to one of my greatest and long-lasting obsessions.:

Naturally I was in love with Simon the most when I first got into the band, but soon enough I moved on and found John Taylor to be my favorite. I still love Simon, but my goodness, just look at this sexy bass player:

John Taylor:

Oh John Taylor...:

John Taylor...you know you're my favorite of my favorites.:

Love John Taylor's red hair:

John Taylor I loved you so much!!:

Also, they’re just hot together:

John Taylor and Simon Le Bon:

Simon and John:

John Taylor and drummer Roger Taylor (no, none of the Taylors are related, so don’t embarrass me) are cute together as well:

John and Roger:

Roger Taylor and John Taylor...super cuties!!!:

But let’s not forget my adorable, make-up wearing little keyboardist, Nick Rhodes:

Duran Duran - Nick and John:

Okay, fine, here’s all of them together (including some with the guitarist, Andy Taylor, who I am bitter towards because he quit the band literally 2 days before I saw them in concert several years ago…and later he penned an autobiography and was all like “my guitar playing made the band”….yeah, okay.)

Duran Duran:

duran duran:

I've actually never seen this adorable photo:

The ever beautiful Duran Duran:

Duran Duran - I love John's shirt in this:

My number-one favorite band, Duran Duran!! Love this picture:


Okay, enough of their beauty for now…if you know their biggest hits, great. But, as a huge and adoring fan of this phenomenal band, I strongly encourage you to give some of their other stuff a chance.

Here are my top 5 songs you should know to truly appreciate Duran Duran on this wonderful Duran Duran Appreciation Day:

5. All You Need is Now, from the album titled the same. It’s from three albums ago, I believe.

4. The Man Who Stole a Leopard, also from All You Need is Now.

3. Ordinary World, from the Wedding album (which, like the White Album, is technically a self-titled album but is referred to as otherwise because of the cover). Come Undone is my other favorite from that album that you should check out as well.

2. Friends of Mine, from their self-titled debut album. Yes, finally taking it back; I had to show you that they were more just than an 80’s band first. But back to the 80’s. I’m so in love with this song. So strange and fun.

  1. The Chauffeur, from Rio. This is my all-time favorite Duran Duran song. Okay, first of all, I could have made an even longer lists of songs you need to know just by listing this entire album. Every song. Every song is fantastic and I love it so much. It’s my favorite album of theirs and definitely one of my top faves of all time. But don’t pay attention to the video; they’re not even in it. Just listen to this strange blend of sounds that gives me chills every time.


But Rio…seriously, it’s amazing. Also, when I was looking to buy my first car, I was with my parents walking around  a large auto mall when I saw a beautiful, tiny red car and thought it looked perfect, just what I needed. Then we got closer and I saw that it was called Rio…I knew then it was meant to be. Also, that happened two years just a few days before Duran Duran Appreciation Day, so clearly that sealed it.

Also, look at my main men just this past year with my favorite droids:


Duran Duran. Simon and John...love!!!:

Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day!! I actually have today off so you know I’ll be enjoying their music videos and concerts I have on DVD all day long!! My favorite is Sing Blue Silver, which documents their tour from 1984 (I think?). It’s my favorite and probably one of my last finds at Tower Records…ah, Tower Records. It was the perfect music store. May it rock in peace.



“It doesn’t matter what they say, in the jealous games people play,”

I don’t think I’ve expressed it much, but I love the 1980’s. Being a child born of the 1990’s, I just missed that phenomenon, but I was still raised with the music and movies my family enjoyed in the 80’s, and then I discovered even more on my own when I started exploring this new obsession in middle school.  Most of my favorite movies at that point in my life had been from the 80’s, such as Return of the Jedi, Revenge of the Nerds, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, etc.; it only made sense that I would find even more to love. I was probably the only middle-school girl you would have known in the 2000’s that dressed up like Madonna circa 1984 for Halloween like 3 years in a row. Duran Duran captured my heart and haven’t given it back since. I also got every 80’s hits compilation CD I could find and even some DVD’s of the best music videos. Ah, the music videos. Just this past week was the 35th anniversary of when MTV aired. Do you know the first music video that was?! It was Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles. I have DVD’s of Duran Duran and Madonna’s music videos and I watched them all the time, as if I were taking myself back to MTV’s prime. It’s not really a new revelation, but it’s no longer a “music television” channel; it’s mostly the host to crappy “reality” shows and other non-music related things. (That being said, I love 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, Awkward, and Faking It). If you’re up at like 5am, you might be lucky to see a music video on there.

So let’s take a trip, shall we? Let’s go back to the summer of 1981. You turn your TV to MTV at some point in the afternoon and the Go Go’s are on! Our Lips are Sealed. Not only is this a fun little song about not caring about what people say about you when they’re being petty gossips, but the music video is whimsical. It’s partly just the girls performing on stage, while the other party is them driving around town and such, but there’s such whimsy in the simplicity. My favorite part is towards the end, when they’re just frolicking, dancing, and singing in a water fountain. I’ve always wanted to do that ever since seeing this video. I imagine it would be just as freeing and exhilarating as running in the pouring rain. I’ve only experienced that once, but it was so oddly lovely; it was a summer day and my friend and I were shopping and perusing around our town’s little festival, when all of a sudden it started pouring. It was before we were driving so we couldn’t just flee and escape the rain, and we had something to drop off to another dear friend of ours who worked at the dry cleaners’ downtown anyway. Normally I can’t step out into the rain without an umbrella or a thick hoodie because of my hair; it’s naturally wavy, but I straighten it all the time. It’s just how I feel like myself. But on this day, I didn’t have an umbrella or a hoodie, and I just kinda rolled with it. After letting go of that vain worry, I was able to run in the rain happily. I don’t know why, it just felt so nice and it was so fun. My friend lived close to the downtown area so we walked back to her house, soaked but loving it. This music video always reminds me of that day I happily ran in the rain with my best girlfriend: